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Popov, Ivan ; Krylatov, A. ; Zakharov, V. ; Ivanov, D. :
Competitive energy consumption under transmission constraints in a multi-supplier power grid system.
In: International Journal of Systems Science
[Artikel], (2016)

Popov, Ivan ; Krylatov, A. ; Zakharov, V. :
Integrated smart energy system based on production-oriented consumption.
In: IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology (480)
[Konferenz- oder Workshop-Beitrag], (2016)

Popov, Ivan ; Krylatov, A ; Zakharov, V. :
Transmission cost-sharing in multi-supplier power grid.
In: 2016 4th IEEE International Conference on Smart Energy Grid Engineering, SEGE 2016.
[Konferenz- oder Workshop-Beitrag], (2016)

Popov, Ivan :
Multi-supplier power grid framework based on multicommodity routing.
In: Proceedings of the International Energy and Sustainability Conference, IESC 2015.
[Konferenz- oder Workshop-Beitrag], (2015)

Tatarenko, Tatiana ; Popov, Ivan :
Nash Equilibrium Flow in a Routing Game with Random Queues.
In: 26th Chinese Control and Decision Conference, 2014, May 31 - June 2, Changsha, China.
[Konferenz- oder Workshop-Beitrag], (2014)

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