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Putlitz, J. zu ; Skerra, ; Schroder, ; Zentgraf, ; Wands, (1998):
Cloning, bacterial synthesis, and characterization of immunoglobulin variable regions of a monoclonal antibody specific for the hepatitis B virus X protein.
In: Gene. 221 (1998), S. 143-149, [Article]

Schmidt, A. M. ; Bloß, ; Skerra, (1998):
Improved folding of apo-retinol-binding protein in the periplasm of E. coli: positive influences of dsbC coexpression and of an amino acid exchange in the vitamin A binding site.
In: Protein engineering. 11 (1998), S. 601-607, [Article]

König, T. ; Skerra, (1998):
Use of an albumin-binding domain for the selective immobilisation of recombinant capture antibody fragments of ELISA plates.
In: Journal of immunological methods. 218 (1998), S. 73-83, [Article]

Steipe, B. ; Skerra, (1997):
Das grün fluoreszierende Protein.
In: BIOspektrum. 1997, 1, S. 28-30, [Article]

Tudyka, Tatjana ; Skerra, (1997):
Glutathione S-transferase can be used as a C-terminal, enzymatically active dimerization module for a recombinant protease inhibitor, and functionally secreted into the periplasm of Escherichia coli.
In: Protein science. 6 (1997), S. 2180-2187, [Article]

Voss, Selma ; Skerra, (1997):
Mutagenesis of a flexible loop in streptavidin leads to higher affinity for the Strep-tag II peptide and improved performance in recombinant protein purification.
In: Protein engineering. 10 (1997), S. 975-982, [Article]

Schieweck, Wolfram ; Buxbaum, ; Schätzlein, ; Neiss, ; Skerra, (1997):
Sequence analysis and bacterial production of the anti-c-myc antibody 9E10: the V H domain has an extended CDR-H3 and exhibits unusual solubility.
In: FEBS letters. 414 (1997), S. 33-38, [Article]

Schieweck, Wolfram ; Skerra, (1997):
The rational construction of an antibody against cystatin: lessons from the crystal structure of an artificial F ab fragment.
In: Journal of molecular biology. 268 (1997), S. 934-951, [Article]

Schmidt, T. G. M. ; Koepke, ; Frank, ; Skerra, (1996):
Molecular interaction between the Strep-tag affinity peptide and its cognate target, streptavidin.
In: Journal of molecular biology. 255 (1996), S. 753-766, [Article]

Schmidt, A. M. ; Müller, ; Skerra, (1996):
A Zn(II)-binding site engineered into retinol-binding protein exhibits metal-ion specificity and allows highly efficient affinity purification with a newly designed metal ligand.
In: Chemistry and biology. 3 (1996), S. 645-653, [Article]

Dübel, S. ; Breitling, ; Kontermann, ; Schmidt, ; Skerra, ; Little, (1995):
Bifunctional and multimeric complexes of streptavidin fused to single chain antibodies (scFv).
In: Journal of immunological methods. 178 (1995), S. 201-209, [Article]

Schieweck, W. ; Skerra, (1995):
Fermenter production of an artificial Fab fragment, rationally designed for the antigen cystatin, and its optimized crystallization through constant domain shuffling.
In: Proteins. 23 (1995), S. 561-565, [Article]

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