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Lauer, R. and Bauer, R. and Linz, B. and Pittner, F. and Peschek, G. A. and Ecker, G. and Friedl, Peter and Noe, C. R. :
Development of an in vitro blood-brain barrier model based on immortalized porcine brain microvascular endothelial cells.
In: Farmaco, 59 pp. 133-137.
[Article] , (2004)

Schröder, M. and Matischak, K. and Friedl, Peter :
Serum-and protein-free media formulations for the Chinese hamster ovary cell line DUKXB11.
In: Journal of Biotechnology, 108 pp. 279-292.
[Article] , (2004)

Landré, Julien B. P. and Hewett, Peter W. and Olivot, Jean-Marc and Friedl, Peter and Ko, Yon and Sachinidis, Agapios and Moenner, MIchel :
Human endothelial cells selectively express large amounts of pancreatic-type ribonuclease (RNase 1).
In: Journal of cellular biochemistry, 86 pp. 540-552.
[Article] , (2002)

Schröder, Martin and Schäfer, Rolf and Friedl, Peter :
Induction of protein aggregation in an early secretary compartment by elevation of expression level.
In: Biotechnology and bioengineering, 78 pp. 131-140.
[Article] , (2002)

Graf, Rüdiger and Freyberg, Mark-André and Kaiser, D. and Friedl, Peter :
Mechanosensitive induction of apoptosis in fibroblasts is regulatd by thrombospondin-1 and integrin associated protein (CD47).
In: Apoptosis, 7 pp. 493-498.
[Article] , (2002)

Friedl, Peter and Vischer, P. and Freyberg, Mark-André :
The role of thrombospondin-1 in apoptosis.
In: Cellular and molecular life sciences (CMLS), 59 pp. 1347-1357.
[Article] , (2002)

Graf, Rüdiger and Friedl, Peter :
Charge-coupled device camera-based detection of fluorescence-labeled proteins immobilized on nitrocellulose membranes.
In: Electrophoresis, 22 pp. 890-895.
[Article] , (2001)

Freyberg, Mark-André and Kaiser, D. and Graf, R. and Buttenbender, J. and Friedl, Peter :
Proatherogenic flow conditions initiate endothelial apoptosis via thrombospondin-1 and the integrin-associated protein.
In: Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 286 pp. 141-149.
[Article] , (2001)

Freyberg, Mark-André and Kaiser, D. and Graf, R. and Friedl, Peter :
Vascular endothelial cells express a functional fas-receptor due to lack of hemodynamic forces.
In: Apoptosis, 6 S. 339-343.
[Article] , (2001)

Labitzke, Regina and Friedl, Peter :
A serum-free medium formulation supporting growth of human umbilical cord vein endothelial cels in long-term cultivation.
In: Cytotechnology, 35 pp. 87-92.
[Article] , (2001)

Kaiser, Dirk and Freyberg, M.-A. and Schrimpf, G. and Friedl, Peter :
Apoptosis induced by lack of hemodynamic forces is a general endothelial feature even occuring in immortalized cell lines.
In: Endothelium, 6 pp. 325-334.
[Article] , (1999)

Graf, Rüdiger and Friedl, Peter :
Detection of immobilized proteins on nitrocellulose membranes using a biotinylation-dependent system.
In: Analytical biochemistry, 273 pp. 291-297.
[Article] , (1999)

Brandsch, C. and Friedl, Peter and Lange, K. and Richter, T. and Mothes, T. :
Epithelial cells of human small intestine in primary culture.
In: Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology, 33 pp. 833-838.
[Article] , (1999)

Schroeder, Martin and Koerner, C. and Friedl, Peter :
Quantitative analysis of transcription and translation in gene amplified Chinese hamster ovary cells on the basis of a kinetic model.
In: Cytotechnology, 29 pp. 93-102.
[Article] , (1999)

Harthun, Sven and Matischak, and Friedl, Peter :
Determination of recombinant protein in animal cell culture supernatant by near-infrared spectroscopy.
In: Analytical biochemistry. 251 (1997), S. 73-78
[Article] , (1997)

Kaiser, Dirk and Freyberg, M.-A. and Friedl, Peter :
Lack of hemodynamic forces triggers apoptosis in vascular endothelial cells.
In: Biochemical and biophysical research communications. 231 (1997) S. 586-590
[Article] , (1997)

Teifel, Michael and Heine, L. T. and Milbredt, Silke and Friedl, Peter :
Optimization of transfection of human endothelial cells.
In: Endothelium. 5 (1997), S. 21-35
[Article] , (1997)

Schröder, Martin and Friedl, Peter :
Overexpression of recombinant human ant ithrombin III in Chinese hamster ovary cells results in malformation and decreased secretion of the recombinant protein.
In: Biotechnology and bioengineering. 53 (1997), S. 547-559
[Article] , (1997)

Schröder, Martin and Schäfer, and Friedl, Peter :
Spectrophotometric determination of iodonaxol in subcellular fractions of mammalian cells.
In: Analytical biochemistry. 244 (1997), S. 174-176
[Article] , (1997)

Schröder, Martin and Friedl, Peter :
A protein-free solution as replacement for serum in trypsinization protocols for anchorage-dependent cells.
In: Methods in cell science. 19 (1997), S. 137-147
[Article] , (1997)

Freyberg, Mark-André and Friedl, Peter :
The use of a conventional tissue culture plate as an optically accessible perfusion chamber for in situ assays and for long-term cultivation of mammalian cells.
In: Cytotechnology. 26 (1997), S. 49-58
[Article] , (1997)

Schroeder, Martin and Friedl, Peter :
Enzymatic determination of D-glucose in cell culture media using glucose oxidase, horseradish peroxidase and 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine.
In: The genetic engineer and biotechnologist, 17 pp. 157-163.
[Article] , (1997)

Engelmann, Katrin and Friedl, Peter :
Growth of human corneal endothelial cells in a serum-reduced medium.
In: Cornea. 14 (1995), 1, S. 62-70
[Article] , (1995)

Teifel, Michael and Friedl, Peter :
New lipid mixture for efficient lipid-mediated transfection of BHK cells.
In: BioTechniques. 19 (1995), No. 1
[Article] , (1995)

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