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Nikiforov, Oleg and Sauer, Alexander and Schickel, Johannes and Weber, Alexandra and Alber, Gernot and Mantel, Heiko and Walther, Thomas (2018):
Side-Channel Analysis of Privacy Amplification in Postprocessing Software for a Quantum Key Distribution System.

Seifert, Albert and Sinther, M. and Walther, Thomas and Fry, Edward S. (2006):
Narrow-linewidth, multi-Watt Yb-doped fiber amplifier at 1014.8 nm.
In: Applied Optics, pp. 7908-7911, 45, [Article]

Sinther, Mathias and Villwock, Patrick and Walther, Thomas (2004):
Aufbau eines cw-Faserverstärkers für 1014 nm.
In: DPG Verhandlungen, p. 121, Q 19.3, [Article]

Popescu, Alexandru and Walther, Thomas (2004):
Design und Test eines FADOF-Systems zur Messung von Temperaturprofilen von Wasser.
In: DPG Verhandlungen, p. 157, Q 46.9, [Article]

Schorstein, Kai and Walther, Thomas (2004):
Entwicklung eines gepulsten Faserverstärkers für ein Brillouin-Lidar.
In: DPG Verhandlungen, p. 157, Q 46.8, [Article]

Alber, Gernot and Walther, Thomas (2004):
Quanteninformationsverarbeitung-Prüfstein für IT-Sicherheit.
In: Thema Forschung, [Article]

Lengler, Cornelia and Walther, Thomas (2004):
Verbesserung der Sensitivität eines NO-Sensors mittels Modulationstechniken.
In: DPG Verhandlungen, p. 139, Q 32.9, [Article]

Walther, Thomas and Walther, H. (2004):
Was ist Licht? - Von der klassischen Optik zur Quantenoptik.
München, Beck, ISBN 3-406-44722-8,

Amthor, Thomas and Sinther, Mathias and Walther, Thomas (2003):
Entwicklung eines cw-Titan-Saphir Lasers.
In: DPG[Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft] Verhandlungen, p. 123, 6/2003, [Article]

Wolf, Andreas and Walther, Thomas (2003):
Laserbasierter UV-Absorptions-Sensor für Stickstoffmonoxid.
In: DPG[Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft] Verhandlungen, p. 220, 6/2003, [Article]


Geihs, Matthias and Nikiforov, Oleg and Demirel, Denise and Sauer, Alexander and Butin, Denis and Günther, Felix and Alber, Gernot and Walther, Thomas and Buchmann, Johannes (2019):
The Status of Quantum-Based Long-Term Secure Communication over the Internet.
In: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing, IEEE, ISSN 2377-3782,
DOI: 10.1109/TSUSC.2019.2913948,
[Online-Edition: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8703121],

Bardella, Paolo and Columbo, Lorenzo L. and Gioannini, Mariangela and Nikiforov, Oleg and Walther, Thomas and Klehr, Andreas and Knigge, Andrea and Meinecke, Stefan and Jaurigue, Lina and Ludge, Kathy and Javaloyes, Julien and Lester, Luke F. and Weber, Christoph and Auth, Dominik and Stutz, Sebastian and Birkholz, Martin and Drzewietzki, Lukas and Breuer, Stefan (2018):
Ultrafast Semiconductor Lasers: Pulse Generation and Stabilization.
In: 2018 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), DOI: 10.1109/IPCon.2018.8527183,
[Online-Edition: https://doi.org/10.1109/IPCon.2018.8527183],
[Conference or Workshop Item]

Lannert, Michael and Müller, Allyn and Gouirand, Emmanuel and Talluto, Vincenzo and Rosenstihl, Markus and Walther, Thomas and Stühn, Bernd and Blochowicz, Thomas and Vogel, Michael (2016):
Glycerol in micellar confinement with tunable rigidity.
In: The Journal of Chemical Physics, p. 234511, 145, (23), ISSN 0021-9606,
[Online-Edition: http://doi.org/10.1063/1.4972009],

Happel, Kathrin and Ranfeld, Constanze and Euler, Thorsten and Dörsam, Edgar and Walther, Thomas (2013):
The influence of defects in flexographic post-printing of corrugated board on register control.
In: 40th International Research Conference of iarigai, Chemnitz, Germany, September 8-11, 2013, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Popescu, Alexandru and Walldorf, D. and Schorstein, K. and Walther, Thomas (2006):
On an excited state Faraday anomalous dispersion optical filter at moderate pump powers for a Brillouin-lidar receiver system.
In: Optics Communications, pp. 475-481, 264, [Article]

Amthor, Thomas and Sinther, Mathias and Walther, Thomas (2006):
An injection-locked, single-mode, continuous wave Ti:sapphire laser.
In: Laser Physics Letter, pp. 75-78, vol. 3, (2), [Article]

Anderson, Thomas N. and Lucht, Robert R. and Barron-Jimenez, R. and Hanna, Sherif F. and Caton, Jerald A. and Walther, Thomas and Roy, Sukesh and Brown, Michael S. and Gord, James R. and Critchley, Ian and Flamand, Luis (2005):
Combustion exhaust measurements of nitric oxide using an ultra-violet diode-laser-based absorption sensor.
In: Applied Optics (ISSN 0003-6935), p. 1491, 44, [Article]

Popescu, Alexandru and Walther, Thomas (2005):
On the Potential of Faraday Anomalous Dispersion Optical Filter as High-Resolution Edge Filters.
In: Laser Physics, pp. 55-60, 15, [Article]

Popescu, Alexandru and Schorstein, Kai and Walther, Thomas (2004):
A Novel Approach to a Brillouin-LIDAR for Remote Sensing of the Ocean Temperature.
In: Applied Physics B (ISSN 0946-2171), pp. 955-961, 79, [Article]

Fry, Edward S. and Walther, Thomas (2003):
Independent storage of the two components of an entangled state.
In: Journal of Modern Optics, pp. 2341-2350, 50, [Article]

Walther, Thomas (2003):
Prospects of trapping neutral mercury : formation of vibrationally cold molecules and entanglement of atoms.
In: Interactions in ultracold gases : from atoms to molecules / Matthias Weidemüller ... (ed.) Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2003. S. 405-406, [Article]

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