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Gehrig, Hans ; Brulfert, J. ; Kluge, M. :
Mise en evidence par marqueurs moleculaires de la diversité et du comportement photosynthetique des especes du genre Kalanchoe (Crassulaceae).
In: Diversity and endemism in Madagascar: Colloque International de Biogeographie de Madagascar. Hrsg.: W.R. Lourenco. - Paris: ORSTOM, 2000. S. 75-82. ORSTOM, Paris
[Buchkapitel], (2000)

Gehrig, Hans ; Faist, K. ; Kluge, M. :
Identification of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase isoforms in leaf, stem and roots of the obligate CAM plant Vanilla planifolia Salib. (Orchidaceae): a physiological and molecular approach.
In: Plant molecular biology. 38 (1998), S. 1215-1223
[Artikel], (1998)

Gehrig, Hans ; Heute, V. ; Kluge, M. :
Towards a better knowledge of the molecular evolution of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase by comparison of partial c-DNA sequences.
In: Journal of molecular evolution. 46 (1998), S. 107-114
[Artikel], (1998)

Gehrig, Hans ; Rösicke, ; Kluge, M. :
Detection of DNA polymorphism in the genus Kalanchoe by RAPD-PCR fingerprint and its relationships to infrageneric taxonomic position and ecophysiological photosynthetic behaviour of the species.
In: Plant sciences. 125 (1997), S. 41-51
[Artikel], (1997)

Gehrig, Hans ; Schüßler, ; Kluge, :
Geosiphon pyriforme, a fungus forming edocytobiosis with Nostoc (Cyanobacteria), is an ancestral member of the Glomales: evidence by SSUrRNA analysis.
In: Journal of molecular evolution. 43 (1996), S. 71-81
[Artikel], (1996)

Gehrig, Hans ; Taybi, ; Kluge, ; Brulfert, :
Identification of multiple PEPC iso-genes in leaves of the facultative Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) plant Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Poelln. Cv. Tom Thumb.
In: Federation of European Biochemical Societies: FEBS letters. 377 (1995), S. 399-402
[Artikel], (1995)

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