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Stephan, Frank and Boulware, C. H. and Krassilnikov, Mikhail and Bähr, Jürgen W. and Asova, Galina and Donat, A. and Gensch, Ulrich and Grabosch, Hans-Jürgen and Hänel, M. and Hakobyan, L. and Henschel, H. and Ivanisenko, Y. and Jachmann, L. and Khodyachykh, Sergiy and Khojoyan, M. and Köhler, W. and Korepanov, S. and Koss, G. and Kretzschmann, A. and Leich, H. and Lüdecke, H. and Meissner, A. and Oppelt, Anne and Petrosyan, Bagrat and Pohl, M. and Riemann, Sabine and Rimjaem, S. and Sachwitz, M. and Schöneich, B. and Scholz, T. and Schulze, H. and Schultze, J. and Schwendicke, U. and Shapolov, A. and Spesyvtsev, R. and Staykov, Lazar and Tonisch, F. and Walter, T. and Weisse, S. and Wenndorff, R. and Winde, M. and Boster, J. and Brinkmann, R. and Choroba, S. and Flechsenhar, K. and Flöttmann, Klaus and Gerdau, W. and Koprek, W. and Lederer, W. and Martens, C. and Pucyk, P. and Schreiber, Siegfried and Simrock, S. and Vogel, E. and Vu, L. v. and Rönsch-Schulenburg, Juliane and Rossbach, Jörg and Rosbach, K. and Dürr, H. and Kamps, T. and Richter, Dieter and Sperling, M. and Ovsyannikov, R. and Vollmer, A. and Knobloch, J. and Jaeschke, Eberhard and Michelato, Paolo and Monaco, Laura and Pagani, Carlo and Sertore, Daniele and Bonev, I. and Tsakov, Ivan and Will, Ingo and Templin, I. and Sander, W. and Garvey, T. and Ackermann, Wolfgang and Arevalo Tribaldos, Edward and Gjonaj, Erion and Müller, Wolfgang Franz Otto and Schnepp, Sascha and Weiland, Thomas and Wolfheimer, Felix (2010):
Detailed Characterization of Electron Sources Yielding First Demonstration of European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Beam Quality.
In: Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams, 13 (2), [Article]

Ackermann, Wolfgang and Asova, Galina and Ayvazyan, V. and Azima, A. and Baboi, N. and Bähr, Jürgen W. and Balandin, V. and Beutner, B. and Brandt, A. and Bolzmann, A. and Brinkmann, R. and Brovko, O. I. and Castellano, M. and Castro, P. and Catani, L. and Chiadroni, E. and Choroba, S. and Cianchi, A. and Costello, J. T. and Cubaynes, D. and Dardis, J. and Decking, W. and Delsim-Hashemi, H. and Delserieys, A. and Di Pirro, G. and Dohlus, Martin and Düsterer, S. and Eckhardt, A. and Edwards, H. T. and Faatz, B. and Feldhaus, J. and Flöttmann, Klaus and Frisch, Josef and Fröhlich, L. and Garvey, T. and Gensch, Ulrich and Gerth, Ch. and Görler, M. and Golubeva, N. and Grabosch, Hans-Jürgen and Gretchko, V. and Grecki, M. and Grimm, Oliver and Hacker, K. and Hahn, U. and Han, Jang Hui and Honkavaara, K. and Hott, T. and Hüning, M. and Ivanisenko, Y. and Jaeschke, Eberhard and Jalmuzna, W. and Jezynski, T. and Kammering, R. and Katalev, V. and Kavanagh, K. and Kennedy, E. T. and Khodyachykh, Sergiy and Klose, K. and Kocharyan, V. and Körfer, Markus and Kollewe, M. and Körfer, Markus and Kollewe, M. and Koprek, W. and Korepanov, S. and Kostin, D. and Krassilnikov, Mikhail and Kube, G. and Kuhlmann, M. and Lewis, C. L. S. and Lilje, L. and Limberg, T. and Lipka, Dirk and Löhl, F. and Luna, H. and Luong, M. and Martins, M. and Meyer, M. and Michelato, Paolo and Miltchev, Velizar and Möller, W. D. and Monaco, Laura and Müller, Wolfgang Franz Otto and Napieralski, O. and Napoly, O. and Nicolosi, P. and Nölle, D. and Nunez, T. and Oppelt, Anne and Pagani, Carlo and Paparella, R. and Pchalek, N. and Pedregosa-Gutierrez, J. and Petersen, B. and Petrosyan, Bagrat and Petrosyan, G. and Petroysan, L. and Pflüger, J. and Plönjes, E. and Poletto, L. and Pozniak, K. and Prat, E. and Proch, D. and Pucyk, P. and Radcliffe, P. and Redlin, H. and Rehlich, K. and Richter, M. and Roehrs, M. and Roensch, Juliane and Romaniuk, R. and Ross, Marc and Rossbach, Jörg and Rybnikov, V. and Sachwitz, M. and Saldin, E. L. and Sandner, Wolfgang and Schlarb, H. and Schmidt, B. and Schmitz, M. and Schmüser, Peter and Schneider, J. R. and Schneidmiller, E. A. and Schnepp, Sascha and Schreiber, Siegfried and Seidel, M. and Sertore, Daniele and Shabunov, A. V. and Simon, C. and Simrock, S. and Sombrowski, E. and Sorokin, A. A. and Spanknebel, P. and Spesyvtsev, R. and Staykov, Lazar and Steffen, Bernhard and Stephan, Frank and Stulle, F. and Thom, H. and Tiedtke, K. and Tischer, M. and Toleikis, S. and Treusch, R. and Trines, D. and Tsakov, Ivan and Vogel, E. and Weiland, Thomas and Weise, H. and Wellhöfer, M. and Wendt, M. and Will, Ingo and Winter, A. and Wittenburg, K. and Wurth, W. and Yeates, P. and Yurkov, M. V. and Zagorodnov, Igor A. and Zapfe, K. (2007):
Operation of a Free Electron Laser in the Wavelength Range from the Extreme Ultraviolet to the Water Window.
In: Nature Photonics, 1 (6), pp. 336-342. [Article]

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