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Heller, Gerhard ; Dauber, J. ; Buschinger, A. (2001):
Erstnachweis der Sklaven haltenden Ameise Harpagoxenus sublaevis (Nylander 1849) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Rheinland-Pfalz.
38, In: Mainzer naturwissenschaftliches Archiv, pp. 119-122. [Article]

Maschwitz, Ulrich ; Liefke, C. ; Buschinger, A. (2001):
How host and parasite communicate: signal analysis of tandem recruitment between ants of two subfamilies, Diacamma sp. (Ponerinae) and its inquiline Polyrhachis lama (Formicinae).
37, In: Sociobiology, pp. 65-77. [Article]

Billen, J. ; Buschinger, A. (2001):
Morphology and ultrastructure of a specialized bacterial pouch in the digestive tract of Tetraponera ants (Formicidae, Pseudomyrmecinae).
29, In: Arthropod structure & development, pp. 259-266. [Article]

Seifert, Bernhard ; Buschinger, A. (2001):
Pleometrotische Koloniegründung von Lasius meridionalis (BONDROIT, 1920)bei Lasius paralienus SEIFERT, 1992, mit Bemerkungen über morphologische und ethologische Anpassungen an die sozialparasitische Koloniegründung (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
4, In: Myrmecologische Nachrichten, pp. 11-15. [Article]

Maschwitz, Ulrich ; Dorow, W. H. O. ; Schellerich-Kaaden, A. L. ; Buschinger, A. ; Azarae, H. I. (2000):
Cataulacus muticus EMERY 1889 a new case of a Southeast Asian arboreal ant, non-mutualistically specialized on giant bamboo.
80, In: Senckenbergiana biologica, pp. 165-173. [Article]

Sanetra, Matthias ; Buschinger, A. (2000):
Phylogenetic relationships among social parasites and their hosts in the ant tribe Tetramoriini (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
In: European journal of entomology, 97, pp. 95-117. [Article]

Fersch, Rupert ; Buschinger, A. ; Heinze, J. (2000):
Queen polymorphism in the Australian ant Monomorium sp. 10.
47, In: Insectes sociaux, pp. 280-284. [Article]

Maschwitz, Ulrich ; Dorow, W. H. O. ; Buschinger, A. ; Kalytta, G. (2000):
Social parasitism involving ants of different subfamilies: Polyrhachis lama (Formicinae) an obligatory inquiline of Diacamma sp. (Ponerinae) in Java.
47, In: Insectes sociaux, pp. 27-35. [Article]

Sanetra, Matthias ; Felger, S. ; Buschinger, A. ; Zimmermann, F. K. (1999):
On the evolutionary history of social parasites in the ant tribe Tetramoriini (Hymenoptera Formicidae).
In: Social Insects at the Turn of the Millenium: 13th Congress of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects, Adelaide, Australia, 1999. Hrsg.: M.P. Schwarz, K. Hogendoorn. S. 413, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Fersch, Rupert ; Buschinger, A. ; Heinze, J. (1999):
Queen polymorphism in the ant Monomorium sp. 10.
In: Soziale Insekten: IUSSI(International Union for the Study of Insects)-Tagung Hohenheim 1999. Programm und Kurzfassungen. Hrsg.: P. Rosenkranz, C. Garrido. S. 34, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Sanetra, Matthias ; Buschinger, A. (1996):
Slave raiding behaviour in socially parasitic strongylognathus ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
In: International Congress of Entomology <10, 1996, Firenze, Italy>: Proceedings. S. 399, [Conference or Workshop Item]

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