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Dante, Silvia and Hauss, Thomas and Brandt, Astrid and Dencher, Norbert A. (2007):
Membrane fusogenic activity of the Alzheimer's peptide A beta(1-42) demonstrated by small-angle neutron scattering.
In: Journal of Molecular Biology, 376. pp. 393-404, [Article]

Pieper, Joerg and Hauss, Thomas and Buchsteiner, Alexandra and Baczynski, Krzysztof and Adamiak, Karolina and Lechner, Ruep E. and Renger, Gernot (2007):
Temperature- and hydration-dependent protein dynamics in photosystem II of green plants studied by quasielastic neutron scattering.
In: Biochemistry, 46. pp. 11398-11409, [Article]

Bringezu, Frank and Wen, Shaoying and Dante, Silvia and Hauss, Thomas and Majerowicz, Monika and Waring, Alan (2007):
The insertion of the antimicrobial peptide dicynthaurin monomer in model membranes : Thermodynamics and structural characterization.
In: Biochemistry, 46. pp. 5678-5686, [Article]

Dennison, S. R. and Dante, Silvia and Hauss, Thomas and Brandenburg, K. and Harris, F. and Phoenix, D. A. (2005):
Investigations into the membrane interactions of m-calpain domain V.
In: Biophysical Journal, 88. pp. 3008-3017, [Article]

Balali-Mood, K. and Ashley, R. A. and Hauss, Thomas and Bradshaw, J. P. (2005):
Neutron diffraction reveals sequence-specific membrane insertion of prefibrillar islet amyloid polypeptide and inhibition by rifampicin.
In: FEBS Letters, 579. pp. 1143-1148, [Article]

Kiselev, M. A. and Ryabova, N. Y. and Balagurov, A. M. and Dante, Silvia and Hauss, Thomas and Zbytovska, J. and Wartewig, S. and Neubert, R. H. (2005):
New insights into the structure and hydration of a stratum corneum lipid model membrane by neutron diffraction.
In: European Biophysics Journal, 34. pp. 1030-1040, [Article]

Kiselev, M. A. and Gutberlet, T. and Lesieur, P. and Hauss, Thomas and Ollivon, M. and Neubert, R. H. (2005):
Properties of ternary phospholipid/dimethyl sulfoxide/water systems at low temperature.
In: Chemistry and Physics of Lipids :CPL, 133. pp. 181-193, [Article]

Dante, Silvia and Hauss, Thomas and Dencher, Norbert A. (2003):
Insertion of externally administered Amyloid ß peptide 25-35 and perturbation of lipid bilayers.
In: Biochemistry, 42. pp. 13667-13672, [Article]

Dante, Silvia and Hauss, Thomas and Dencher, Norbert A. (2002):
beta-Amyloid 25 to 35 Is intercalated in anionic and zwitterionic lipid membranes to different extents.
In: Biophysical journal, 83. pp. 2610-2616, [Article]

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