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Meuser, Tobias ; Lieser, Patrick ; Nguyen, The An Binh ; Böhnstedt, Doreen ; Steinmetz, Ralf :
Adaptive Information Aggregation for Application-specific Demands.
In: Proceedings of the 1st International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking. ISBN 978-3-901882-94-4
[Buchkapitel], (2017)

Englert, Frank ; Lieser, Patrick ; Alhamoud, Alaa ; Böhnstedt, Doreen ; Steinmetz, Ralf :
LigthMon: Apportioning the Effect of ligth Switching Events on the Electricity Consumtion of Buildings.
In: 16 Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks. Junction Publishing, Victoria, Kanada, Garz , pp. 77-88. ISBN 978-0-9949886-0-7
[Buchkapitel], (2016)

Englert, Frank ; Lieser, Patrick ; Alhamoud, Alaa ; Boehstedt, Doreen ; Steinmetz, Ralf :
Electricity-Metering in a Connected World: Virtual Sensors for Estimating the Electricity Consumption of IoT Applicances.
In: The 3rd International Conference on Future Internet of Things an Cloud. IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos USA , pp. 317-324. ISBN 978-1-4673-8103-1
[Buchkapitel], (2015)

Lieser, Patrick ; Englert, Frank ; Alhamoud, Alaa ; Burgstahler, Daniel ; Boehnstedt, Doreen :
Towards Virtual Sensor for Estimating the Electricity Consumption of Networked Appliances.
In: The sixth ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems ACM e-Energy. , pp. 205-206. ISBN 978-1-4503-3609-3
[Buchkapitel], (2015)

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