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Neves, Ademir and Rossi, and Vencato, and Drago, and Haase, and Werner, :
Crystal structure, spectral and magnetic properties of a new (µ-acetate) (µ-alkoxide) dicopper(II) complex as a model for tyrosinase.
In: Inorganica chimica acta. 281 (1998), S. 111-115
[Article] , (1998)

Reim, Jörg and Werner, and Haase, and Krebs, :
From tetranuclear µ4-oxo to µ4-peroxocopper(II) complexes.
In: Chemistry. 4 (1998), S. 289-298
[Article] , (1998)

Arnold, M. and Brown, and Deeg, and Errington, and Haase, and Herlihy, and Kemp, and Nimir, and Werner, :
Hydroxamate-bridged dinuclear nickel complexes as models for urease inhibition.
In: Inorganic chemistry. 37 (1998), S. 2920-2925
[Article] , (1998)

Boca, Roman and Baran, and Boca, and Dlhan, and Fuess, and Haase, and Linert, and Papankova, and Werner, :
Spin crossover in bis(2,6-bis(benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine) iron(II) tetraphenylborate.
In: Inorganica chimica acta. 278 (1998), S. 190-196
[Article] , (1998)

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. and Kläres, and Szurmai, and Werner, :
4,6-Di-O-benzoyl-3-O-benzyl-alpha-D-arabino-hexopyranos-2-ulosyl bromide: a conveniently accessible glycosyl donor for the expedient construction of diantennary ß-D-mannosides branched at O-3 and O-6.
In: Carbohydrate research. 305 (1997), S. 293-303
[Article] , (1997)

Kreuziger, Josef and Werner, and Haass, and Haass, and Siegel, :
Artkapitel Kormoran (Phalacrocorax carbo).
In: Avifauna von Hessen. Hrsg.: Hess. Gesellschaft für Ornithologie und Naturschutz. 3. Lieferung. Echzell 1997, Echzell 1997
[Book Section] , (1997) , Echzell 1997

Lei, Xinjian and Shang, and Fehlner, and Werner, and Haase, and Hautot, and Long, :
Clusters as ligands, Part 3. Generation of tricobalt cluster carboxylate-bridged iron-cobalt and manganese-cobalt mixed-metal alkoxide cubes from iron and manganese tricobalt cluster metal carboxylates.
In: Journal of organometallic chemistry. 541 (1997), S. 57-70
[Article] , (1997)

Boca, Roman and Baran, P. and Dlhan, L. and Fuess, H. and Haase, W. and Renz, and Linert, and Svoboda, I. and Werner, :
Crystal structure and spin crossover studies on bis(2,6-bis(benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine) iron(II) perchlorate.
In: Inorganica chimica acta. 260 (1997), S. 129-136
[Article] , (1997)

Mohanta, Sasankasekhar and Nanda, and Werner, and Haase, and Mukherjee, and Dutta, and Nag, :
Macrocyclic Cu II2, Cu II4, Ni II3, and Ni II4 complexes: magnetic properties of tetranuclear systems.
In: Inorganic chemistry. 36 (1997), S. 4656-4664
[Article] , (1997)

Dutta, Sujit K. and Ensling, and Werner, and Flörke, and Haase, and Gütlich, and Nag, :
Valenzdelokalisierte und valenzdefinierte Fe(II)-Fe(III)-Komplexe : der drastische Einfluß der Liganden.
In: Angewandte Chemie. 109 (1997), S. 107-110
[Article] , (1997)

Haase, Wolfgang and Soto Bustamante, and Großmann, and Werner, and Galyametdinov, Yu. G. :
Recent results on liquid crystalline metallopolymers.
In: Polymer preprints. 37 (1996), S. 64-65
[Article] , (1996)

Bailey, Neil A. and Fenton, and He, and Terry, and Haase, and Werner, :
Linear trinuclear copper(II) complexes derived from acyclic hexadentate Schiff base ligands.
In: Inorganica chimica acta. 235 (1995), S. 273-279
[Article] , (1995)

Baenitz, M. and Heinze, and Lüders, and Werner, and Schlögl, and Weiden, and Sparn, and Steglich, Frank :
Superconductivity of Ba doped C60-susceptibility results and upper critical field.
In: Solid state communications. 96 (1995), S. 539
[Article] , (1995)

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