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Welcome to TU-Bibliographie

TU-Bibliographie ist the central institutional bibliography of publications by members of TU Darmstadt (Darmstadt Technical University). It

How to register your publication data

Have your publications cited in TU-Bibliographie. We offer 3 methods of input:

  • Do-it-yourself (recommended):
    Please contact us for a login account, then input data in an easy to use interactive webform or import datasets using DOI, bibtex or EndNote - even in batch mode. This gives you most control in the process, you even can delegate data input. If needed, we upgrade your account with suitable editorial rights.
  • Import-file:
    Send us an import file in one of our supported formats, e.g. exported from your preferred reference management software.
  • Unformatted list of citations:
    If reasonable, we accept printed or digital publication lists in non-standardised format, but cannot guarantee fast visibility in these cases.

Integration in your TU-Website / CMS / FirstSpirit

Your publications are in TU-Bibliographie. Now how can they be shown?

  • They can easily and automatically be listed in in your TU-Website.
  • You can "clip in" all publications for an institution (Fachbereich, Fachgebiet) or for a given person.

Have a look at our How-To.

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