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Schimmelfennig, Frank :
Liberal identity and post-nationalist inclusion: the eastern enlargement and the European Union.
In: Constructing Europe's identity: the external dimension. Hrsg.: L.-E. Cederman. - Boulder, Col.: Lynne Rienner, 2001. S. 165-186. Lynne Rienner, Boulder, Col.
[Buchkapitel], (2001)

Schimmelfennig, Frank :
The community trap : liberal norms, rhetorical action, and the eastern enlargement of the European Union.
In: International organization, 55 pp. 47-80.
[Artikel], (2001)

Schimmelfennig, Frank :
International socialization in the New Europe: rational action in an institutional environment.
In: European journal of international relations, 6 pp. 109-139.
[Artikel], (2000)

Schimmelfennig, Frank :
Rules and rethoric : the eastern enlargement of NATO and the European Union.
Techn. Univ. , Darmstadt
[Habilitation], (2000)

Schimmelfennig, Frank :
NATO enlargement: a constructivist explanation.
In: Security studies. 8 (1999), 2/3, S. 198-234
[Artikel], (1999)

Schimmelfennig, Frank:
The double puzzle of EU enlargement: liberal norms, rhetorical action, and the decision to expand to the east.
Univ. of Oslo, ARENA, Oslo
[Buch], (1999)

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