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Juettner, Norbert E. and Schmelz, Stefan and Bogen, Jan P. and Happel, Dominic and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Pfeifer, Felicitas and Fuchsbauer, Hans-Lothar and Scrima, Andrea (2018):
Illuminating structure and acyl donor sites of a physiological transglutaminase substrate from Streptomyces mobaraensis.
In: Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 27 (5), pp. 910-922, ISSN 1469-896X,

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2004):
Enzyme-catalyzed Aldol additions.
In: Enolates, organocatalysis, biocatalysis and natural product synthesis. - Weinheim : Wiley-VCH Verl., 2004, S. 201-272 (Modern aldol reactions / Rainer Mahrwald (ed.) ; Vol. 1) ISBN: 3-527-30714-1, Weinheim, Wiley-VCH Verl., [Book Section]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Knorst, M. and Unruh, P. (2004):
Novel approaches to Sialoconjugate diversity.
In: Sialobiology 2004 <4, 2004, St. Andrews, UK>. - 2004, S. 33, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Porzelle, Achim and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2004):
Reversible substrate anchoring : a novel strategy in SPOS.
In: Innovation and perspectives in solid phase synthesis & combinatorial libraries : peptides, proteins and nucleic acids ; small molecule organic chemical diversity ; collected papers, Eighth International Symposium, London, England, UK] / Ed.: Roger Epton., Kingswinford, Mayflower Wordwide, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2003):
Are Paradigms Changing in Favor of Biocatalysis?
In: Advanced synthesis & catalysis, pp. 649-650, [Article]

González-Garcia, E. and Helaine, V. and Klein, G. and Schuermann, M. and Sprenger, G. A. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Reymond, J.-L. (2003):
Fluorogenic Stereochemical Probes for Transaldolases.
In: Chemistry : a European Journal, 9pp. 893-899, [Article]

Phung, A. N. and Zannetti, Maria Teresa and Whited, G. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2003):
Stereospecific Biocatalytic Synthesis of Pancratistatin Analogues.
In: Angewandte Chemie : international edition, 42pp. 4821-4824, [Article]

Riemann, I. and Papadopoulos, M. A. and Knorst, M. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2002):
C-Glycosides by aqueous condensation of beta-dicarbonyl compounds with unprotected sugars.
In: Australian journal of chemistry, 55pp. 147-156, [Article]

Warwel, Mathias and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2002):
Indium-mediated stereoselective synthesis of truncated C6- and C7-Sialic acids.
In: Synlett, pp. 2104-2106, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Juarez Ruiz, Juan Manuel (2002):
Regiospecific synthesis of lactose analog Gal-(beta1,4)-Xyl by transgalactosylation.
In: Canadian journal of chemistry, 80pp. 739-742, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2002):
BioTrans 2001 - preface.
In: Journal of molecular catalysis B: Enzymatic, 19-20. pp. 1-2, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Knorst, M. (2002):
Manufacture of the N-acetylneuraminic acid synthase of Neisseria meningitidis for synthesis of modified sialic acids.
In: Chemical abstracts, 136. p. 166160, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (ed.) (2001):
BioTrans 2001: The 5th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Biotransformation; Book of Abstracts.
Darmstadt, Techn. Univ., [Book]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Jones, J. B. (2001):
Biocatalysis and biotransformation - from discovery to application.
In: Current opinion in chemical biology, 5pp. S. 103-105, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Helaine, V. (2001):
Biocatalytic synthesis of hydroxylated natural products using aldolases and related enzymes.
In: Current opinion in biotechnology, 12pp. S. 574-586, [Article]

Knorst, M. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2001):
CMP-sialate synthetase from Neisseria meningitidis - overexpression and application to the synthesis of Oligosaccharides containing modified sialic acids.
In: Advanced synthesis and catalysis, 343pp. S. 698-710, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2001):
Directed evolution of improved biocatalysts - editorial commentary.
In: Advanced synthesis and catalysis, 343pp. S. 497-498, [Article]

Juarez Ruiz, Juan Manuel and Oßwald, G. and Petersen, M. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2001):
The 'natural' strategy for the glycosidase assisted synthesis of simple glycosides.
In: Journal of molecular catalysis. B: Encymatic, 11pp. 189-197, [Article]

Joerger, A. C. and Goße, C. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Schulz, G. E. (2000):
Catalytic action of fuculose 1-phosphate aldolase (class II) as derived from structure-directed mutagenesis.
In: Biochemistry, 39pp. 6033-6041, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2000):
Enzymatic asymmetric synthesis using aldolases.
In: Stereoselective biocatalysis. Hrsg.: R.N. Patel. - New York: Dekker, 2000. S. 239-265, New York, Dekker, [Book Section]

Warwel, Mathias and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2000):
Indium-mediated chain-extension: an improved protocol for the concise, diastereospecific synthesis of KDN and other sialic acids.
In: Synlett, pp. 865-867, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Goße, C. and Jaeschke, G. and Eyrisch, O. (2000):
Short enzymatic synthesis of L-fucose analogs.
In: European journal of organic chemistry, pp. 125-132, [Article]

Müllenmeister, U. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2000):
Stereo-combinatorial synthesis: deoxysugars by iterative carbon-chain elongation.
In: Innovation & perspectives in solid phase synthesis & combinatorial libraries 2000. Hrsg.: R. Epton. - Kingswinford, UK: Mayflower Publ., 2000. S. 149-152, Kingswinford, UK, Mayflower Publ., [Book Section]

Petersen, M. and Lüneburg, E. and Frosch, M. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (2000):
The siaA gene involved in capsule polysaccharide biosynthesis of Neisseria meningitidis B codes for N-acylglucosamine-6-phosphate 2-epimerase activity.
In: FEMS Microbiology letters, 184pp. 161-164, [Article]

Korndörfer, I. P. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter and Matthews, B. W. (2000):
The structure of Rhamnose isomerase from Escherichia coli and its relation with Xylose isomerase illustrates a change between inter and intra-subunit complementation during evolution.
In: Journal of molecular biology, 3000pp. 917-933, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (ed.) (1999):
Biocatalysis - from discovery to application.
200Berlin (u.a.): Springer, 1999,
Berlin (u.a.), Springer, [Book]

Junker, Hans-Dieter and Phung, N. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (1999):
Diastereoselective free-radical synthesis of a alpha-substituted C-glycosyl phosphonates, and their use as building blocks in the HWE-reaction.
In: Tetrahedron letters, 40pp. 7063-7066, [Article]

Zimmermann, Frank T. and Schneider, A. and Schörken, U. and Sprenger, G. A. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (1999):
Efficient multi-enzymatic synthesis of D-xylulose 5-phosphate.
In: Tetrahedron asymmetry, 10pp. 1643-1646, [Article]

Zannetti, Maria Teresa and Walter, C. and Knorst, M. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (1999):
Fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase from Staphylococcus carnosus: overexpression, structure prediction, stereoselectivity, and application in the synthesis of bicyclic sugars.
In: Chemistry - a European journal, 5pp. 1882-1890, [Article]

Junker, Hans-Dieter and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (1998):
Diastereoselective synthesis of C-glycosylphosphonates via free-radical glycosylation.
In: Tetrahedron letters. 39 (1998), S. 269-272, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (1998):
Enzyme mediated C-C bond formation.
In: Current opinion in chemical biology. 2 (1998), S. 85-97, [Article]

Arth, H.-L. and Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (1998):
Practical synthesis of 4-hydroxy-3-oxobutylphosphonic acid and its evaluation as a bio-isosteric substrate of DHAP aldolases.
In: Carbohydrate research. 305 (1998), S. 313-321, [Article]

Fessner, Wolf-Dieter (1998):
An introduction to biotransformations in organic chemistry (J.R. Hanson).
In: Angewandte Chemie Internat. Ed. 37 (1998), S. 3055, [Article]

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