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Jüttler, Bert ; Mäurer, Christoph (1999):
Cubic Pythagorean Hodograph spline curves and applications to sweep surface modelling.
31, In: Computer aided design, pp. 73-83. [Article]

Mäurer, Christoph ; Jüttler, Bert (1999):
Rational approximation of rotation minimizing frames using Pythagorean-hodograph cubics.
3, In: Journal for geometry and graphics, pp. 141-159. [Article]

Jüttler, Bert ; Wagner, M. G. (1999):
Rational motion-based surface generation.
31, In: Computer aided design, pp. 203-213. [Article]

Hoschek, Josef ; Jüttler, Bert (1999):
Techniques for fair- and shape-preserving surface fitting with tensor-product-B-splines.
In: Shape preserving representations in computer-aided geometric design. Hrsg.: J.N. Pena. Nova Science Publ. 1999. S. 163-185, [Book Section]

Jüttler, Bert (1998):
Computational methods for parametric discrete l1 and loo curve fiting.
In: International journal of shape modelling. 4 (1998), S. 21-34, [Article]

Jüttler, Bert (1998):
Construction and modification of convex parametric spline curves and surfaces.
In: Creating fair and shape-preserving curves and surfaces. Hrsg.: H. Nowacki (u.a.) S. 219-229, Stuttgart: Teubner, 1998, Stuttgart, Teubner, [Book Section]

Jüttler, Bert (1998):
Convex surface fitting with tensor-product Béziers surfaces.
In: Mathematical methods for curves and surfaces, II. Hrsg.: M. Daehlen (u.a.) S. 263-270, Nashville: Vanderbildt Univ. Press, 1998, Nashville, Vanderbildt Univ. Press, [Book Section]

Jüttler, Bert (1998):
Generating rational frames of space curves via hermite interpolation with Pythagorean hodograph cubic splines.
In: Differential/topological techniques in geometric modeling and processing '98. Hrsg.: D.P. Choi (u.a.) S. 83-106, Seoul: Bookplus Press, 1998, Seoul, Bookplus Press, [Book Section]

Jüttler, Bert (1998):
Linearized convexity conditions and convex surface fitting.
Darmstadt, Technische Univ. Darmstadt, [Habilitation]

Jüttler, Bert (1998):
Rotation minimizing spherical motions.
In: Advances in robot kinematics: analysis and control. Hrsg.: J. Lenarcic (u.a.) S. 413-422, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1998, Dordrecht, Kluwer, [Book Section]

Jüttler, Bert (1998):
Triangular Bèzier surface patches with a linear normal vector field.
In: The mathematics of surfaces, VIII. Hrsg.: R. Cripps. S. 431-446, Winchester: Information Geometers, 1998, Winchester, Information Geometers, [Book Section]

Jüttler, Bert (1998):
The dual basis functions for the Bernstein polynomials.
In: Advances in computational mathematics. 8 (1998), S. 345-352, [Article]

Jüttler, Bert (1997):
Linear convexity conditions for parametric tensor-product Bézier surface patches.
In: The mathematics of surfaces. VII: Information geometers. Hrsg.: T. N. T. Goodman (u.a.) S. 189-208, Winchester 1997, Winchester 1997, Winchester 1997, [Book Section]

Jüttler, Bert (1997):
Sectional curvature preserving interpolation of contour lines.
In: Curves and surfaces with applications in CAGD. Hrsg.: A. Le Méhauté (u.a.) S. 203-210, Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt Univ. Press, 1997, Nashville, TN, Vanderbilt Univ. Press, [Book Section]

Jüttler, Bert (1997):
Shape-preserving least-squares approximation by polynomial parametric spline curves.
In: Computer aided geometric design. 14 (1997), S. 731-747, [Article]

Jüttler, Bert (1997):
Surface fitting using convex tensor-product splines.
In: Journal of computational and applied mathematics. 84 (1997), S. 23-44, [Article]

Jüttler, Bert (1997):
An osculating motion with second order contact for spatial Euclidean motions.
In: Mechanism and machine theory. 32 (1997), S. 843-853, [Article]

Jüttler, Bert (1997):
A vegetarian approach to optimal parameterizations (Short communication).
In: Computer aided geometric design. 14 (1997), S. 887-890, [Article]

Jüttler, Bert (1996):
Surface fitting using convex tensor-product splines.
1879, Darmstadt: Techn. Hochschule, FB Mathematik, 1996. 22 S., Darmstadt, Techn. Hochschule, [Book]

Jüttler, Bert (1995):
Spatial rational motions and their application in computer aided geometric design.
In: Mathematical methods for curves and surfaces. Hrsg.: M. Daehlen u.a., La Vergne, TN: Vanderbilt University Press, 1995, La Vergne, TN, Vanderbilt University Press, [Book Section]

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