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Andrei, Stefan and Ciobanu, and Pfeiffer, (1998):
Computerised system for PD phenomenon evaluation and PD quantities measurement.
In: IMEKO TC 4 International Symposium on Development in Digital Measuring Instrumentation <10, 1998, Napoli, Italy>: Proceedings. S. 328-331, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Dehé, Alfons and Peerlings, and Pfeiffer, and Riemenschneider, and Vogt, and Streubel, and Künzel, and Meißner, and Hartnagel, (1998):
III-V Compound semiconductor micromachined actuators for long resonator tunable Fabry-Pérot detectors.
In: Sensors and actuators. 68 (1998), S. 365-371, [Article]

Wörner, Johann-Dietrich and Pfeiffer, and Schneider, and Shen, (1998):
Konstruktiver Glasbau: Grundlagen, Bemessung, Konstruktion.
In: Bautechnik. 75 (1998), S. 280-293, [Article]

Riemenschneider, Rolf and Peerlings, and Pfeiffer, and Dehé, and Vogt, and Meißner, and Hartnagel, and Chitica, (1998):
Mechanical-optical analysis of InP-based Bragg Membranes for selective tunable WDM receivers.
In: SPIE Photonics West´98 <1998, San José, CA>: Proceedings, 3276, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Gräf, Thomas and Pfeiffer, (1998):
Messung transienter Überspannungen in dreiphasigen Niederspannungsinstallationen.
In: Elektrie. 52 (1998), S. 227-233, [Article]

Fischer, Martin and Fink, and Hecker, and Pfeiffer, and Kofahl, and Schumann, (1998):
Prädiktive Regelung eines Wärmetauschers auf der Basis on-line adaptierter Fuzzy-Modelle.
In: at: Automatisierungstechnik. 46 (1998), H. 9, S. 426-434, [Article]

Wörner, Johann-Dietrich and Pfeiffer, and Schneider, (1998):
Sicherheitskonzept für tragende Glaskonstruktionen.
In: GlasKon <6, 1998, München>: Tagungsbd, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Gräf, Thomas and Junker, and Pfeiffer, (1997):
Anwendung von Lichtbogenmodellen zur Simulation von Überspannungsschutzeinrichtungen.
In: Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift. 118 (1997), S. 46-51, [Article]

Andrej, S. and Ciobanu, and Pfeiffer, (1997):
Influence and some physical properties of fibrous materials on the PD characteristics.
In: International Conference on Dielectrics and Insulations <1997, Budapest>: Proceedings, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Shen, Xiaofeng and Pfeiffer, and Schneider, (1997):
Sicherheit und Resttragfähigkeit von Überkopfverglasungen und begehbarem Glas.
12, In: Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institut für Statik: Jahresbericht 1997. S. 119-130, 1997, [Article]

Flohr, Thorsten and Kolev, and Manov, and Pfeiffer, (1996):
Partial discharge measurement for the investigation of solid insulation ageing.
In: IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation <1996, Montreal, Quebec>: Conference record. S. 455-457, Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 1996, Piscataway, NJ, IEEE, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Schuessler, M. and Krozer, and Pfeiffer, and Statzner, and Lee, and Hartnagel, Hans L. (1995):
AlGaAs/GaAs and GaInP/GaAs HBT for high temperature microwave operation.
In: International Symposium on Signals, Systems and Electronics: ISSE '95 <1995, San Francisco, USA>: Proceedings, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Wrobel, S. and Hiller, and Pfeiffer, and Marzec, and Haase, and Twieg, and Betterton, (1995):
Collective and molecular processes in a new class of ferroelectric liquid crystals.
In: Liquid crystals. 18 (1995), No. 1, S. 21-29, [Article]

Buchalla, Harald and Flohr, and Kolev, and Manov, and Pfeiffer, (1995):
Computer aided partial discharge testing of electrical motors and capacitors.
In: Electrical/Electronics Insulations Conference <1995, Chicago>: Proceedings. S. 613-617, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Koch, H. and Pfeiffer, and Zender, and Zimmer, (1995):
Diagnostics of corona discharges and prebreakdown phenomena at spacers in SF6 stressed by very fast transient voltages.
In: International Symposium High Voltage Technology <9, 1995, Graz>: Proceedings. Paper 2753, Berlin (u.a.): VDE-Verl., 1995, Berlin (u.a.), VDE-Verl, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Wrobel, S. and Cohen, and Davidov, and Haase, and Marzec, and Pfeiffer, (1995):
Dielectric, electro optic and x-ray studies of a room temperature ferroelectric mixture.
In: Ferroelectrics. 166 (1995), S. 211-222, [Article]

Buchalla, Harald and Flohr, and Pfeiffer, (1995):
Digital partial discharge measuring system with interference recognition.
In: IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena <1995, Virginia Beach, USA>: Proceedings. S. 376-379, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hensel, Hartmut and Holzmann, and Pfeiffer, (1995):
Optimierung von Fuzzy-Control mit Hilfe Neuronaler Netze.
In: Automatisierungstechnische Praxis. 37 81995), H. 11, S. 40-48, [Article]

Gräf, Thomas and Junker, and Pfeiffer, (1995):
Simulationsrechnungen zum Überspannungsschutz in Niederspannungsinstallationen.
In: Elektrie. 49 (1995), S. 234-242, [Article]

Gräf, Thomas and Junker, and Pfeiffer, (1995):
Vergleich von Messungen und Simulationsrechnungen beim Überspannungsschutz.
In: ETZ. 116 (1995), S. 26-32, [Article]

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