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Kern, M. and Winkler, C. and Simon, J. (2011):
Respiratory nitrogen metabolism and nitrosative stress defence in ϵ-proteobacteria: the role of NssR-type transcription regulators.
In: Biochemical Society transactions, pp. 299-302, 39, (1), ISSN 1470-8752,

Kern, M. and Simon, J. (2011):
Production of recombinant multiheme cytochromes c in Wolinella succinogenes.
In: Methods in enzymology, pp. 429-46, 486, ISSN 1557-7988,

Kern, M. and Scheithauer, J. and Kranz, R. G. and Simon, J. (2010):
Essential histidine pairs indicate conserved haem binding in epsilonproteobacterial cytochrome c haem lyases.
In: Microbiology (Reading, England), pp. 3773-81, 156, (Pt 12), ISSN 1465-2080,

Kern, M. and Eisel, F. and Scheithauer, J. and Kranz, R. G. and Simon, J. (2010):
Substrate specificity of three cytochrome c haem lyase isoenzymes from Wolinella succinogenes: unconventional haem c binding motifs are not sufficient for haem c attachment by NrfI and CcsA1.
In: Molecular microbiology, pp. 122-37, 75, (1), ISSN 1365-2958,

Kern, M. and Simon, J. (2009):
Electron transport chains and bioenergetics of respiratory nitrogen metabolism in Wolinella succinogenes and other Epsilonproteobacteria.
In: Biochimica et biophysica acta, pp. 646-56, 1787, (6), ISSN 0006-3002,

Kern, M. and Simon, J. (2009):
Periplasmic nitrate reduction in Wolinella succinogenes: cytoplasmic NapF facilitates NapA maturation and requires the menaquinol dehydrogenase NapH for membrane attachment.
In: Microbiology (Reading, England), pp. 2784-94, 155, (Pt 8), ISSN 1350-0872,

Kern, M. and Simon, J. (2008):
Characterization of the NapGH quinol dehydrogenase complex involved in Wolinella succinogenes nitrate respiration.
In: Molecular microbiology, pp. 1137-52, 69, (5), ISSN 1365-2958,

Simon, J. and Kern, M. (2008):
Quinone-reactive proteins devoid of haem b form widespread membrane-bound electron transport modules in bacterial respiration.
In: Biochemical Society transactions, pp. 1011-6, 36, (Pt 5), ISSN 0300-5127,

Kern, M. and Einsle, O. and Simon, J. (2008):
Variants of the tetrahaem cytochrome c quinol dehydrogenase NrfH characterize the menaquinol-binding site, the haem c-binding motifs and the transmembrane segment.
In: The Biochemical journal, pp. 73-9, 414, (1), ISSN 1470-8728,

Kern, M. and Mager, A. M. and Simon, J. (2007):
Role of individual nap gene cluster products in NapC-independent nitrate respiration of Wolinella succinogenes.
In: Microbiology (Reading, England), pp. 3739-47, 153, (Pt 11), ISSN 1350-0872,

Hartshorne, R. S. and Kern, M. and Meyer, B. and Clarke, T. A. and Karas, M. and Richardson, D. J. and Simon, J. (2007):
A dedicated haem lyase is required for the maturation of a novel bacterial cytochrome c with unconventional covalent haem binding.
In: Molecular microbiology, pp. 1049-60, 64, (4), ISSN 0950-382X,

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