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Hinterstein, M. and Rouquette, J. and Haines, J. and Papet, Ph. and Knapp, M. and Glaum, J. and Fuess, H. (2011):
Structural Description of the Macroscopic Piezo- and Ferroelectric Properties of Lead Zirconate Titanate.
In: Physical Review Letters, 107 (7), ISSN 0031-9007,

Zweidinger, S. and Crihan, D. and Knapp, M. and Hofmann, Jan P. and Seitsonen, A. P. and Weststrate, C. J. and Lundgren, E. and Andersen, J. N. and Over, H. (2008):
Reaction Mechanism of the Oxidation of HCl over RuO2(110).
In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (27), pp. 9966-9969. ISSN 19327447,
DOI: 10.1021/jp803346q,

Schwarz, B. and Ehrenberg, H. and Weitzel, H. and Senyshyn, A. and Thybusch, Brunhilde and Knapp, M. and McIntyre, G. J. and Fuess, H. (2008):
Crystal chemistry, structure and magnetic properties of the Cu(MoxW1-x)O4 solid solution series.
In: Philosophical Magazine, 88 (8), pp. 1235-1258. Taylor & Francis, [Article]

Vasylechko, L. and Senyshyn, A. and Trots, D. and Niewa, R. and Schnelle, W. and Knapp, M. (2007):
CeAlO3 and Ce1-xRxAlO3 (R = La, Nd) solid solutions : Crystal structure, thermal expansion and phase transitions.
In: Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 180, pp. 1277-1290. [Article]

Trots, D. M. and Senyshyn, A. and Mikhailova, D. A. and Knapp, M. and Baehtz, C. and Hoelzel, M. and Fuess, H. (2007):
High-temperature thermal expansion and structural behaviour of stromeyerite, AgCuS.
In: Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter, 19, pp. 136-204. [Article]

Ehrenberg, Helmut and Fuess, Hartmut and Hesse, Sabine and Zimmermann, Joerg and Seggern, Heinz von and Knapp, M. (2007):
Structures of CsEuBr3 and its degradation product Cs2EuBr5 center dot 10H(2)O.
In: Acta Crystallographica B, 63, pp. 201-204. [Article]

Gross, T. and Schwarz, M. and Knapp, M. and Kroke, E. and Fuess, H. (2007):
Thermal expansion study of spinel-sialon.
In: Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 27 (5), pp. 2163-2169. Elsevier Science Publishing, ISSN 09552219,
DOI: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2006.07.007,

Ehrenberg, H. and Laubach, S. and Schmidt, P. C. and McSweeney, R. and Knapp, M. and Mishra, K. C. (2006):
Investigation of crystal structure and associated electronic structure of Sr6BP5O20.
179, In: Journal of Solid State Chemistry, pp. 968-973. [Article]

Staub, U. and Shi, M. and O'Connor, A. G. and Kramer, M. J. and Knapp, M. (2001):
Site-specific electronic structure of Pr in Pr1+xBa2-xCu3O7-delta.
63, In: Physical Review B, (13), APS Physics, ISSN 2469-9950,
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.63.134522,

Pelka, J. B. and Paszkowicz, W. and Dluzewski, P. and Brust, M. and Kiely, C. J. and Knapp, M. and Czerwosz, E. (2001):
Characterisation of thin films containing Au and Pd nanoparticles by grazing incidence X-ray diffraction and related methods.
328, In: Journal of alloys compounds, pp. 248-252. [Article]

Mattern, N. and Zinkevich, M. and Ehrenberg, H. and Knapp, M. and Handstein, A. (2001):
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of Gd1+nFe12x-yMox-y.
378-381, In: Materials science forum, pp. 402-407. Trans Tech Publications, ISSN 0255-5476, e-ISSN 1662-9752,
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.378-381.402,

Paszkowicz, W. and Knapp, M. and Domagala, J. Z. and Kamler, G. and Podsiadlo, S. (2001):
Low-temperature thermal expansion of Mg3N2.
328, In: Journal of alloys compounds, pp. 272-275. [Article]

Vasylechko, L. and Savytskii, D. and Matkovski, A. and Berkowski, M. and Knapp, M. and Bismayer, U. (2001):
Room and high temperature structures of the La1-xNdxGaO3(x=0,27 and 0,37)perovskites determined by synchrotron X-ray diffraction.
In: Journal of alloys and compounds, 328, pp. 264-271. [Article]

Ehrenberg, Helmut and Knapp, M. and Hartmann, T. and Fuess, H. and Wroblewski, T. (2000):
Resonant X-ray diffraction using high-resolution image-plate data.
33, In: Journal of applied crystallography, pp. 953-957. [Article]

Vohn, V. and Knapp, M. and Ruschewitz, U. (2000):
Synthesis and crystal structure of SrC2.
151, In: Journal of solid state chemistry, pp. 111-116. [Article]

Mattern, N. and Ehrenberg, H. and Knapp, M. and Herrmann, H. and Eckert, J. (1999):
Short range order of amorphous (Zr65A17.5Cu17.5Ni10)(100-x)Fe-x-alloys.
175, In: Physica status solidi. A: Applied research, A, pp. 449-456. [Article]

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