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Arend, J. and Warzecha, H. and Hefner, T. and Stöckigt, J. (2001):
Utilizing genetically engineered bacteria to produce plant-specific glucosides.
In: Biotechnology and bioengineering, pp. 126-31, 76, (2), ISSN 0006-3592,

Arend, J. and Warzecha, H. and Stöckigt, J. (2000):
Hydroquinone: O-glucosyltransferase from cultivated Rauvolfia cells: enrichment and partial amino acid sequences.
In: Phytochemistry, pp. 187-93, 53, (2), ISSN 0031-9422,


Dueckershoff, K. and Unger, M. and Frank, A. and Gillam, E. M. J. and Guengerich, F. P. and Warzecha, H. (2005):
Modified nicotine metabolism in transgenic tobacco plants expressing the human cytochrome P450 2A6 cDNA.
In: FEBS letters, pp. 2480-4, 579, (11), ISSN 0014-5793,

Dogru, E. and Warzecha, H. and Seibel, F. and Haebel, S. and Lottspeich, F. and Stöckigt, J. (2000):
The gene encoding polyneuridine aldehyde esterase of monoterpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesis in plants is an ortholog of the alpha/betahydrolase super family.
In: European journal of biochemistry / FEBS, pp. 1397-406, 267, (5), ISSN 0014-2956,


Fräbel, Sabine and Wagner, Bastian and Krischke, Markus and Schmidts, Volker and Thiele, Christina M. and Staniek, Agata and Warzecha, Heribert (2018):
Engineering of new-to-nature halogenated indigo precursors in plants.
In: Metabolic engineering, pp. 20-27, (46), ISSN 1096-7184,

Fräbel, Sabine (2016):
Characterization of flavin-dependent tryptophan halogenases and their application in plant metabolic engineering.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität, [Online-Edition: http://tuprints.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/5357],

Fräbel, Sabine and Krischke, Markus and Staniek, Agata and Warzecha, Heribert (2016):
Recombinant flavin-dependent halogenases are functional in tobacco chloroplasts without co-expression of flavin reductase genes.
In: Biotechnology journal, pp. 1586-1594, 11, (12), ISSN 1860-7314,


Gerasymenko, Iryna and Sheludko, Yuriy and Fräbel, Sabine and Staniek, Agata and Warzecha, Heribert (2019):
Combinatorial biosynthesis of small molecules in plants: Engineering strategies and tools.
In: Methods in enzymology, pp. 413-442, 617, ISSN 1557-7988,

Geissler, Marcus and Volk, Jascha and Stehle, Felix and Kayser, Oliver and Warzecha, Heribert (2018):
Subcellular localization defines modification and production of Δ-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid synthase in transiently transformed Nicotiana benthamiana.
In: Biotechnology letters, pp. 981-987, 40, (6), ISSN 1573-6776,

Geissler, Marcus and Burghard, Marie and Volk, Jascha and Staniek, Agata and Warzecha, Heribert (2016):
A novel cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase (CAD)-like reductase contributes to the structural diversity of monoterpenoid indole alkaloids in Rauvolfia.
In: Planta, pp. 813-824, 243, (3), ISSN 1432-2048,

Glenz, K. and Bouchon, B. and Stehle, T. and Wallich, R. and Simon, M. M. and Warzecha, H. (2006):
Production of a recombinant bacterial lipoprotein in higher plant chloroplasts.
In: Nature biotechnology, pp. 76-7, 24, (1), ISSN 1087-0156,

Glenz, K. and Warzecha, H. (2006):
New medicinal plants for the production of vaccines.
In: J. Verbr. Lebensm. Supp., pp. 126-130, (1), [Article]


Hennig, A. and Warzecha, H.
Kempken, F. (ed.) (2010):
Plastid transformation.
In: Genetic modification of plants - agriculture, horticulture and forestry, Springer, pp. 23-38, [Book Section]

Hennig, A. and Reinders, Y. and Giritch, A. and Reinders, J. and Warzecha, H. (2008):
Assessment of different expression strategies for the production of a recombinant lipoprotein vaccine in plants.
In: Open Biotech. J., pp. 51-55, 2, [Article]

Hennig, A. and Bonfig, K. and Roitsch, T. and Warzecha, H. (2007):
Expression of the recombinant bacterial outer surface protein A in tobacco chloroplasts leads to thylakoid localization and loss of photosynthesis.
In: The FEBS journal, pp. 5749-58, 274, (21), ISSN 1742-464X,

Hefner, T. and Arend, J. and Warzecha, H. and Siems, K. and Stöckigt, J. (2002):
Arbutin synthase, a novel member of the NRD1beta glycosyltransferase family, is a unique multifunctional enzyme converting various natural products and xenobiotics.
In: Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, pp. 1731-41, 10, (6), ISSN 0968-0896,


Kolotilin, Igor and Topp, Ed and Cox, Eric and Devriendt, Bert and Conrad, Udo and Joensuu, Jussi and Stöger, Eva and Warzecha, Heribert and McAllister, Tim and Potter, Andrew and McLean, Michael D. and Hall, J. Christopher and Menassa, Rima (2014):
Plant-based solutions for veterinary immunotherapeutics and prophylactics.
In: Veterinary research, p. 375, 45, (1), ISSN 1297-9716,


Martens, Stefan and Hein, Sascha and Beekwilder, Jules and Hall, Robert and Daran, Jean-Marc G. and Warzecha, Heribert (2015):
Shame on yeast - challenges and bottlenecks to engineer red anthocyanin-producing yeasts.
In: Yeast, pp. S86, 32, ISSN 0749-503X,

Michoux, Franck and Ahmad, Niaz and Hennig, Anna and Nixon, Peter J. and Warzecha, Heribert (2013):
Production of leafy biomass using temporary immersion bioreactors: an alternative platform to express proteins in transplastomic plants with drastic phenotypes.
In: Planta, pp. 903-8, 237, (3), ISSN 1432-2048,

Mason, H. S. and Warzecha, H. and Mor, T. and Arntzen, C. J. (2002):
Edible plant vaccines: applications for prophylactic and therapeutic molecular medicine.
In: Trends in molecular medicine, pp. 324-9, 8, (7), ISSN 1471-4914,


Patron, Nicola J. and Orzaez, Diego and Marillonnet, Sylvestre and Warzecha, Heribert and Matthewman, Colette and Youles, Mark and Raitskin, Oleg and Leveau, Aymeric and Farré, Gemma and Rogers, Christian and Smith, Alison and Hibberd, Julian and Webb, Alex A. R. and Locke, James and Schornack, Sebastian and Ajioka, Jim and Baulcombe, David C. and Zipfel, Cyril and Kamoun, Sophien and Jones, Jonathan D. G. and Kuhn, Hannah and Robatzek, Silke and Van Esse, H. Peter and Sanders, Dale and Oldroyd, Giles and Martin, Cathie and Field, Rob and O'Connor, Sarah and Fox, Samantha and Wulff, Brande and Miller, Ben and Breakspear, Andy and Radhakrishnan, Guru and Delaux, Pierre-Marc and Loqué, Dominique and Granell, Antonio and Tissier, Alain and Shih, Patrick and Brutnell, Thomas P. and Quick, W. Paul and Rischer, Heiko and Fraser, Paul D. and Aharoni, Asaph and Raines, Christine and South, Paul F. and Ané, Jean-Michel and Hamberger, Björn R. and Langdale, Jane and Stougaard, Jens and Bouwmeester, Harro and Udvardi, Michael and Murray, James A. H. and Ntoukakis, Vardis and Schäfer, Patrick and Denby, Katherine and Edwards, Keith J. and Osbourn, Anne and Haseloff, Jim (2015):
Standards for plant synthetic biology: a common syntax for exchange of DNA parts.
In: The New phytologist, pp. 13-19, 208, (1), ISSN 1469-8137,

Pennekamp, Henning (2015):
Alternative Strategien gegen Malaria mit Hilfe transgener Pflanzen.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität, [Online-Edition: http://tuprints.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/5205],
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Panjikar, S. and Stoeckigt, J. and O'Connor, S. and Warzecha, H. (2012):
The impact of structural biology on alkaloid biosynthesis research.
In: Natural product reports, pp. 1176-200, 29, (10), ISSN 1460-4752,

Pasquevich, K. A. and Ibañez, A. E. and Coria, L. M. and García Samartino, C. and Estein, S. M. and Zwerdling, A. and Barrionuevo, P. and Oliveira, F. S. and Seither, C. and Warzecha, H. and Oliveira, S. C. and Giambartolomei, G. H. and Cassataro, J. (2011):
An oral vaccine based on U-Omp19 induces protection against B. abortus mucosal challenge by inducing an adaptive IL-17 immune response in mice.
In: PloS one, pp. e16203, 6, (1), ISSN 1932-6203,

Pasquevich, K. A. and García Samartino, C. and Coria, L. M. and Estein, S. M. and Zwerdling, A. and Ibañez, A. E. and Barrionuevo, P. and Oliveira, F. S. and Carvalho, N. B. and Borkowski, J. and Oliveira, S. C. and Warzecha, H. and Giambartolomei, G. H. and Cassataro, J. (2010):
The protein moiety of Brucella abortus outer membrane protein 16 is a new bacterial pathogen-associated molecular pattern that activates dendritic cells in vivo, induces a Th1 immune response, and is a promising self-adjuvanting vaccine against systemic and oral acquired brucellosis.
In: Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), pp. 5200-12, 184, (9), ISSN 1550-6606,


Reichwein, Simone (2013):
Expression und Analyse plasmodialer und antiplasmodialer Proteine in Pflanzen.
Darmstadt, TU Darmstadt, [Online-Edition: http://tuprints.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/3397],
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Reichwein, S. and Warzecha, H.
Arora, R. (ed.) (2010):
Novel medicinal plants for the production and delivery of vaccines.
In: Medicinal plant biotechnology, CABI, pp. 287-302, [Book Section]

Reichwein, S. and Warzecha, H. (2008):
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: personalized therapy with plants.
In: Pharmazie in unserer Zeit, p. 448, 37, (6), ISSN 0048-3664,


Stanbekova, Gulshan and Beisenov, Daniyar and Nadirova, Leila and Iskakov, Bulat and Warzecha, Heribert (2018):
Recombinant sheep pox virus antigens expression in chloroplasts.
In: Journal of Biotechnology, pp. S85, 280, ISSN 01681656,
DOI: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2018.06.280,
[Online-Edition: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbiotec.2018.06.280],

Sheludko, Yuriy V. and Gerasymenko, Iryna M. and Warzecha, Heribert (2018):
Transient expression of human cytochrome P450s 2D6 and 3A4 in Nicotiana benthamiana provides a possibility for rapid substrate testing and production of novel compounds.
In: Biotechnology journal, pp. e1700696, ISSN 1860-7314,

Schachtsiek, Julia and Warzecha, Heribert and Kayser, Oliver and Stehle, Felix (2018):
Current Perspectives on Biotechnological Cannabinoid Production in Plants.
In: Planta medica, pp. 214-220, 84, (4), ISSN 1439-0221,

Staniek, Agata and Bouwmeester, Harro and Fraser, Paul D. and Kayser, Oliver and Martens, Stefan and Tissier, Alain and van der Krol, Sander and Wessjohann, Ludger and Warzecha, Heribert (2014):
Natural products – learning chemistry from plants.
In: Biotechnology journal, pp. 326-36, 9, (3), ISSN 1860-7314,

Staniek, Agata and Bouwmeester, Harro and Fraser, Paul D. and Kayser, Oliver and Martens, Stefan and Tissier, Alain and van der Krol, Sander and Wessjohann, Ludger and Warzecha, Heribert (2013):
Natural products - modifying metabolite pathways in plants.
In: Biotechnology journal, pp. 1159-1171, 8, (10), ISSN 1860-7314,

Sun, L. and Ruppert, M. and Sheludko, Y. and Warzecha, H. and Zhao, Y. and Stöckigt, J. (2008):
Purification, cloning, functional expression and characterization of perakine reductase: the first example from the AKR enzyme family, extending the alkaloidal network of the plant Rauvolfia.
In: Plant molecular biology, pp. 455-67, 67, (5), ISSN 0167-4412,

Stuhlfelder, C. and Mueller, M. J. and Warzecha, H. (2004):
Cloning and expression of a tomato cDNA encoding a methyl jasmonate cleaving esterase.
In: European journal of biochemistry / FEBS, pp. 2976-83, 271, (14), ISSN 0014-2956,

Stöckigt, J. and Sheludko, Y. and Unger, M. and Gerasimenko, I. and Warzecha, H. and Stöckigt, D. (2002):
High-performance liquid chromatographic, capillary electrophoretic and capillary electrophoretic-electrospray ionisation mass spectrometric analysis of selected alkaloid groups.
In: Journal of chromatography. A, pp. 85-113, 967, (1), ISSN 0021-9673,


Topp, Edward and Irwin, Rebecca and McAllister, Tim and Lessard, Martin and Joensuu, Jussi J. and Kolotilin, Igor and Conrad, Udo and Stöger, Eva and Mor, Tsafrir and Warzecha, Heribert and Hall, J Chris and McLean, Michael D. and Cox, Eric and Devriendt, Bert and Potter, Andrew and Depicker, Ann and Virdi, Vikram and Holbrook, Larry and Doshi, Ketan and Dussault, Marike and Friendship, Robert and Yarosh, Oksana and Yoo, Han Sang and MacDonald, Jacqueline and Menassa, Rima (2016):
The case for plant-made veterinary immunotherapeutics.
In: Biotechnology advances, pp. 597-604, 34, (5), ISSN 1873-1899,


Volk, Jascha (2019):
Identification and characterization of esterases involved in the conversion of oleosides in Olea europaea.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität, [Online-Edition: https://tuprints.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/8415],
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Vafaee, Yavar and Staniek, Agata and Mancheno-Solano, Maria and Warzecha, Heribert (2014):
A Modular Cloning Toolbox for the Generation of Chloroplast Transformation Vectors.
In: PloS one, pp. e110222, 9, (10), ISSN 1932-6203,


Warzecha, Heribert (2016):
Lights, P450, action! Metabolite formation in chloroplasts.
In: Journal of experimental botany, pp. 2123-5, 67, (8), ISSN 1460-2431,

Warzecha, H. and Ferme, D. and Peer, M. and Frank, A. and Unger, M. (2010):
Bioconversion of the antihistaminc drug loratadine by tobacco cell suspension cultures expressing human cytochrome P450 3A4.
In: Journal of bioscience and bioengineering, pp. 288-90, 109, (3), ISSN 1347-4421,

Warzecha, H. (2008):
Biopharmaceuticals from plants : a multitude of options for posttranslational modifications.
In: Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews, Nottingham Univ. Press, pp. 315-330, [Book Section]

Warzecha, H. and Frank, A. and Peer, M. and Gillam, E. M. J. and Guengerich, F. P. and Unger, M. (2007):
Formation of the indigo precursor indican in genetically engineered tobacco plants and cell cultures.
In: Plant biotechnology journal, pp. 185-91, 5, (1), ISSN 1467-7652,

Warzecha, H. (2007):
Die schwierige Suche nach geeignetem Blutersatz.
In: Deutsche Apothekerzeitung, pp. 56-59, (36), [Article]

Warzecha, H. (2007):
In: Deutsche Apothekerzeitung, pp. 46-55, (9), [Article]

Warzecha, H. and Mason, H. S. and Lane, C. and Tryggvesson, A. and Rybicki, E. and Williamson, A.-L. and Clements, J. D. and Rose, R. C. (2003):
Oral immunogenicity of human papillomavirus-like particles expressed in potato.
In: Journal of virology, pp. 8702-11, 77, (16), ISSN 0022-538X,

Warzecha, H. and Mason, H. S. (2003):
Benefits and risks of antibody and vaccine production in transgenic plants.
In: Journal of plant physiology, pp. 755-64, 160, (7), ISSN 0176-1617,

Warzecha, H. (2001):
Neue Arzneipflanzen.
In: Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie, pp. 477-481, (4), [Article]

Warzecha, H. and Gerasimenko, I. and Kutchan, T. M. and Stöckigt, J. (2000):
Molecular cloning and functional bacterial expression of a plant glucosidase specifically involved in alkaloid biosynthesis.
In: Phytochemistry, pp. 657-66, 54, (7), ISSN 0031-9422,

Warzecha, H. (2000):
Essbare Impfstoffe.
In: Deutsche Apothekerzeitung, pp. 45-50, (31), [Article]

Warzecha, H. and Obitz, P. and Stöckigt, J. (1999):
Purification, partial amino acid sequence and structure of the product of raucaffricine-O-beta-D-glucosidase from plant cell cultures of Rauwolfia serpentina.
In: Phytochemistry, pp. 1099-109, 50, (7), ISSN 0031-9422,

Warzecha, H. (1999):
Incredible edible veggie vaccines.
In: Sabin Vaccine Report, pp. 6-7, 3, (2), [Article]

Warzecha, H. (1999):
Interaktionen von Arzneimitteln und Grapefruitsaft.
In: Deutsche Apothekerzeitung, p. 94, (19), [Article]

Warzecha, H. (1999):
Neue Möglichkeiten bei der Suche nach Wirkstoffen.
In: Deutsche Apothekerzeitung, p. 34, (2), [Article]

Warzecha, H. (1998):
Biotransformation N-haltiger funktioneller Gruppen in Arznei- und Wirkstoffen.
In: Deutsche Apothekerzeitung, p. 92, (50), [Article]

Warzecha, H. and Stöckigt, J.
Zongmu, W. (ed.) (1998):
New enzymes of indole alkaloid biosynthesis.
In: Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium of Frontiers in Protein Chemistry and Biotechnology, Changchun, P.R. China, In: 3rd Symposium of Frontiers in Protein Chemistry and Biotechnology, Changchun, P.R. China, [Conference or Workshop Item]


Xia, Liqun and Lin, Haili and Staniek, Agata and Panjikar, Santosh and Ruppert, Martin and Hilgers, Petra and Williardt, Jörg and Rajendran, Chitra and Wang, Meitian and Warzecha, Heribert and Jäger, Volker and Stöckigt, Joachim (2015):
Ligand structures of synthetic deoxa-pyranosylamines with raucaffricine and strictosidine glucosidases provide structural insights into their binding and inhibitory behaviours.
In: Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry, pp. 472-478, 30, (3), ISSN 1475-6374,


Zahin, Maryam and Joh, Joongho and Khanal, Sujita and Husk, Adam and Mason, Hugh and Warzecha, Heribert and Ghim, Shin-Je and Miller, Donald M. and Matoba, Nobuyuki and Jenson, Alfred Bennett (2016):
Scalable Production of HPV16 L1 Protein and VLPs from Tobacco Leaves.
In: PloS one, pp. e0160995, 11, (8), ISSN 1932-6203,

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