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Lüttge, Ulrich and Kluge, Manfred and Thiel, Gerhard (2010):
Botanik : die umfassende Biologie der Pflanzen.
Weinheim [u. a.], Wiley-VCH, ISBN 978-3-527-32030-1,

Kluge, Manfred and Mollenhauer, D. and Wolf, E. and Schüßler, Arthur (2002):
The Nostoc-Geosiphon endocytobiosis.
In: Cyanobacteria in symbiosis / ed. by Amar N. Rai ... - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Kluwer, 2002. - S. 19-30, Dordrecht [u.a.], Kluwer, [Book Section]

Kluge, Manfred (1999):
C4-Photosynthese und CAM.
In: Photosynthese. Hrsg.: D.-P. Häder. - Stuttgart (u.a.): Thieme, 1999. S. 194-215, Stuttgart (u.a.), Thieme, [Book Section]

Kluge, Manfred and Nguyen, B. and Behzadipour, M. and Fischer-Schliebs, E. (1999):
Phenotypic adaptation of membrane fluidity in the tonoplast and plasmalemma of the C3 plant Hordeum vulgare var. Alexis.
154, In: Journal of plant physiology, (1-2), pp. 185-191. Elsevier, [Article]

Kluge, Manfred and Vinson, B. and Ziegler, H. (1997):
Ecophysiological studies on orchids of Madagascar: incidence and plasticity of crassulacean acid metabolism in speciesof the genus Angraecum Bory.
In: Plant ecology. 135 (1997), S. 43-57, [Article]

Kluge, Manfred and Gehrig, H. and Mollenhauer, D. and Mollenhauer, R. and Schnepf, E. and Schüßler, A. (1997):
News on geosiphon pyroforme, an endocytobiotic consortium of a fungus with a cyanobacterium.
In: Eukaryotism and symbiosis: intertaxonic combination versus symbiotic adaptation. Hrsg.: H.E.A. Schenk (u.a.) - Berlin (u.a.): Springer, 1997. S. 469-476, Berlin (u.a.), Springer, [Book Section]

Kluge, Manfred and Brulfert, J. and Vinson, B. (1996):
Signification biogéographique des processus d'adaption photosynthétique. II: L'exemple des orchidées malgaches.
In: Biogéographie de Madagascar. Hrsg.: W.R. Lourenco. - Paris: ORSTOM , 1996. S. 157-163, Paris, Editions de l'Orstorm, [Book Section]

Kluge, Manfred and Brulfert, J. and Rauh, W. and Ravelomanana, D. and Ziegler, H. (1995):
Ecophysiological studies on the vegetation of Madagascar ; delta13C and deltaD survey for metabolism (CAM) among orchids from montane forests and succulents from the xerophytic thorn-bush.
In: Isotopes in environmental and health studies. 31 (1995), S. 191-210, [Article]

Kluge, Manfred (1994):
Geosiphon pyriforme (Kützing) von Wettstein, a promising system for studying endocyanoses.
In: Progress in botany. 55 (1994), S. 130-141, [Article]

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