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Kucharik, M. and Boca, M. and Bessada, C. and Fuess, Hartmut (2005):
Do sodium oxofluoroaluminates exist at room temperature?
In: European journal of inorganic chemistry, [Article]

Boca, M. and Izakovic, M. and Kickelbick, G. and Valko, Marian and Frenz, F. and Fuess, Hartmut and Matuzsna, K. (2005):
Structure of the copper(II) perchlorate complex with Schiff base ligand containing pyridine N-oxide fragments and propylene bridges : solvatochromic effect.
In: Polyhedron, 24. pp. 1913-1921, [Article]

Boca, Roman and Renz, F. and Boca, M. and Fuess, Hartmut and Haase, Wolfgang and Kickelbick, G. and Linert, W. and Vrbova-Schikora, M. (2005):
Tuning the spin crossover above room temperature : iron(II) complexes of substituted and deprotonated 2,6-bis(benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine.
In: Inorganic chemistry communications, 8. pp. 227-230, [Article]

Boca, M. and Svoboda, Ingrid and Renz, F. and Fuess, Hartmut (2004):
In: Acta crystallographica / C, 60. pp. m631-m633, [Article]

Boca, Roman and Boca, M. and Gembicky, M. and Jäger, L. and Wagner, Ch. and Fuess, Hartmut (2004):
Versatile coordination mode of dicyanamide in nickel(II) complexes containing polyamines as blocking ligands.
In: Polyhedron, 23. pp. 2337-2348, [Article]

Boca, M. and Kickelbick, G. and Fuess, Hartmut (2004):
The presence of iron(III) salts of oxo-acids can result in protonation of amino groups.
In: Chemical papers, 58. pp. 145-147, [Article]

Boca, Roman and Boca, M. and Ehrenberg, Helmut and Fuess, Hartmut and Linert, W. and Renz, F. and Svoboda, Ingrid (2003):
Spin crossover in iron(II) tris(2-(2-pyridyl)benzimidazole) complex monitored by variable temperature methods : synchrotron powder diffraction, DSC, IR spectra, Mössbauer spectra and magnetic susceptibility.
In: Chemical physics, 293. pp. 375-395, [Article]

Boca, M. and Boca, Roman and Kickelbick, G. and Linert, W. and Svoboda, Ingrid and Fuess, Hartmut (2002):
Novel complexes of 2-6-bis(benzthiazol-2-yl)pyridine.
In: Inorganica chimica acta, 338pp. 36-50, [Article]

Boca, Roman and Boca, M. and Dlhan, L. and Falk, K. and Fuess, H. and Haase, W. and Jarosciak, R. and Papánková, B. and Renz, F. (2001):
Strong cooperativeness in the mononuclear iron(II) derivative exhibiting an abrupt spin transition above 400 K.
In: Inorganic chemistry, 40pp. 3025-3033, [Article]

Boca, M. and Valigura, D. and Svoboda, I. and Fuess, H. and Linert, W. (2000):
2-[6-(1H-Benzimidazol-2-yl)-2-pyridyl]-1H-bezimidazol-3-ium perchlorate monohydrate.
In: Acta crystallographica, C 56pp. 838-839, [Article]

Boca, M. and Baran, P. and Boca, R. and Fuess, H. and Kickelbick, G. and Linert, W. and Renz, F. and Svoboda, I. (2000):
Selective imidazolidine ring opening during complex formation of iron(III), copper(II), and zinc(II) with a multidentate ligand obtained from 2-pyridinecarboxaldeyde N-oxide and triethylenetetramine.
In: Inorganic chemistry, 39pp. 3205-3212, [Article]

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