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Yang, Huaiyu and Bogner, Martin and Stierhof, York-Dieter and Ludewig, Uwe (2010):
H-independent glutamine transport in plant root tips.
In: PloS one, (1), 5. pp. e8917, ISSN 1932-6203,

Neuhäuser, Benjamin and Dynowski, Marek and Ludewig, Uwe (2009):
Channel-like NH3 flux by ammonium transporter AtAMT2.
In: FEBS letters, (17), 583. pp. 2833-8, ISSN 1873-3468,

Ludewig, Uwe and Dynowski, Marek (2009):
Plant aquaporin selectivity: where transport assays, computer simulations and physiology meet.
In: Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS, (19), 66. pp. 3161-75, ISSN 1420-9071,

Guether, Mike and Neuhäuser, Benjamin and Balestrini, Raffaella and Dynowski, Marek and Ludewig, Uwe and Bonfante, Paola (2009):
A mycorrhizal-specific ammonium transporter from Lotus japonicus acquires nitrogen released by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.
In: Plant physiology, (1), 150. pp. 73-83, ISSN 0032-0889,

Ludewig, Uwe and Koch, W. Jaiwal, P. K. and Singh, R. P. and Parkash, O. (eds.) (2008):
Amino acid transport.
In: Plant Gentic Engineering, In: Plant Membrane and Vacuolar Transporters, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK, CABI Pub., [Book Section]

Dynowski, Marek and Mayer, Maria and Moran, Oscar and Ludewig, Uwe (2008):
Molecular determinants of ammonia and urea conductance in plant aquaporin homologs.
In: FEBS letters, (16), 582. pp. 2458-62, ISSN 0014-5793,

Dynowski, Marek and Schaaf, Gabriel and Loqué, Dominique and Moran, Oscar and Ludewig, Uwe (2008):
Plant plasma membrane water channels conduct the signalling molecule H2O2.
In: The Biochemical journal, (1), 414. pp. 53-61, ISSN 1470-8728,

von der Fecht-Bartenbach, Jennifer and Bogner, Martin and Krebs, Melanie and Stierhof, York-Dieter and Schumacher, Karin and Ludewig, Uwe (2007):
Function of the anion transporter AtCLC-d in the trans-Golgi network.
In: The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology, (3), 50. pp. 466-74, ISSN 0960-7412,

Weidinger, Kerstin and Neuhäuser, Benjamin and Gilch, Stefan and Ludewig, Uwe and Meyer, Ortwin and Schmidt, Ingo (2007):
Functional and physiological evidence for a rhesus-type ammonia transporter in Nitrosomonas europaea.
In: FEMS microbiology letters, (2), 273. pp. 260-7, ISSN 0378-1097,

Ludewig, Uwe and Neuhäuser, Benjamin and Dynowski, Marek (2007):
Molecular mechanisms of ammonium transport and accumulation in plants.
In: FEBS letters, (12), 581. pp. 2301-8, ISSN 0014-5793,

Neuhäuser, Benjamin and Dynowski, Marek and Mayer, Maria and Ludewig, Uwe (2007):
Regulation of NH4+ transport by essential cross talk between AMT monomers through the carboxyl tails.
In: Plant physiology, (4), 143. pp. 1651-9, ISSN 0032-0889,

Dynowski, Marek and Ludewig, Uwe Nagel, Wolfgang E. and Jäger, Willi and Resch, Michael (eds.) (2007):
TrpAQP: Computer simulations to determine the selectivity of Aquaporines.
In: High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '06, Berlin, Springer, [Book Section]

Bogner, Martin and Ludewig, Uwe (2007):
Visualization of arginine influx into plant cells using a specific FRET-sensor.
In: Journal of fluorescence, (4), 17. pp. 350-60, ISSN 1053-0509,

Mayer, Maria and Dynowski, Marek and Ludewig, Uwe (2006):
Ammonium ion transport by the AMT/Rh homologue LeAMT1;1.
In: The Biochemical journal, (3), 396. pp. 431-7, ISSN 1470-8728,

Takano, Junpei and Wada, Motoko and Ludewig, Uwe and Schaaf, Gabriel and von Wirén, Nicolaus and Fujiwara, Toru (2006):
The Arabidopsis major intrinsic protein NIP5;1 is essential for efficient boron uptake and plant development under boron limitation.
In: The Plant cell, (6), 18. pp. 1498-509, ISSN 1040-4651,

Mayer, Maria and Schaaf, Gabriel and Mouro, Isabelle and Lopez, Claude and Colin, Yves and Neumann, Petra and Cartron, Jean-Pierre and Ludewig, Uwe (2006):
Different transport mechanisms in plant and human AMT/Rh-type ammonium transporters.
In: The Journal of general physiology, (2), 127. pp. 133-44, ISSN 0022-1295,

Ludewig, Uwe (2006):
Ion transport versus gas conduction: function of AMT/Rh-type proteins.
In: Transfusion clinique et biologique : journal de la Société française de transfusion sanguine, (1-2), 13. pp. 111-116, ISSN 1246-7820,

Loqué, Dominique and Ludewig, Uwe and Yuan, Lixing and von Wirén, Nicolaus (2005):
Tonoplast intrinsic proteins AtTIP2;1 and AtTIP2;3 facilitate NH3 transport into the vacuole.
In: Plant physiology, (2), 137. pp. 671-80, ISSN 0032-0889,

Schaaf, Gabriel and Schikora, Adam and Häberle, Jennifer and Vert, Grégory and Ludewig, Uwe and Briat, Jean-François and Curie, Catherine and von Wirén, Nicolaus (2005):
A putative function for the arabidopsis Fe-Phytosiderophore transporter homolog AtYSL2 in Fe and Zn homeostasis.
In: Plant & cell physiology, (5), 46. pp. 762-74, ISSN 0032-0781,

Ludewig, Uwe (2004):
Electroneutral ammonium transport by basolateral rhesus B glycoprotein.
In: The Journal of physiology, (Pt 3), 559. pp. 751-9, ISSN 0022-3751,

Su, Yan-Hua and Frommer, Wolf B. and Ludewig, Uwe (2004):
Molecular and functional characterization of a family of amino acid transporters from Arabidopsis.
In: Plant physiology, (2), 136. pp. 3104-13, ISSN 0032-0889,

Pilot, Guillaume and Stransky, Harald and Bushey, Dean F. and Pratelli, Réjane and Ludewig, Uwe and Wingate, Vincent P. M. and Frommer, Wolf B. (2004):
Overexpression of GLUTAMINE DUMPER1 leads to hypersecretion of glutamine from Hydathodes of Arabidopsis leaves.
In: The Plant cell, (7), 16. pp. 1827-40, ISSN 1040-4651,

Schmidt, Anja and Su, Yan-Hua and Kunze, Reinhard and Warner, Susan and Hewitt, Matthew and Slocum, Robert D. and Ludewig, Uwe and Frommer, Wolf B. and Desimone, Marcelo (2004):
UPS1 and UPS2 from Arabidopsis mediate high affinity transport of uracil and 5-fluorouracil.
In: The Journal of biological chemistry, (43), 279. pp. 44817-24, ISSN 0021-9258,

Schaaf, Gabriel and Ludewig, Uwe and Erenoglu, Bülent E. and Mori, Satoshi and Kitahara, Takeshi and von Wirén, Nicolaus (2004):
ZmYS1 functions as a proton-coupled symporter for phytosiderophore- and nicotianamine-chelated metals.
In: The Journal of biological chemistry, (10), 279. pp. 9091-6, ISSN 0021-9258,

Liu, Lai-Hua and Ludewig, Uwe and Frommer, Wolf B. and von Wirén, Nicolaus (2003):
AtDUR3 encodes a new type of high-affinity urea/H+ symporter in Arabidopsis.
In: The Plant cell, (3), 15. pp. 790-800, ISSN 1040-4651,

Ludewig, Uwe and Wilken, Stephanie and Wu, Binghua and Jost, Wolfgang and Obrdlik, Petr and El Bakkoury, Mohamed and Marini, Anne-Marie and André, Bruno and Hamacher, Tanja and Boles, Eckhard and von Wirén, Nicolaus and Frommer, Wolf B. (2003):
Homo- and hetero-oligomerization of ammonium transporter-1 NH4 uniporters.
In: The Journal of biological chemistry, (46), 278. pp. 45603-10, ISSN 0021-9258,

Liu, Lai-Hua and Ludewig, Uwe and Gassert, Brigitte and Frommer, Wolf B. and von Wirén, Nicolaus (2003):
Urea transport by nitrogen-regulated tonoplast intrinsic proteins in Arabidopsis.
In: Plant physiology, (3), 133. pp. 1220-8, ISSN 0032-0889,

Klein, M. and Frommer, W. B. and Ludewig, Uwe (2003):
Various ion channels in the plasma membrane of protoplasts from the moss Physcomitrella patens.
In: Plant Science, 164. pp. 657-664, [Article]

Wipf, Daniel and Ludewig, Uwe and Tegeder, Mechthild and Rentsch, Doris and Koch, Wolfgang and Frommer, Wolf B. (2002):
Conservation of amino acid transporters in fungi, plants and animals.
In: Trends in biochemical sciences, (3), 27. pp. 139-47, ISSN 0968-0004,

Ludewig, Uwe and Frommer, W. B. Somerville, Chris R. and Meyerowitz, Elliot M. (eds.) (2002):
Genes and proteins for solute transport and sensing.
In: The Arabidopsis Book, Rockville, MD, [Online-Edition: http://www.aspb.org/publications/arabidopsis],
[Book Section]

Fischer, Wolf-N. and Loo, Donald D. F. and Koch, Wolfgang and Ludewig, Uwe and Boorer, Kathryn J. and Tegeder, Mechthild and Rentsch, Doris and Wright, Ernest M. and Frommer, Wolf B. (2002):
Low and high affinity amino acid H+-cotransporters for cellular import of neutral and charged amino acids.
In: The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology, (6), 29. pp. 717-31, ISSN 0960-7412,

Ludewig, Uwe and von Wirén, Nico and Frommer, Wolf B. (2002):
Uniport of NH4+ by the root hair plasma membrane ammonium transporter LeAMT1;1.
In: The Journal of biological chemistry, (16), 277. pp. 13548-55, ISSN 0021-9258,

Desimone, Marcelo and Catoni, Elisabetta and Ludewig, Uwe and Hilpert, Melanie and Schneider, Anja and Kunze, Reinhard and Tegeder, Mechthild and Frommer, Wolf Bernd and Schumacher, Karin (2002):
A novel superfamily of transporters for allantoin and other oxo derivatives of nitrogen heterocyclic compounds in Arabidopsis.
In: The Plant cell, (4), 14. pp. 847-56, ISSN 1040-4651,

Ludewig, Uwe and von Wirén, Nicolaus and Rentsch, Doris and Frommer, Wolf B. (2001):
Rhesus factors and ammonium: a function in efflux?
In: Genome biology, (3), 2. pp. REVIEWS1010, ISSN 1465-6914,

Frommer, Wolf B. and Ludewig, Uwe and Rentsch, Doris (1999):
Taking transgenic plants with a pinch of salt.
In: Science (New York, N.Y.), (5431), 285. pp. 1222-3, ISSN 0036-8075,

Ludewig, Uwe and Pusch, M. and Jentsch, T. J. (1996):
Two physically distinct pores in the dimeric ClC-0 chloride channel.
In: Nature, (6598), 383. pp. 340-3, ISSN 0028-0836,

Pusch, M. and Ludewig, Uwe and Rehfeldt, A. and Jentsch, T. J. (1995):
Gating of the voltage-dependent chloride channel CIC-0 by the permeant anion.
In: Nature, (6514), 373. pp. 527-31, ISSN 0028-0836,

Ludewig, Uwe and Lorra, C. and Pongs, O. and Heinemann, S. H. (1993):
A site accessible to extracellular TEA+ and K+ influences intracellular Mg2+ block of cloned potassium channels.
In: European biophysics journal : EBJ, (4), 22. pp. 237-47, ISSN 0175-7571,

Pardo, L. A. and Heinemann, S. H. and Terlau, H. and Ludewig, Uwe and Lorra, C. and Pongs, O. and Stühmer, W. (1992):
Extracellular K+ specifically modulates a rat brain K+ channel.
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, (6), 89. pp. 2466-70, ISSN 0027-8424,

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