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Li, Wei ; Yu, Zhaoju ; Wen, Qingbo ; Feng, Yao ; Fan, Bingbing ; Zhang, Rui ; Riedel, Ralf (2023)
Ceramic-based electromagnetic wave absorbing materials and concepts towards lightweight, flexibility and thermal resistance.
In: International Materials Reviews, 68 (5)
doi: 10.1080/09506608.2022.2077028
Article, Bibliographie

Yang, Le ; Feng, Yao ; Riedel, Ralf ; Yu, Zhaoju (2022)
Enhanced high‐temperature resistance and magnetic property of SiFeC nanocomposites containing a small amount of boron.
In: International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 19 (2)
doi: 10.1111/ijac.13897
Article, Bibliographie

Li, Wei ; Li, Fen ; Yu, Zhaoju ; Wen, Qingbo ; Fan, Bingbing ; Feng, Yao ; Zhao, Changhao ; Ricohermoso, Emmanuel III ; Widenmeyer, Marc ; Weidenkaff, Anke ; Riedel, Ralf (2022)
Polymer-derived SiHfN ceramics: From amorphous bulk ceramics with excellent mechanical properties to high temperature resistant ceramic nanocomposites.
In: Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 42 (11)
doi: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2022.04.028
Article, Bibliographie

Feng, Yao (2021)
Single-source-precursor synthesized SiC-based nanocomposites with an in-situ formed Nowotny phase as multifunctional materials for electrocatalytic and electromagnetic wave absorbing applications.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00014551
Ph.D. Thesis, Primary publication, Publisher's Version

Yu, Zhaoju ; Yang, Yujing ; Mao, Kangwei ; Feng, Yao ; Wen, Qingbo ; Riedel, Ralf (2020)
Single-source-precursor synthesis and phase evolution of SiC-TaC-C ceramic nanocomposites containing core-shell structured TaC@C nanoparticles.
In: Journal of Advanced Ceramics, 9 (3)
doi: 10.1007/s40145-020-0371-z
Article, Bibliographie

Feng, Yao ; Yang, Yujing ; Wen, Qingbo ; Riedel, Ralf ; Yu, Zhaoju (2020)
Dielectric Properties and Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Performance of Single-Source-Precursor Synthesized Mo4.8Si3C0.6/SiC/Cfree Nanocomposites with an In Situ Formed Nowotny Phase.
In: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12 (14)
doi: 10.1021/acsami.0c01277
Article, Bibliographie

Feng, Yao ; Yu, Zhaoju ; Riedel, Ralf (2020)
Enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction catalyzed by carbon‐rich Mo4.8Si3C0.6/C/SiC nanocomposites via a PDC approach.
In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 103 (2)
doi: 10.1111/jace.16824
Article, Bibliographie

Sun, Jia ; Wen, Qingbo ; Li, Tao ; Wiehl, Leonore ; Fasel, Claudia ; Feng, Yao ; De Carolis, Dario M. ; Yu, Zhaoju ; Fu, Qian-Gang ; Riedel, Ralf (2020)
Phase evolution of SiOC‐based ceramic nanocomposites derived from a polymethylsiloxane modified by Hf‐ and Ti‐alkoxides.
In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 103 (2)
doi: 10.1111/jace.16817
Article, Bibliographie

Feng, Yao ; Yu, Zhaoju ; Schuch, Jona ; Tao, Shasha ; Wiehl, Leonore ; Fasel, Claudia ; Jaegermann, Wolfram ; Riedel, Ralf (2020)
Nowotny phase Mo3+2xSi3C0.6 dispersed in a porous SiC/C matrix: A novel catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction.
In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 103 (1)
doi: 10.1111/jace.16731
Article, Bibliographie

Feng, Yao ; Lai, Shuyi ; Yang, Le ; Riedel, Ralf ; Yu, Zhaoju (2018)
Polymer-derived porous Bi2WO6/SiC(O) ceramic nanocomposites with high photodegradation efficiency towards Rhodamine B.
In: Ceramics International, 44 (7)
doi: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2018.02.061
Article, Bibliographie

Wen, Qingbo ; Feng, Yao ; Yu, Zhaoju ; Peng, Dong-Liang ; Nicoloso, Norbert ; Ionescu, Emanuel ; Riedel, Ralf ; Colombo, P. (2016)
Microwave Absorption of SiC/HfCxN1−x/C Ceramic Nanocomposites with HfCxN1−x-Carbon Core-Shell Particles.
In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 99 (8)
doi: 10.1111/jace.14256
Article, Bibliographie

Yu, Zhaoju ; Min, Hao ; Yang, Le ; Feng, Yao ; Zhang, Pei ; Riedel, Ralf (2015)
Influence of the architecture of dendritic-like polycarbosilanes on the ceramic yield.
In: Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 35 (4)
doi: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2014.10.037
Article, Bibliographie

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