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Ding, Lei and Uehlein, Norbert and Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Guo, Shiwei and Zhu, Yiyong and Kai, Lei (2019):
Aquaporin PIP2;1 affects water transport and root growth in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
In: Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB, 139, pp. 152-160. ISSN 1873-2690,
DOI: 10.1016/j.plaphy.2019.03.017,

Bi, Zhen and Merl-Pham, Juliane and Uehlein, Norbert and Zimmer, Ina and Mühlhans, Stefanie and Aichler, Michaela and Walch, Axel Karl and Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Palme, Klaus and Schnitzler, Jörg-Peter and Block, Katja (2015):
RNAi-mediated downregulation of poplar plasma membrane intrinsic proteins (PIPs) changes plasma membrane proteome composition and affects leaf physiology.
In: Journal of proteomics, 128, pp. 321-332. ISSN 1876-7737,

Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Kai, Lei and Uehlein, Norbert (2014):
Aquaporins and membrane diffusion of CO2 in living organisms.
In: Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1840 (5), pp. 1592-5. ISSN 0006-3002,

Heinen, Robert B. and Bienert, Gerd Patrick and Cohen, David and Chevalier, Adrien S. and Uehlein, Norbert and Hachez, Charles and Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Le Thiec, Didier and Chaumont, François (2014):
Expression and characterization of plasma membrane aquaporins in stomatal complexes of Zea mays.
In: Plant molecular biology, 86 (3), pp. 335-50. ISSN 1573-5028,

Uehlein, Norbert and Sperling, Henrik and Heckwolf, Marlies and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2012):
The Arabidopsis aquaporin PIP1;2 rules cellular CO(2) uptake.
In: Plant, cell & environment, 35 (6), pp. 1077-1083. ISSN 1365-3040,

Uehlein, Norbert and Otto, Beate and Eilingsfeld, Adrian and Itel, Fabian and Meier, Wolfgang and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2012):
Gas-tight triblock-copolymer membranes are converted to CO2 permeable by insertion of plant aquaporins.
In: Scientific Reports, 2 (Article Nr. 538), Nature Publ. Group, ISSN 2045-2322,

Perrone, Irene and Gambino, Giorgio and Chitarra, Walter and Vitali, Marco and Pagliarani, Chiara and Riccomagno, Nadia and Balestrini, Raffaella and Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Uehlein, Norbert and Gribaudo, Ivana and Schubert, Andrea and Lovisolo, Claudio (2012):
The grapevine root-specific aquaporin VvPIP2;4N controls root hydraulic conductance and leaf gas exchange under well watered conditions but not under water stress.
In: Plant physiology, 160 (2), pp. 965-977. ISSN 1532-2548,

Otto, Beate and Uehlein, Norbert and Sdorra, Sven and Fischer, Matthias and Ayaz, Muhammad and Belastegui-Macadam, Xana and Heckwolf, Marlies and Lachnit, Magdalena and Pede, Nadine and Priem, Nadine and Reinhard, André and Siegfart, Sven and Urban, Michael and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2010):
Aquaporin tetramer composition modifies the function of tobacco aquaporins.
In: The Journal of biological chemistry, 285 (41), pp. 31253-60. ISSN 1083-351X,

Uehlein, Norbert and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2008):
Aquaporins and plant leaf movements.
In: Annals of botany, 101, pp. 1-4. [Article]

Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Ribas-Carbo, Miquel and Sans, Jaume Flexas and Lovisolo, Claudio and Heckwolf, Marlies and Uehlein, Norbert (2008):
Aquaporins and plant water balance.
In: Plant, cell & environment, 31 (5), pp. 658-66. ISSN 1365-3040,

Uehlein, Norbert and Otto, Beate and Hanson, David T. and Fischer, Matthias and McDowell, Nate and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2008):
Function of Nicotiana tabacum aquaporins as chloroplast gas pores challenges the concept of membrane CO2 permeability.
In: The Plant cell, 20 (3), pp. 648-57. ISSN 1040-4651,

Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Bertl, Adam and Uehlein, Norbert and Moshelion, M. (2007):
Plant aquaporins.
In: Osmosensing and osmosignaling / ed. by Dieter Häussinger; Helmut Sies.- Amsterdam [u.a.]: Elsevier, Acad. Press, c2007.- L, 579, [30] S.- (Methods in enzymology ; 428).- ISBN: 978-0-12-373921-6.- S. 505-531, Amsterdam [u.a.], Elsevier, [Book Section]

Uehlein, Norbert and Fileschi, K. and Eckert, M. and Bienert, G. P. and Bertl, Adam and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2007):
Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and plant aquaporin expression.
In: Phytochemistry, 68 (1), pp. 122-129. ISSN 0031-9422,

Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Bertl, Adam and Otto, Beate and Moshelion, M. and Uehlein, Norbert (2007):
Characterization of plant aquaporins.
In: Methods in enzymology, 428, pp. 505-531. ISSN 0076-6879,

Secchi, F. and Lovisolo, C. and Uehlein, Norbert and Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Schubert, A. (2007):
Isolation and functional characterization of three aquaporins from olive (Olea europaea L.).
In: Planta, 225, pp. 381-392. [Article]

Guo, Shi-Wei and Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Uehlein, Norbert and Sattelmacher, B. and Brück, H. (2007):
Relationship between water and nitrogen uptake in nitrate- and ammonium supplied Phaseolus vulgaris L. plants.
In: Journal of plant nutrition and soil science, 170, pp. 73-80. [Article]

Uehlein, Norbert and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2006):
Aquaporins and biological rhythm.
In: Biological rhythm research, 37, pp. 315-322. [Article]

Kruse, Elisabeth and Uehlein, Norbert and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2006):
The aquaporins.
In: Genome biology, 7, p. 206. [Article]

Marjanovic, Z. and Uehlein, Norbert and Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Zwiazek, J. J. and Weiß, M. and Hampp, R. and Nehls, U. (2005):
Aquaporins in poplar : what a difference a symbiont makes!
In: Planta, 222, pp. 258-268. [Article]

Bots, M. and Feron, R. and Uehlein, Norbert and Weterings, K. and Kaldenhoff, Ralf and Mariani, T. (2005):
PIP1 and PIP2 aquaporins are differentially expressed during tobacco anther and stigma development.
In: Journal of experimental botany, 56, pp. 113-121. [Article]

Uehlein, Norbert (2004):
Funktionsanalyse pflanzlicher Aquaporine.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität, TU Darmstadt,
[Ph.D. Thesis]

Uehlein, Norbert and Lovisolo, Claudio and Siefritz, Franka and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2003):
The tobacco aquaporin NtAQP1 is a membrane CO2 pore with physiological functions.
In: Nature, 425 (6959), pp. 734-7. ISSN 1476-4687,

Moshelion, Menachem and Becker, Dirk and Biela, Alexander and Uehlein, Norbert and Hedrich, Rainer and Otto, Beate and Levi, Hadas and Moran, Nava and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2002):
Plasma membrane aquaporins in the motor cells of Samanea saman: diurnal and circadian regulation.
In: The Plant cell, 14 (3), pp. 727-39. ISSN 1040-4651,

Werner, M. and Uehlein, Norbert and Proksch, P. and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2001):
Characterization of two tomato aquaporins and expression during the incompatible interaction of tomato with the plant parasite Cuscuta reflexa.
In: Planta, 213 (4), pp. 550-5. ISSN 0032-0935,

Siefritz, F. and Biela, A. and Eckert, M. and Otto, Beate and Uehlein, Norbert and Kaldenhoff, Ralf (2001):
The tobacco plasma membrane aquaporin NtAQP1.
In: Journal of experimental botany, 52 (363), pp. 1953-7. ISSN 0022-0957,

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