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Kreim, Michael ; Giersch, Christoph (2007):
Measuring in vivo elasticities of Calvin cycle enzymes: Network structure and patterns of modulations.
In: Phytochemistry, 68, pp. 2152-2162. [Article]

Noe, Steffen Manfred ; Giersch, Christoph (2004):
A simple dynamic model of photosynthesis in oak leaves : coupling leaf conductance and photosynthetic carbon fixation by a variable intracellular CO2 pool.
In: Functional plant biology, 31, pp. 1195-1204. [Article]

Meyer zu Tittingdorf, Jürgen M. W. ; Rexroth, Sascha ; Schäfer, E. ; Schlichting, R. ; Giersch, Christoph ; Dencher, Norbert A. ; Seelert, Holger (2004):
The stoichiometry of the chloroplast ATP synthase oligomer III in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is not affected by the metabolic state.
In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (Bioenergetics), 1659, pp. 92-99. [Article]

Wattebled, F. ; Ral, J. P. ; Dauvillee, D. ; Myers, A. M. ; James, M. G. ; Schlichting, Ralf ; Giersch, Christoph ; Ball, S. G. ; Hulst, C. d' (2003):
STA11, a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii locus required for normal starch granule biogenesis, encodes disproportionating enzyme : further evidence for a function af alpha-1,4 glucanotransferases during starch granule biosynthesis in green algae.
In: Plant physiology, 132 (1), pp. 137-145. DOI: 10.1104/pp.102.016527,

Giersch, Christoph (2003):
Stationary diffusion gradients associated with photosynthetic carbon flux : a study of compartmental versus diffusion-reaction models.
In: Journal of theoretical biology, 224 (3), pp. 385-397. DOI: 10.1016/s0022-5193(03)00182-6,

Giersch, Christoph (2000):
Determining elasticities in situ.
In: Technological and medical implications of metabolic control analysis. Hrsg.: A. Cornish-Bowden, M.L. Cárdenas. - Dordrecht: Kluwer, 2000. S. 283-288, Dordrecht, Kluwer, [Book Section]

Giersch, Christoph (2000):
Mathematical modelling of metabolism.
In: Current opinion in plant biology, 3, pp. 249-253. [Article]

Giersch, Christoph (1997):
Co-response coefficients, monovalent units, and combinatorial rules: Unification of concepts in metabolic control analysis.
In: Journal of theoretical biology. 189 (1997), S. 1-9, [Article]

Giersch, Christoph ; Rovers, Wolfgang
Lakshmikantham, V. (ed.) (1996):
Analysis of two hypothetical mechanisms of photosynthetic oscillations by means of mathematical skeleton models.
In: World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts '92 : 1, 1992, Tampa, Florida ; Proceedings, pp. 3255-3256, Berlin, New York, de Gruyter, DOI: 10.1515/9783110883237.3255,
[Book Section]

Giersch, Christoph ; Cornish-Bowden, (1996):
Extending double modulation: combinational rules for identifying the modulations necessary for determining elasticities in metabolic pathways.
In: Journal of theoretical biology. 182 (1996), S. 361-369, [Article]

Giersch, Christoph (1995):
Concerning the measurement of flux control coefficients by enzyme titration: Steady-states, quasi-steady-states, and the role of time in control analytical experiments.
In: European journal of biochemistry. 231 (1995), S. 587-592, [Article]

Giersch, Christoph (1995):
Determining elasticities from multiple measurements of flux rates and metabolite concentrations: Application of the multiple modulation method to a reconstituted pathway.
In: European journal of biochemistry. 227 (1995), S. 194-201, [Article]

Giersch, Christoph (1995):
Flux control in ecosystems (Correspondence).
In: Trends in ecology and evolution. 10 (1995), S. 245, [Article]

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