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Werschnik, Holger ; Schneider, Marius ; Herrmann, Janina ; Ivanov, Dimitri ; Schiffer, Heinz-Peter ; Lyko, Christoph :
The Influence of Combustor Swirl on Pressure Losses and the Propagation of Coolant Flows at the Large Scale Turbine Rig (LSTR): Experimental and Numerical Investigation.
[Online-Edition: http://www.mdpi.com/2504-186X/2/3/12]
In: International Journal of Turbomachinery Propulsion and Power, 2 (12)
[Artikel], (2017)

Schneider, Marius ; Schiffer, Heinz-Peter ; Lehmann, Knut :
Parameterised Model of 2D Combustor Exit Flow Conditions for High-Pressure Turbine Simulations.
[Online-Edition: https://doi.org/10.3390/ijtpp2040020]
In: International Journal of Turbomachinery, Propulsion and Power, 2 (4) p. 20. ISSN 2504-186X
[Artikel], (2017)

Schneider, Marius ; Bühler, Johannes ; Hanna, Michael ; Schiffer, Heinz-Peter ; Leichtfuß, Sebastian :
Analytical Loss Prediction for Turbocharger Compressors.
In: Proceedings of 11th European Conference on Turbomachinery, Madrid, Spain.
[Konferenz- oder Workshop-Beitrag], (2015)

Werschnik, Holger ; Ostrowski, Tom ; Hilgert, Jonathan ; Schneider, Marius ; Schiffer, Heinz-Peter :
Infrared Thermography to Study Endwall Cooling and Heat Transfer in Turbine Stator Vane Passages Using the Auxiliary Wall Method and Comparison to Numerical Simulations.
[Online-Edition: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17686733.2015.10...]
In: Journal of Quantitative InfraRed Thermography, 12 (2)
[Artikel], (2015)

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