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Kiesel, F. ; Kolaric, S. ; Norden, L. ; Schiereck, D. (2021)
To change or not to change? The CDS market response of firms on credit watch.
In: Journal of Banking & Finance, 125
doi: 10.1016/j.jbankfin.2021.106067
Article, Bibliographie

Kolaric, S. ; Kiesel, F. ; Ongena, S. (2021)
Market Discipline through Credit Ratings and Too‐Big‐to‐Fail in Banking.
In: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 53 (2-3)
doi: 10.1111/jmcb.12789
Article, Bibliographie

Berninger, M. ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. ; Gaar, E. (2021)
Citations and the readers’ information–extracting costs of finance articles.
In: Journal of Banking and Finance
Article, Bibliographie

Baier, P. ; Berninger, M. ; Kiesel, F. (2020)
Environmental, social and governance reporting in annual reports: A textual analysis.
In: Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments, 29 (3)
doi: 10.1111/fmii.12132
Article, Bibliographie

Schiereck, D. ; Immel, M. ; Kiesel, F. ; Hachenberg, B. (2020)
Green bonds: Shades of green and brown.
In: Journal of Asset Management, 21
doi: 10.1057/s41260-020-00192-z
Article, Bibliographie

Schiereck, D. ; Manz, F. ; Kiesel, F. (2020)
The conditional stock market response to banks’ distressed asset sales on CDS availability.
In: Applied Economics, 52 (56)
Article, Bibliographie

Manz, F. ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2019)
Do NPL portfolio sales help reduce bank’s financing costs? Economic Letters.
In: Economic Letters, (182)
Article, Bibliographie

Pöppe, T. ; Kiesel, F. ; Kolaric, S. ; Schiereck, D. (2019)
Information or Noise: How Twitter Facilitates Stock Market Information Aggregation.
In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS),
Article, Bibliographie

Kuhn, D. ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2018)
Determinanten von Credit Spreads in Green Bonds in europäischen Emissionsmärkten.
In: Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik und Umweltrecht, 41 (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Berninger, M. ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2018)
Marktmanipulationen und Forensic Finance: Die Bedeutung von Faktormodellen für kurzfristige Bewertungshorizonte.
In: Zeitschrift für Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht, 17 (10)
Article, Bibliographie

Schiereck, D. ; Hachenberg, B. ; Kiesel, F. (2018)
Dieselgate and its expected consequences on the European auto ABS market.
In: Economics Letters, 171
doi: 10.1016/j.econlet.2018.07.044
Article, Bibliographie

Berninger, M. ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2018)
When your regulator becomes your new neighbor: Bank regulation and the relocation of EBA and EMA.
In: Economics Letters, 167 (6)
doi: 10.1016/j.econlet.2018.03.023
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Kolaric, S. (2018)
Measuring the effect of watch-preceded and direct rating changes: a note on credit markets.
In: Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 50 (2)
Article, Bibliographie

Lübbering, A. ; Schiereck, D. ; Kiesel, F. (2018)
Erklärung von Aktienrenditen durch Faktormodelle.
In: Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium (WiSt), 18 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Lübbering, A. ; Schiereck, D. (2018)
The Alternative Three-Factor Model: Evidence from the German Stock Market.
In: Credit and Capital Markets, 51 (3)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. ; Urbanek, F. (2017)
Erfolgspfade im Crowdlending am Beispiel der Kreditvergaben über auxmoney.
In: Corporate Finance, 7 (11-12)
Article, Bibliographie

Häfner, D. ; Kiesel, F. ; Wirthmann, L. (2017)
What do we know about socially responsible investments?
In: Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik und Umweltrecht, (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Ries, J. M. ; Tielmann, A. (2017)
The impact of mergers and acquisitions on shareholders' wealth in the logistics service industry.
In: International Journal of Production Economics, 193
Article, Bibliographie

Hachenberg, B. ; Kiesel, F. ; Kolaric, S. ; Schiereck, D. (2017)
The impact of expected regulatory changes: The case of banks following the 2016 U.S. election.
In: Finance Research Letters, 22
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. (2017)
Creditwatches and their impact on financial markets.
In: Journal of Credit Risk, 13 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Spohnholtz, J. (2017)
CDS spreads as an independent measure of credit risk.
In: The Journal of Risk Finance, 18 (2)
Article, Bibliographie

Schiereck, D. ; Tielmann, A. ; Ries, J. M. ; Kiesel, F.
eds.: Potter, A. ; Lisec, A. ; Pawar, K. S. (2017)
M&A and the change of the logistics service industry – An analysis of involved firms and their rivals.
22nd International Symposium on Logistics. Nottingham
Conference or Workshop Item, Bibliographie

Biel, K. ; Ellenrieder, D. ; Kiesel, F. ; Ries, J. M. (2016)
Analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the airline industry - Learning from investor reactions.
In: Supply Chain Management, 16 (2)
Article, Bibliographie

Schiereck, D. ; Kiesel, F. ; Kolaric, S. (2016)
Brexit: (Not) another Lehman moment for banks?
In: Finance Research Letters, 19
Article, Bibliographie

Sagalin, I. ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2016)
Kreditratings und die Kapitalmarktperformance von Börsengängen in Kontinentaleuropa.
In: Corporate Finance, 10
Article, Bibliographie

Balasubramaniam, P. ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2016)
Peer-to-peer Equity Investments in Germany. A Note on Successful Company Characteristics.
In: Academy of Economics and Finance Journal, 7
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Kolaric, S. ; Schiereck, D. (2016)
Market integration and efficiency of CDS and equity markets.
In: The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 61
Article, Bibliographie

Froneberg, Dennis ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2016)
CDS and bank ownership structures: Does the credit side show who advocates more risk?
In: The Journal of Risk Finance, 17 (2)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. (2016)
Do Investors Still Rely on Credit Rating Agencies? Evidence from the Financial Crisis.
In: The Journal of Fixed Income, 25 (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Kolaric, S. ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2016)
Return patterns of South Korean stocks following large price shocks.
In: Applied Economics, 48 (2)
Article, Bibliographie

Froneberg, Dennis ; Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, Dirk (2015)
Impact of supervisory board members' professional background on banks' risk-taking.
In: Corporate Ownership & Control, 13 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Berges, N. ; Kiesel, F. (2015)
Werteffekte bei Einführung der EU-Verordnung über Leerverkäufe und Credit Default Swaps.
In: Corporate Finance, 6 (10)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Lücke, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2015)
Regulation of uncovered sovereign credit default swaps – evidence from the European Union.
In: The Journal of Risk Finance, 16 (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Schiereck, D. (2015)
The Effect of Ratings Announcements on Firms in Bank-Based Systems.
In: The Journal of Fixed Income, 24 (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Fausel, A. ; Schiereck, D. (2014)
Zum Erfolg von Unternehmensübernahmen in der globalen Agrarindustrie.
In: Berichte über Landwirtschaft - Zeitschrift für Agrarpolitik und Landwirtschaft, 92 (3)
Article, Bibliographie

Kiesel, F. ; Nohn, Y. ; Schiereck, D. (2014)
Werteffekte auf die Leerverkaufsrestriktion bei Finanztiteln in Deutschland.
In: Zeitschrift für Bankrecht und Bankwirtschaft, 26 (5)
Article, Bibliographie

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