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Weiss, Volker C. ; Heggen, Berit ; Mueller-Plathe, Florian :
Critical Parameters and Surface Tension of the Room Temperature Ionic Liquid bmim PF6 : A Corresponding-States Analysis of Experimental and New Simulation Data.
In: Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114 pp. 3599-3608.
[Artikel], (2010)

Weiss, Volker C. :
Calculation of the surface pressure and the contact energy in the adsorption of alkanes on water.
In: Fluid Phase Equilibria, 256 ISSN 0378-3812
[Artikel], (2007)

Weiss, Volker C. ; Schroer, Wolffram :
Corresponding-states analysis of the surface tension of simple, polar, and ionic fluids.
In: International Journal of Thermophysics, 28 pp. 506-519.
[Artikel], (2007)

Weiss, Volker C. ; Bertrand, Emanuel ; Rafai, Salima ; Indekeu, Jospeh O. ; Bonn, Daniel :
Effective exponents in the long-range critical wetting of alkanes on aqueous substrates.
In: Physical Review E, 76 051602 (9 Seiten). ISSN 1539-3755
[Artikel], (2007)

Weiss, Volker C. :
Theoretical description of the sequential-wetting scenario of alkanes on aqueous substrates.

[Habilitation], (2007)

Weiss, Volker C. :
Theoretical description of the adsorption and the.
In: Journal of Chemical Physics, 125 084718-1-084718-11. ISSN 0021-9606
[Artikel], (2006)

Weiss, Volker C. :
The uniqueness of Clausius' integrating factor.
In: American Journal of Physics, 74 pp. 499-705. ISSN 0002-9505; 0096-0322
[Artikel], (2006)

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