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Appel, Christian ; Kuttich, Björn ; Stühn, Lukas ; Stark, Robert W. ; Stühn, Bernd (2019):
Structural Properties and Magnetic Ordering in 2D Polymer Nanocomposites: Existence of Long Magnetic Dipolar Chains in Zero Field.
In: Langmuir, 35 (37), pp. 12180-12191. American Chemical Society (ACS), ISSN 0743-7463,
DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b02094,

Appel, Christian (2018):
Structure and Stability of Ultrathin Polymer and Nanocomposite Films at the Air-Water Interface.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Appel, C. ; Kraska, M. ; Rüttiger, C. ; Gallei, M. ; Stühn, B. (2018):
Crossover from semi-dilute to densely packed thin polymer films at the air–water interface and structure formation at thin film breakup.
In: Soft Matter, 14, pp. 4750-4761. The Royal Society of Chemistry, DOI: 10.1039/C8SM00629F,

Appold, M. ; Mari, C. ; Lederle, C. ; Elbert, J. ; Schmidt, C. ; Ott, I. ; Stühn, B. ; Gasser, G. ; Gallei, M. (2017):
Multi-stimuli responsive block copolymers as a smart release platform for a polypyridyl ruthenium complex.
In: Polymer Chemistry, 8, pp. 890-900. The Royal Society of Chemistry, DOI: 10.1039/C6PY02026G,

Appel, Markus ; Frick, Bernhard ; Elbert, Johannes ; Gallei, Markus ; Stühn, B. (2016):
Molecular ring rotation in poly(vinylferrocene).

Appel, Markus Andreas (2015):
Ring Rotation in Ferrocene and Ferrocene-containing Polymers.
TU Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Appel, Markus ; Frick, Bernhard ; Spehr, Tinka Luise ; Stühn, B. (2015):
Molecular ring rotation in solid ferrocene revisited.
In: The Journal of Chemical Physics, 142 (11), p. 114503. ISSN 0021-9606,

Appel, M. ; Frick, B. ; Ivanov, A. ; Elbert, J. ; Rehahn, Matthias ; Gallei, M. ; Spehr, Tinka Luise ; Stühn, B. (2014):
Vibrational spectra of ferrocene, ferrocene-containing polymers and their oxidized compounds.
In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 554 (1), pp. 012008. [Article]

Appel, M. ; Spehr, T. ; Wipf, R. ; Stühn, B. (2012):
Water–AOT–alkylbenzene microemulsions: Influence of alkyl chain length on structure and percolation behavior.
In: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 376 (1), pp. 140-145. ELSEVIER, [Article]


Becher, Manuel (2020):
NMR-Studien der molekularen Dynamik in ionischen Flüssigkeiten und Polymerelektrolyten.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität,
DOI: 10.25534/tuprints-00011316,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Brodrecht, M. ; Klotz, E. ; Lederle, C. ; Breitzke, H. ; Stühn, B. ; Vogel, Michael ; Buntkowsky, G. (2017):
A Combined Solid-State NMR, Dielectric Spectroscopy and Calorimetric Study of Water in Lowly Hydrated MCM-41 Samples.
In: Zeitschrift Fur Physikalische Chemie-International Journal of Research in Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics, 232 (7-8), pp. 1003-1015. DE GRUYTER, ISSN 0942-9352,
DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2017-1030,

Buchauer, Lisa (2014):
Superconductivity and Fermi Surface of Tl:PbTe.
Darmstadt/Paris, École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles de la ville de Paris/Technische Universität Darmstadt, [Master Thesis]

Blochowicz, Thomas ; Gouirand, E. ; Schramm, S. ; Stühn, B. (2013):
Density and Confinement Effects of Glass Forming m-Toluidine in Nanoporous Vycor Investigated by Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering.
In: Journal of chemical physics, 138 (11), p. 8. American Institute of Physics, ISSN 00219606,
DOI: 10.1063/1.4793762,

Blochowicz, Thomas ; Lusceac, S. A. ; Gutfreund, P. ; Schramm, S. ; Stühn, B. (2011):
Two glass transitions and secondary relaxations of methyltetrahydrofuran in a binary mixture.
In: Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 115 (7), pp. 1623-1637. ACS Publications, ISSN 1520-6106,
DOI: 10.1021/jp110506z,


Didzoleit, Haiko (2016):
Struktur und Magnetismus von Ferrocen und ferrocenhaltigen Polymeren in dünnen Filmen.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Domschke, M. ; Kraska, M. ; Feile, R ; Stühn, B. (2013):
AOT microemulsions: droplet size and clustering in the temperature range between the supercooled state and the upper phase boundary.
In: Soft Matter, 9, pp. 11503-11512. The Royal Society of Chemistry, [Article]


Elbert, J. ; Krohm, F. ; Rüttiger, C. ; Kienle, S. ; Didzoleit, Haiko ; Balzer, B. ; Hugel, T. ; Stühn, B. ; Gallei, M. ; Brunsen, A. (2014):
Polymer-Modified Mesoporous Silica Thin Films for Redox-Mediated Selective Membrane Gating.
In: Advanced Functional Materials, 24 (11), pp. 1591-1601. [Article]

Elbert, J. ; Didzoleit, Haiko ; Fasel, Claudia ; Ionescu, Emanuel ; Riedel, Ralf ; Stühn, B. ; Gallei, M. (2014):
Surface-Initiated Anionic Polymerization of 1Silaferrocenophanes for the Preparation of Colloidal Preceramic Materials.
In: Macromolecular Rapid Communications, pp. n/a-n/a. [Article]

Elbert, J. ; Mersini, J. ; Vilbrandt, N. ; Lederle, C. ; Kraska, M. ; Gallei, M. ; Stühn, B. ; Plenio, Herbert ; Rehahn, M. (2013):
Reversible Activity Modulation of Surface-Attached Grubbs Second Generation Type Catalysts Using Redox-Responsive Polymers.
In: Macromolecules, 46 (11), pp. 4255-4267. [Article]

Engel, M. ; Stühn, B. (2011):
In situ small angle x-ray scattering measurements of the filling process of polyisobutylene and poly-epsilon-caprolactone in ion track etched polycarbonate nanopores.
In: Journal of Chemical Physics, 132 (22), Melville, NY, ISSN 0021-9606,

Engel, M. ; Spehr, T. ; Stühn, B. (2011):
Small-Angle X-Ray and Neutron Scattering - Two Complementary Methods to Study Soft Matter Structure.
In: Methods in physical chemistry, 1, 1, pp. 4-15, [Book Section]


Franz, C. ; Soltwedel, O. ; Säubert, S. ; Wendl, A. ; Gottwald, W. ; Haslbeck, F. ; Spitz, L. ; Pfleiderer, C. (2019):
Longitudinal Neutron Resonance Spin Echo Spectroscopy under Large Energy Transfers.
In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1316, pp. 012005. IOP Publishing Ltd., ISSN 17426588,
DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1316/1/012005,

Franz, C. ; Soltwedel, O. ; Fuchs, C. ; Säubert, S. ; Haslbeck, F. ; Wendl, A. ; Jochum, J. K. ; Böni, P. ; Pfleiderer, C. (2019):
The longitudinal neutron resonant spin echo spectrometer RESEDA.
In: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 939, pp. 22-29. ISSN 0168-9002,
DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2019.05.056,

Franz, Christian ; Säubert, Steffen ; Wendl, Andreas ; Haslbeck, Franz X. ; Soltwedel, Olaf ; Jochum, Johanna K. ; Spitz, Leonie ; Kindervater, Jonas ; Bauer, Andreas ; Böni, Peter ; Pfleiderer, Christian (2019):
MIEZE Neutron Spin-Echo Spectroscopy of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems.
In: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 88 (8), pp. 081002. ISSN 0031-9015,
DOI: 10.7566/JPSJ.88.081002,


Grefe, Ann-Kathrin (2021):
Struktur und Fließkinetik von Polymeren in ionenspurgeätzten Nanoporen. (Publisher's Version)
Darmstadt, Technische Universität,
DOI: 10.26083/tuprints-00017544,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Grefe, Ann-Kathrin ; Kuttich, Björn ; Stühn, Lukas ; Stark, Robert ; Stühn, Bernd (2019):
Oriented crystallization of PEG induced by confinement in cylindrical nanopores: Structural and thermal properties.
In: Soft Matter, (15), pp. 3149-3159. ISSN 1744-683X,
DOI: 10.1039/C9SM00053D,

Gabriel, Jan (2018):
Depolarisierte dynamische Lichtstreuung an Monohydroxy-Alkoholen.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Geske, Julian ; Harrach, Michael ; Heckmann, Lotta ; Horstmann, Robin ; Klameth, Felix ; Müller, Niels ; Pafong, Elvira ; Wohlfromm, Timothy ; Drossel, Barbara ; Vogel, Michael (2018):
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water, Silica, and Aqueous Mixtures in Bulk and Confinement.
In: Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie, 232 (7-8), pp. 1187-1225. ISSN 0942-9352,
DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2017-1042,

Gapon, I. V. ; Petrenko, V. I. ; Soltwedel, O. ; Khaydukov, Yu. N. ; Kubovcikova, M. ; Kopcansky, P. ; Bulavin, L. A. ; Avdeev, M .V. (2018):
Crystalisation of aqueous ferrofluids at the free liquid interface investigated by specular and off-specular x-ray reflectometry.
In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 994, pp. 012008. ISSN 1742-6588,
DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/994/1/012008,

Gabriel, Jan ; Blochowicz, Thomas ; Stühn, B. (2015):
Compressed exponential decays in correlation experiments: The influence of temperature gradients and convection.
In: Journal of Chemical Physics, 142 (10), AIP Publishing, ISSN 0021-9606,
DOI: 10.1063/1.4914092,


Haaks, Michael (2018):
Ion dynamics in solid-state batteries - A 7Li NMR study.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Hilarius, Konrad (2014):
Elektrische und rheologische Eigenschaften von kohlenstoffbasierten Füllstoffnetzwerken in Polymeren.
Darmstadt, TU Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Hofmann, A. M. ; Wipf, R. ; Stühn, B. ; Frey, H. (2011):
Mesogen-Initiated Linear Polyglycerol Isomers: The Ordering Effect of a Single Cholesterol Unit on "Sticky" Isotropic Chains.
In: MACROMOLECULES, 44 (17), pp. 6767-6775. [Article]


Kubovcikova, Martina ; Gapon, Igor V. ; Zavisova, Vlasta ; Koneracka, Martina ; Petrenko, Viktor I. ; Soltwedel, Olaf ; Almasy, László ; Avdeev, Mikhail V. ; Kopcansky, Peter (2017):
On the adsorption properties of magnetic fluids: Impact of bulk structure.
In: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 427, pp. 67-70. ISSN 03048853,
DOI: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2016.10.104,

Khaydukov, Yu. N. ; Soltwedel, O. ; Marchenko, Yu. A. ; Khaidukova, D. Yu. ; Csik, A. ; Acartürk, T. ; Starke, U. ; Keller, T. ; Guglya, A. G. ; Kazdayev, Kh. R. (2017):
Formation of thin oxide layer on surface of copper caused by implantation of high-energy oxygen ions.
In: Journal of Surface Investigation: X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques, 11 (1), pp. 206-210. ISSN 1027-4510,
DOI: 10.1134/S1027451017010293,

Kuttich, B. ; Grillo, I. ; Schottner, S. ; Gallei, M. ; Stühn, B. (2017):
Polymer conformation in nanoscopic soft confinement.
In: Soft Matter, 13, pp. 6709-6717. The Royal Society of Chemistry, DOI: 10.1039/C7SM01179B,

Kuttich, B. ; Matt, A. ; Weber, A. ; Grefe, A. ; Vietze, L. ; Stühn, B. (2017):
Water/PEG Mixtures: Phase Behavior, Dynamics and Soft Confinement.
In: Zeitschrift Fur Physikalische Chemie-International Journal of Research in Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics, 232 (7-8), pp. 1089-1110. ISSN 0942-9352,
DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2017-1018,

Kresse, Holger Benjamin (2016):
Field-Cycling NMR bei extrem kleinen Larmor-Frequenzen – Entwicklung und Anwendung.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Kuttich, Björn ; Grefe, Ann-Kathrin ; Kröling, Henri ; Schabel, Samuel ; Stühn, Bernd (2016):
Molecular mobility in cellulose and paper.
In: RSC Adv., 6, pp. 32389-32399. The Royal Society of Chemistry, [Article]

Kuttich, B. ; Ivanova, O. ; Grillo, I. ; Stühn, B. (2016):
Polymer loaded microemulsions: Changeover from finite size effects to interfacial interactions.

Kuttich, Björn ; Grefe, Ann-Kathrin ; Stühn, B. (2016):
Changes in the bending modulus of AOT based microemulsions induced by the incorporation of polymers in the water core.
In: SOFT MATTER, 12 (30), pp. 6400-6411. ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, ISSN 1744-683X,

Kämpf, Kerstin (2014):
Untersuchung von Protein und Hydratationswasserdynamik mit Experimenten und Simulationen.
TU Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Kim, Chang Jong ; Kraska, Martin ; Mazurowski, Markus ; Sondergeld, Katrin ; Gallei, Markus ; Rehahn, Matthias ; Stühn, B. (2014):
Polymer Chain Conformation on Deuterated Polystyrene Nanoparticles Investigated by SANS.
In: Soft Materials, p. 140606064327004. ISSN 1539-445X,

Kim, Chang Jong (2014):
Grafted polymers on spherical nanoparticles in solution and in polymer melts.
TU Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Kuttich, B. ; Falus, P. ; Grillo, I. ; Stühn, B. (2014):
Form fluctuations of polymer loaded spherical microemulsions studied by neutron scattering and dielectric spectroscopy.
In: The Journal of Chemical Physics, 141 (8), [Article]

Karg, Matthias ; Prévost, Sylvain ; Brandt, Astrid ; Wallacher, Dirk ; Klitzing, R. von ; Hellweg, Thomas
Sadowski, Gabriele ; Richtering, Walter (eds.) (2013):
Poly-NIPAM Microgels with Different Cross-Linker Densities.
In: Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science, In: Intelligent Hydrogels, pp. 63-76, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-01682-5,
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-01683-2_6,
[Book Section]

Khaneft, Marina (2013):
Polymers in aligned carbon nanotube arrays.
TU Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Kuttich, B. ; Engel, M. ; Trautmann, C. ; Stühn, B. (2013):
Tailored nanochannels of nearly cylindrical geometry analysed by small angle X-ray scattering.
In: Applied Physics A, 114 (2), pp. 387-392. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, [Article]

Kraska, M. ; Gallei, M. ; Stühn, B. ; Rehahn, M. (2013):
Pressure Induced Structure Formation in Langmuir Monolayers of Amphiphilic Metallocene Diblock Copolymers.
In: LANGMUIR, 26, pp. 8284-8291. [Article]

Kraska, M. ; Domschke, M. ; Stühn, B. (2013):
Concentration induced ordering of microemulsion droplets in bulk and near the liquid-air interface.
In: SOFT MATTER, 9 (13), pp. 3488-3496. [Article]

Khaneft, M. ; Stühn, B. ; Engstler, J. ; Tempel, H. ; Schneider, J. J. ; Pirzer, T. ; Hugel, T. (2013):
Imbibition of polystyrene melts in aligned carbon nanotube arrays.
In: Journal of Applied Physics, 113 (7), pp. 074305. AIP, [Article]

Kim, C. J. ; Sondergeld, K. ; Mazurowski, M. ; Gallei, M. ; Rehahn, Matthias ; Spehr, T. ; Frielinghaus, H. ; Stühn, B. (2013):
Synthesis and characterization of polystyrene chains on the surface of silica nanoparticles: comparison of SANS, SAXS, and DLS results.
In: Colloid and Polymer Science, 291 (9), pp. 2087-2099. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, [Article]

Kraska, Martin (2013):
Mesostrukturen an der Flüssigkeit/Gas Grenzfläche.
München, Dr. Hut, TU Darmstadt, ISBN 978-3-8439-0861-0 ; 3-8439-0861-3,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Kuttich, B. ; Lederle, C. ; Stühn, B. (2013):
Water dependence of the dielectric β-relaxation in poly(ε-caprolactone).
In: The Journal of Chemical Physics, 139 (24), [Article]


Lannert, M. ; Müller, A. ; Gouirand, E. ; Talluto, V. ; Rosenstihl, M. ; Walther, T. ; Blochowicz, Thomas ; Vogel, Michael ; Stühn, B. (2016):
Glycerol in micellar confinement with tunable rigidity.
In: Journal of Chemical Physics, 145 (23), AIP Publishing, ISSN 0021-9606,
DOI: 10.1063/1.4972009,

Lederle, Christina (2016):
Brownsche Dynamik nanoskopischer, anisotroper Partikel im externen elektrischen Feld.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität,
[Ph.D. Thesis]


Matt, A. ; Kuttich, B. ; Grillo, I. ; Weissheit, S. ; Thiele, C. M. ; Stühn, B. (2019):
Temperature induced conformational changes in the elastin-like peptide GVG(VPGVG)(3).
In: SOFT MATTER, 15 (20), pp. 4192-4199. ISSN 1744-683X,
DOI: 10.1039/c9sm00583h,

Matt, Alexander Daniel (2018):
Comparative Study of Phase Behaviour and Structure of a Water Soluble Synthetic Polymer and an Elastin-like Peptide.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Mangiapia, G. ; Gvaramia, M. ; Kuhrts, L. ; Teixeira, J. ; Koutsioubas, A. ; Soltwedel, O. ; Frielinghaus, H. (2017):
Effect of benzocaine and propranolol on phospholipid-based bilayers.
In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 (47), pp. 32057-32071. ISSN 1463-9076,
DOI: 10.1039/c7cp06077g,

Mazurowski, M. ; Sondergeld, K. ; Elbert, J. ; Kim, C. J. ; Li, J. ; Frielinghaus, H. ; Gallei, M. ; Stühn, B. ; Rehahn, M. (2013):
Polystyrene Brushes on Fully Deuterated Organic Nanoparticles by Surface-Initiated Nitroxide-Mediated Radical Polymerization.

Mazurowski, M. ; Gallei, M. ; Li, J. ; Didzoleit, Haiko ; Stühn, B. ; Rehahn, M. (2012):
Redox-Responsive Polymer Brushes Grafted from Polystyrene Nanoparticles by Means of Surface Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization.
In: MACROMOLECULES, 45 (22), pp. 8970-8981. AMER CHEMICAL SOC, [Article]

Mandal, P. K. ; Lapanik, A. ; Wipf, R. ; Stühn, B. ; Haase, W. (2012):
Sub-hertz relaxation process in chiral smectic mixtures doped with silver nanoparticles.
In: Appl. Phys. Lett., 100, pp. 073112. American Institute of Physics, [Article]

Mahanandia, P. ; Schneider, J. J. ; Engel, M. ; Stühn, B. ; Subramanyam, S. V. ; Nanda, K. K. (2011):
Studies towards synthesis, evolution and alignment characteristics of dense, millimeter long multiwalled carbon nanotube arrays.
In: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 2, pp. 293-301. [Article]


Nylander, Tommy ; Soltwedel, Olaf ; Ganeva, Marina ; Hirst, Christopher ; Holdaway, James ; Arteta, Marianna Yanez ; Wadsäter, Maria ; Barauskas, Justas ; Frielinghaus, Henrich ; Holderer, Olaf (2017):
Relationship between Structure and Fluctuations of Lipid Nonlamellar Phases Deposited at the Solid–Liquid Interface.
In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121 (13), pp. 2705-2711. ISSN 1520-6106,
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.6b11038,


Ohneiser, Alexander (2011):
Kombination von Ultraschallspektroskopie und Dilatometrie zur Analyse der Strukturbildung während der Kristallisation von Polymeren unter Druck.
TU Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]


Podgornov, F. V. ; Wipf, R. ; Stühn, B. ; Ryzhkova, A. V. ; Haase, W. (2016):
Low-frequency relaxation modes in ferroelectric liquid crystal/gold nanoparticle dispersion: impact of nanoparticle shape.
In: LIQUID CRYSTALS, 43 (11), pp. 1536-1547. TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, ISSN 0267-8292,

Picco, Agustin ; Kraska, Martin ; Didzoleit, Haiko ; Appel, Christian ; Silbestri, Gustavo ; Azzaroni, Omar ; Stühn, B. ; Ceolin, Marcelo (2014):
On the Supramacromolecular Structure of Core-Shell Amphiphilic Macromolecules Derived from Hyperbranched Polyethyleneimine.
In: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 436 (0), pp. 243-250. ISSN 00219797,


Rüttiger, C. ; Gemmer, L. ; Schöttner, S. ; Kuttich, B. ; Stühn, B. ; Gallei, M. (2019):
Preparation and self-assembly of polyferrocenyldimethylsilane-containing tri- and pentablock terpolymers.
In: JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY, 882, pp. 80-89. Elsevier, ISSN 0022-328X,
DOI: 10.1016/j.jorganchem.2019.01.001,

Rüttiger, C. ; Hubner, H. ; Schottner, S. ; Winter, T. ; Cherkashinin, G. ; Kuttich, B. ; Stühn, B. ; Gallei, M. (2018):
Metallopolymer-Based Block Copolymers for the Preparation of Porous and Redox-Responsive Materials.
In: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10 (4), pp. 4018-4030. ACS Publications, ISSN 1944-8244,
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.7b18014,

Ruettiger, Christian ; Appold, Michael ; Didzoleit, Haiko ; Eils, Adjana ; Dietz, Christian ; Stark, Robert W. ; Stühn, B. ; Gallei, Markus (2016):
Structure Formation of Metallopolymer-Grafted Block Copolymers.
In: Macromolecules, 49 (9), pp. 3415-3426. ISSN 0024-9297,

Rüttiger, C. ; Pfeifer, V. ; Rittscher, V. ; Stock, D. ; Scheid, D. ; Vowinkel, S. ; Roth, F. ; Didzoleit, H. ; Stühn, B. ; Elbert, J. ; Ionescu, E. ; Gallei, M. (2016):
One for all: cobalt-containing polymethacrylates for magnetic ceramics, block copolymerization, unexpected electrochemistry, and stimuli-responsiveness.
In: Polymer Chemistry, 7 (5), pp. 1129-1137. The Royal Society of Chemistry, DOI: 10.1039/c5py01845e,

Reuter, S. ; Amado, E. ; Busse, K. ; Kraska, M. ; Stühn, B. ; Tschierske, C. ; Kressler, J. (2012):
Formation of 2D spherulites in Langmuir films of amphiphilic T-shaped liquid crystals.
In: J Colloid Interface Science, 272 (1), pp. 192-201. [Article]


Scheibel, Franziska ; Gottschall, Tino ; Taubel, Andreas ; Fries, Maximilian ; Skokov, Konstantin P. ; Terwey, Alexandra ; Keune, Werner ; Ollefs, Katharina ; Wende, Heiko ; Farle, Michael ; Acet, Mehmet ; Gutfleisch, Oliver ; Gruner, Markus E. (2018):
Hysteresis Design of Magnetocaloric Materials-From Basic Mechanisms to Applications.
In: Energy Technology, 6 (8), pp. 1397-1428. ISSN 2194-4288,
DOI: 10.25534/tuprints-00013405,

Schwörer, Felicitas ; Trapp, Marcus ; Xu, Xiao ; Soltwedel, Olaf ; Dzubiella, Joachim ; Steitz, Roland ; Dahint, Reiner (2018):
Drastic Swelling of Lipid Oligobilayers by Polyelectrolytes: A Potential Molecular Model for the Internal Structure of Lubricating Films in Mammalian Joints.
In: Langmuir, 34 (4), pp. 1287-1299. ISSN 0743-7463,
DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b03229,

Sattig, Matthias (2016):
Dynamics of water and aqueous solutions in geometrical confinement.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Silies, Laura ; Didzoleit, Haiko ; Hess, Christian ; Stühn, B. ; Andrieu-Brunsen, Annette (2015):
Mesoporous Thin Films, Zwitterionic Monomers, and Iniferter-Initiated Polymerization: Polymerization in a Confined Space.
In: Chemistry of Materials, 27 (6), pp. 1971-1981. ISSN 0897-4756,

Sobel, Nicolas ; Hess, Christian ; Lukas, Manuela ; Spende, Anne ; Stühn, B. ; Toimil-Molares, M. E. ; Trautmann, Christina (2015):
Conformal SiO2 coating of sub-100 nm diameter channels of polycarbonate etched ion-track channels by atomic layer deposition.
In: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 6, pp. 472-479. ISSN 2190-4286,

Sauer, D. ; Schuster, B. ; Rosenstihl, Markus ; Schneider, S. ; Talluto, V. ; Walther, T. ; Blochowicz, Thomas ; Stühn, B. ; Vogel, Michael (2014):
Dynamics of water-alcohol mixtures: Insights from nuclear magnetic resonance, broadband dielectric spectroscopy, and triplet solvation dynamics.
In: Journal of Chemical Physics, 140 (11), AIP Publishing, ISSN 0021-9606,
DOI: 10.1063/1.4868003,

Scheid, D. ; Lederle, C. ; Vowinkel, S. ; Schäfer, B. ; Gallei, M. (2014):
Redox- and mechano-chromic response of metallopolymer-based elastomeric colloidal crystal films.
In: Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2 (14), p. 2583. [Article]

Scheid, D. ; Lederle, C. ; Vowinkel, S. ; Schäfer, C. G. ; Stühn, B. ; Gallei, M. (2014):
Redox- and mechano-chromic response of metallopolymer-based elastomeric colloidal crystal films.
In: J. Mater. Chem. C, 2, pp. 2583-2590. The Royal Society of Chemistry, [Article]

Schäfer, Christian G. ; Lederle, Christina ; Zentel, Kristina ; Stühn, Bernd ; Gallei, Markus (2014):
Utilizing Stretch-Tunable Thermochromic Elastomeric Opal Films as Novel Reversible Switchable Photonic Materials.
In: Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 35 (21), pp. 1852-1860. ISSN 1521-3927,

Spehr, Tinka Luise ; Frick, Bernhard ; Zamponi, Michaela ; Stühn, Bernd (2011):
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