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Greve, Ralf :
Large-scale glaciation on Earth and on Mars.
[Online-Edition: urn:nbn:de:tuda-tuprints-8166]
Technische Universität , Darmstadt
[Habilitation] , (2007)

Herzfeld, Uta C. and Clarke, G. K. C. and Mayer, Helmut and Greve, Ralf :
Derivation of deformation characteristics in fast-moving glaciers.
In: Computers & Geosciences, 30 pp. 291-302.
[Article] , (2004)

Greve, Ralf and Mahajan, R. A. and Segschneider, J. and Grieger, B. :
Evolution of the north-polar cap of Mars : a modelling study.
In: Planetary and Space Science, 52 pp. 775-787.
[Article] , (2004)

Greve, Ralf and Klemann, Volker and Wolf, Detlef :
Ice flow and isostasy of the north polar cap of Mars.
In: Planetary and space science, 51 pp. 193-204.
[Article] , (2003)

Greve, Ralf :
In: Promet, 29 pp. 98-104.
[Article] , (2003)

Hutter, Kolumban and Greve, Ralf and Calov, R. :
Klimarekonstruktion aus dem Eis großer Eisschilde.
In: Thema Forschung [Technische Universität Darmstadt] pp. 24-32.
[Article] , (2003)

Greve, Ralf:
Kontinuumsmechanik : ein Grundkurs für Ingenieure und Physiker ; mit 48 Aufgaben und mit Lösungen.
Springer, Berlin [u.a.] ISBN 3-540-00760-1
[Book] , (2003)

Forsström, Pirjo-Leena and Sallasmaa, Olli and Greve, Ralf and Zwinger, Thomas :
Simulation of fast-flow features of the Fennoscandian ice sheet during the last glacial maximum.
In: Annals of glaciology, 37 pp. 383-389.
[Article] , (2003)

Greve, Ralf and Wang, Yongqi and Mügge, Bernd :
Comparison of numerical schemes for the solution of the advective age equation in ice sheets.
[Online-Edition: http://eprints.lib.hokudai.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/2115/34606...]
In: Annals of Glaciology, 35 (1) pp. 487-494. ISSN 0260-3055
[Article] , (2002)

Greve, Ralf and Calov, R. :
Comparison of numerical schemes for the solution of the ice-thickness equation in a dynamic/thermodynamic ice-sheet model.
In: Journal of computational physics, 179 pp. 649-664.
[Article] , (2002)

Wang, Yongqi
Straughan, Brian and Greve, Ralf and Ehrentraut, Harald and Wang, Yongqi (eds.) :

Comparing different numerical treatments of advection terms for wind-indued circulations in Lake Constance.
In: Continuum Mechanics and Applications in Geophysics and the Environment. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York , pp. 368-393. ISBN 3-540-41660-9
[Book Section] , (2001)

Straughan, Brian and Greve, Ralf and Ehrentraut, Harald and Wang, Yongqi (eds.), :
Continuum Mechanics and Applications in Geophysics and the Environment.
Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York ISBN 978-3-540-41660-9
[Book] , (2001)

Greve, Ralf :
Glacial isostasy: Models for the response of the earth to varying ice loads.
In: Continuum mechanics and applications in geophysics and the environment. Hrsg.: B. Straughan, R. Greve, H. Ehrentraut, Y. Wang. - Berlin (u.a.): Springer, 2001. S. 307-325. Springer, Berlin (u.a.)
[Book Section] , (2001)

Greve, Ralf :
Large scale glaciation on Earth and on Mars.
Techn. Univ. , Darmstadt
[Habilitation] , (2000)

Greve, Ralf :
On the response of the greenland ice sheet to greenhouse climate change.
In: Climatic change, 46 pp. 289-303.
[Article] , (2000)

Greve, Ralf :
Waxing and waning of the perennial North Polar H2O ice cap of Mars over obliquity cycles.
In: Icarus, 144 pp. 419-431.
[Article] , (2000)

Greve, Ralf and Wyrwoll, K.-H. and Eisenhauer, A. :
Deglaciation of the Northern Hemisphere at the onset of the Eemian and Holocene.
In: Annals of glaciology, 28 pp. 1-8.
[Article] , (1999)

Greve, Ralf and Mügge, B. and Baral, D. R. and Albrecht, O. and Savvin, A. A. :
Nested high-resolution modelling of the Greenland Summit region.
In: Advances in cold-region thermal engineering and sciences. Hrsg.: K. Hutter, Y. Wang, H. Beer. - Berlin, Heidelberg (u.a.): Springer, 1999. S. 285-306 (Lecture notes in physics; 533). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg (u.a.)
[Book Section] , (1999)

Greve, Ralf and Weis, and Hutter, K. :
Palaeoclimatic evolution and present conditions of the Greenland Ice Sheet in the vicinity of Summit: an approach by large-scale modelling.
In: Paleoclimates. 2 (1998), 2-3, S. 133-161
[Article] , (1998)

Greve, Ralf :
Application of a polythermal three-dimensional ice sheet model to the Greenland ice sheet: response to steady-state and transient climate scenarios.
In: Journal of climate. 10 (1997), S. 901-918
[Article] , (1997)

Greve, Ralf :
Large-scale ice-sheet modelling as a means of dating deep ice cores in Greenland.
In: Journal of glaciology. 43 (1997), No. 144, S. 307-310
[Article] , (1997)

Greve, Ralf :
A continuum-mechanical formulation for shallow polythermal ice sheets.
In: Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society London. Ser. A. 355 (1997), S. 921-974
[Article] , (1997)

Greve, Ralf and MacAyeal, :
Dynamic/thermodynamic simulations of Laurentide ice-sheet instability.
In: Annals of glaciology. 23 (1996), S. 328-335
[Article] , (1996)

Greve, Ralf and Hutter, K. :
Polythermal three-dimensional modelling of the Greenland ice sheet with varied geothermal heat flux.
In: Annals of glaciology. 21 (1995), S. 8-12
[Article] , (1995)

Greve, Ralf :
Thermomechanisches Verhalten polythermer Eisschilde - Theorie, Analytik, Numerik.
Shaker , Aachen
[Ph.D. Thesis]

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