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Nikiforov, Oleg and Sauer, Alexander and Schickel, Johannes and Weber, Alexandra and Alber, Gernot and Mantel, Heiko and Walther, Thomas :
Side-Channel Analysis of Privacy Amplification in Postprocessing Software for a Quantum Key Distribution System.

[Report] , (2018)

Geihs, Matthias and Nikiforov, Oleg and Demirel, Denise and Sauer, Alexander and Butin, Denis and Günther, Felix and Alber, Gernot and Walther, Thomas and Buchmann, Johannes :
The Status of Quantum-Based Long-Term Secure Communication over the Internet.

[Report] , (2017)

Lannert, Michael and Müller, Allyn and Gouirand, Emmanuel and Talluto, Vincenzo and Rosenstihl, Markus and Walther, Thomas and Stühn, Bernd and Blochowicz, Thomas and Vogel, Michael :
Glycerol in micellar confinement with tunable rigidity.
[Online-Edition: http://doi.org/10.1063/1.4972009]
In: The Journal of Chemical Physics, 145 (23) p. 234511. ISSN 0021-9606
[Article] , (2016)

Happel, Kathrin and Ranfeld, Constanze and Euler, Thorsten and Dörsam, Edgar and Walther, Thomas :
The influence of defects in flexographic post-printing of corrugated board on register control.
In: 40th International Research Conference of iarigai, September 8-11, 2013, Chemnitz, Germany.
[Conference or Workshop Item] , (2013)

Seifert, Albert and Sinther, M. and Walther, Thomas and Fry, Edward S. :
Narrow-linewidth, multi-Watt Yb-doped fiber amplifier at 1014.8 nm.
In: Applied Optics, 45 pp. 7908-7911.
[Article] , (2006)

Popescu, Alexandru and Walldorf, D. and Schorstein, K. and Walther, Thomas :
On an excited state Faraday anomalous dispersion optical filter at moderate pump powers for a Brillouin-lidar receiver system.
In: Optics Communications, 264 pp. 475-481.
[Article] , (2006)

Amthor, Thomas and Sinther, Mathias and Walther, Thomas :
An injection-locked, single-mode, continuous wave Ti:sapphire laser.
In: Laser Physics Letter, vol. 3 (2) pp. 75-78.
[Article] , (2006)

Anderson, Thomas N. and Lucht, Robert R. and Barron-Jimenez, R. and Hanna, Sherif F. and Caton, Jerald A. and Walther, Thomas and Roy, Sukesh and Brown, Michael S. and Gord, James R. and Critchley, Ian and Flamand, Luis :
Combustion exhaust measurements of nitric oxide using an ultra-violet diode-laser-based absorption sensor.
In: Applied Optics (ISSN 0003-6935), 44 p. 1491.
[Article] , (2005)

Popescu, Alexandru and Walther, Thomas :
On the Potential of Faraday Anomalous Dispersion Optical Filter as High-Resolution Edge Filters.
In: Laser Physics, 15 pp. 55-60.
[Article] , (2005)

Sinther, Mathias and Villwock, Patrick and Walther, Thomas :
Aufbau eines cw-Faserverstärkers für 1014 nm.
In: DPG Verhandlungen, Q 19.3 p. 121.
[Article] , (2004)

Popescu, Alexandru and Walther, Thomas :
Design und Test eines FADOF-Systems zur Messung von Temperaturprofilen von Wasser.
In: DPG Verhandlungen, Q 46.9 p. 157.
[Article] , (2004)

Schorstein, Kai and Walther, Thomas :
Entwicklung eines gepulsten Faserverstärkers für ein Brillouin-Lidar.
In: DPG Verhandlungen, Q 46.8 p. 157.
[Article] , (2004)

Popescu, Alexandru and Schorstein, Kai and Walther, Thomas :
A Novel Approach to a Brillouin-LIDAR for Remote Sensing of the Ocean Temperature.
In: Applied Physics B (ISSN 0946-2171), 79 pp. 955-961.
[Article] , (2004)

Alber, Gernot and Walther, Thomas :
Quanteninformationsverarbeitung-Prüfstein für IT-Sicherheit.
In: Thema Forschung
[Article] , (2004)

Lengler, Cornelia and Walther, Thomas :
Verbesserung der Sensitivität eines NO-Sensors mittels Modulationstechniken.
In: DPG Verhandlungen, Q 32.9 p. 139.
[Article] , (2004)

Walther, Thomas and Walther, H.:
Was ist Licht? - Von der klassischen Optik zur Quantenoptik.
Beck, München ISBN 3-406-44722-8
[Book] , (2004)

Amthor, Thomas and Sinther, Mathias and Walther, Thomas :
Entwicklung eines cw-Titan-Saphir Lasers.
In: DPG[Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft] Verhandlungen, 6/2003 p. 123.
[Article] , (2003)

Fry, Edward S. and Walther, Thomas :
Independent storage of the two components of an entangled state.
In: Journal of Modern Optics, 50 pp. 2341-2350.
[Article] , (2003)

Wolf, Andreas and Walther, Thomas :
Laserbasierter UV-Absorptions-Sensor für Stickstoffmonoxid.
In: DPG[Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft] Verhandlungen, 6/2003 p. 220.
[Article] , (2003)

Walther, Thomas :
Prospects of trapping neutral mercury : formation of vibrationally cold molecules and entanglement of atoms.
In: Interactions in ultracold gases : from atoms to molecules / Matthias Weidemüller ... (ed.) Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2003. S. 405-406
[Article] , (2003)

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