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Luo, Y. ; Strassacker, C. ; Ferraro, F. ; Zentgraf, F. ; Dreizler, A. ; Maas, U. ; Hasse, C. (2022):
A manifold-based reduction method for side-wall quenching considering differential diffusion effects and its application to a laminar lean dimethyl ether flame.
In: International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 97, p. 109042. Elsevier, ISSN 0142-727X,
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2022.109042,

Luo, Y. ; Strassacker, C. ; Hasse, C. ; Maas, U. (2021):
Simulation of side-wall quenching of laminar premixed flames with manifold-based reduced kinetic models implemented in generalised coordinates.
In: Combustion Theory and Modelling, 25 (4), pp. 669-694. Taylor & Francis, ISSN 1364-7830,
DOI: 10.1080/13647830.2021.1933603,

Luo, Y. ; Strassacker, C. ; Wen, X. ; Sun, Z. ; Maas, U. ; Hasse, C. (2020):
Strain Rate Effects on Head-on Quenching of Laminar Premixed Methane-air flames.
In: Flow Turbulence Combust, ISSN 1573-1987,
DOI: 10.1007/s10494-020-00179-1,

Steinhausen, M. ; Luo, Y. ; Popp, S. ; Strassacker, C. ; Zirwes, T. ; Kosaka, H. ; Zentgraf, F. ; Maas, U. ; Sadiki, A. ; Dreizler, A. ; Hasse, C. (2020):
Numerical investigation of local heat-release rates and thermo-chemical states in side-wall quenching of laminar methane and dimethyl ether flames.
In: Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 106 (2), pp. 681-700. Springer, ISSN 1386-6184,
DOI: 10.1007/s10494-020-00146-w,

Buhl, S. ; Coelho, P. J. ; Cuenot, B. ; Dauptain, A. ; Dinkelacker, F. ; Domingo, P. ; Duchaine, F. ; Gicquel, L. Y. M. ; Hartmann, F. ; Hasse, C. ; Keller, P. ; Kempf, A. ; Kuenne, G. ; Maas, U. ; Mancini, M. ; Di Mare, F. ; Nishad, K. ; Pfitzner, M. ; Poinsot, T. ; Riber, E. ; Roekaerts, D. J. E. M. ; Sadiki, A. ; Staffelbach, G. ; Thévenin, D. ; Vermorel, O. ; Vervisch, L.
Vervisch, Luc ; Roekaerts, Dirk (eds.) (2016):
Computational Fluid Dynamics of Turbulent Combustion.
London, ERCOFTAC, ISBN 978-0-9955779-0-9,

Thiele, M. ; Warnatz, J. ; Dreizler, A. ; Lindenmaier, S. ; Schießl, R. ; Maas, U. ; Grant, A. ; Ewart, P. (2002):
Spark Ignited Hydrogen/Air Mixtures: Two Dimensional Detailed Modeling and Laser Based Diagnostics.
In: Combustion and Flame, 128 (1-2), pp. 74-87. Elsevier, ISSN 0010-2180,
DOI: 10.1016/S0010-2180(01)00333-9,

Ilgner, F. ; Nau, M. ; Harndorf, H. ; Benninger, K. ; Schießl, R. ; Maas, U. ; Dreizler, A. (2001):
Analysis of Flow Patterns Inside an Autothermal Gasoline Reformer.
In: SAE Technical Paper Series, 2001, pp. 1-10. SAE, e-ISSN 2688-3627,
DOI: 10.4271/2001-01-1917,

Ilgner, F. ; Nau, M. ; Harndorf, H. ; Benninger, K. ; Schießl, R. ; Maas, U. ; Dreizler, A. (2001):
Analysis of flow pattern inside an autothermal gasoline reformer.
200, Warrendale, Pa., Society of Automotive Engineers, [Book]

Schießl, R. ; Dreizler, A. ; Maas, U. ; Grant, A. J. ; Ewart, P. (2001):
Double-pulse PLIF imaging of self-ignition centers in an SI engine.
In: SAE Transactions, 110, pp. 1779-1788. SAE International, ISSN 0096-736X,

Dreizler, A. ; Lindenmaier, S. ; Maas, U. ; Hult, J. ; Alden, M. ; Kaminski, C. (2000):
Characterisation of a Spark Ignition System By Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence of H at High Repetition Rates and Comparison With Chemical Kinetics Calculations.
In: Applied Physics B, 70, pp. 287-294. Springer, ISSN 0946-2171,

Kaminski, C. ; Hult, J. ; Richter, M. ; Hygren, J. ; Franke, A. ; Alden, M. ; Lindenmaier, S. ; Dreizler, A. ; Maas, U. ; Williams, R. (2000):
Development of High Speed Spectroscopic Imaging Techniques for the Time Resolved Study of Spark Ignition Phenomena.
In: Society of Automotive Engineers, New York, NY, USA, 0 (2000-0), [Article]

Dreizler, A. ; Pixner, P. ; Schiessl, R. ; Maas, U. (2000):
Experimental Determination of PDFs of OH Radicals in IC Engines Using Calibrated Laser Induced Fluorescence as a Basis for Modeling the End-Phase of Engine Combustion.
In: Combustion Science and Technology, 158 (1), pp. 485-509. Taylor & Francis, ISSN 0010-2202,
DOI: 10.1080/00102200008947346,

Kaminski, C. ; Hult, J. ; Alden, M. ; Lindenmaier, S. ; Dreizler, A. ; Maas, U. ; Baum, M. (2000):
Spark Ignition of Turbulent Methane/Air Mixtures Revealed by Time Resolved Laser Induced Fluorescence and Direct Numerical Simulations.
In: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 28 (1), pp. 399-405. Elsevier, ISSN 1540-7489,
DOI: 10.1016/S0082-0784(00)80236-2,

Uhl, M. ; Dreizler, A. ; Wirth, R. ; Maas, U. (2000):
Laseroptische Gemischbildungs- und Verbrennungsuntersuchungen am Einzylinder Diesel Transparent-motor mit Vierventiltechnik und Direkteinspritzung.
Diesel und Benzindirekteinspritzung, Berlin, 6.-7. Dezember 2000, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Dreizler, A. ; Lindenmaier, S. ; Maas, U. ; Hult, J. ; Aldén, M. ; Kaminski, C. (1999):
Characterisation of a spark ignition system by planar laser induced fluorescence of OH at high repetition rates and comparison with chemical kinetics calculations.
In: Applied Physics B, (70), pp. 287-294. ISSN 0946-2171,

Schießl, R. ; Dreizler, A. ; Maas, U. (1999):
Comparison of different ways for image post-processing: detection of flame fronts.
In: SAE Technical papers, 1999 (3651), pp. 1-16. SAE International, ISSN 0148-7191,
DOI: 10.4271/1999-01-3651,

Dreizler, A. ; Pixner, P. ; Schiessl, R. ; Maas, U. (1999):
Experimental determination of PDFs of OH radicals in IC engines using calibrated laser induced fluorescence as a basis for modeling the end-phase of engine combustion.
In: ICDERS 1999: International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems <17, 1999, Heidelberg>: Proceedings, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Lindenmaier, S. ; Dreizler, A. ; Maas, U. ; Kaminski, C. ; Hult, J. (1999):
Experimental investigation and mathematical simulation of the ignition of methane/air mixtures.
In: Dessauer Gasmotoren Konferenz <1, 1999, Dessau>: Proceedings, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Schießl, R. ; Dreizler, A. ; Pixner, P. ; Maas, U. (1999):
Formaldehyde formation in the endgas of Otto engines: numerical simulations and quantitative concentration measurements.
In: Combustion science technology, 149, pp. 339-336. [Article]

Baumbach, G. ; Heller, H. ; Maas, U. ; Klingel, T. ; Dreizler, A. (1999):
Physikalische und chemische Grundlagen der Holzverbrennung und der Rauchentstehung.
In: Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Dampfkesselwesen: Bericht; Nr. 43. - Stuttgart: IVD, 1999, Stuttgart, IVD, [Book Section]

Dreizler, A. ; Maas, U. (1998):
Influence of the Temperatur Distribution on the Auto-Ignition in the End Gas of Otto engines.
In: 4th International Symposium on Diagnostics and Modeling of Combustion in Internal Combustion Engines COMODIA 98, pp. 197-202,
Kyoto, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Einecke, S. ; Schulz, C. ; Sick, V. ; Schießl, R. ; Dreizler, A. ; Maas, U. (1998):
Two-dimensional Temperature Measurements in the Compression Stroke of an SI Engine Using Two-Line Tracer LIF.
982468, In: SAE Technical Paper, 1998, pp. 1-11. SAE International, ISSN 0148-7191,
DOI: 10.4271/982468,

Dreizler, A. ; Pixner, P. ; Schießl, R. ; Maas, U. (1998):
Detailed numerical modelling and experimental investigation of combustion processes in Otto-engines.
ERCOFTAC Bulletin 38, September 1998, [Conference or Workshop Item]

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