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Ajon, Małgorzata ; Fröls, Sabrina ; Wolferen, Marleen van ; Stoecker, Kilian ; Teichmann, Daniela ; Driessen, Arnold J. M. ; Grogan, Dennis W. ; Albers, Sonja-Verena ; Schleper, Christa (2011)
UV-inducible DNA exchange in hyperthermophilic archaea mediated by type IV pili.
In: Molecular microbiology, 82 (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Fröls, Sabrina ; White, Malcolm F. ; Schleper, Christa (2009)
Reactions to UV damage in the model archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus.
In: Biochemical Society transactions, 37 (Pt 1)
Article, Bibliographie

Fröls, Sabrina ; Ajon, Malgorzata ; Wagner, Michaela ; Teichmann, Daniela ; Zolghadr, Behnam ; Folea, Mihaela ; Boekema, Egbert J. ; Driessen, Arnold J. M. ; Schleper, Christa ; Albers, Sonja-Verena (2008)
UV-inducible cellular aggregation of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus is mediated by pili formation.
In: Molecular microbiology, 70 (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Fröls, Sabrina ; Gordon, Paul M. K. ; Panlilio, Mayi Arcellana ; Schleper, Christa ; Sensen, Christoph W. (2007)
Elucidating the transcription cycle of the UV-inducible hyperthermophilic archaeal virus SSV1 by DNA microarrays.
In: Virology, 365 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Fröls, Sabrina ; Gordon, Paul M. K. ; Panlilio, Mayi Arcellana ; Duggin, Iain G. ; Bell, Stephen D. ; Sensen, Christoph W. ; Schleper, Christa (2007)
Response of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus to UV damage.
In: Journal of bacteriology, 189 (23)
Article, Bibliographie

Albers, Sonja-Verena ; Jonuscheit, Melanie ; Dinkelaker, S. ; Urich, Tim ; Kletzin, Arnulf ; Tampé, R. ; Driessen, A. J. M. ; Schleper, Christa (2006)
Production of recombinant and tagged proteins in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus.
In: Applied and environmental microbiology, 72 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Treusch, Alexander H. ; Leininger, Sven ; Kletzin, Arnulf ; Schuster, Stephan C. ; Klenk, Hans-Peter ; Schleper, Christa (2005)
Novel genes for nitrite reductase and Amo-related proteins indicate a role of uncultivated mesophilic crenarchaeota in nitrogen cycling.
In: Environmental microbiology, 7 (12)
Article, Bibliographie

Futterer, O. ; Angelov, A. ; Liesegang, H. ; Gottschalk, G. ; Schleper, Christa ; Schepers, B. ; Dock, C. ; Antranikian, G. ; Liebl, W. (2004)
Genome sequence of Picrophilus torridus and its implications for life around pH 0.
Conference or Workshop Item, Bibliographie

Schleper, Christa (2004)
Molekularbiologische Studien an mesophilen und extrem thermophilen Crenarchaeota.
Habilitation, Bibliographie

Treusch, Alexander H. ; Kletzin, Arnulf ; Raddatz, Guenter ; Ochsenreiter, Torsten ; Quaiser, Achim ; Meurer, Guido ; Schuster, Stephan C. ; Schleper, Christa (2004)
Characterization of large-insert DNA libraries from soil for environmental genomic studies of Archaea.
In: Environmental microbiology, 6 (9)
Article, Bibliographie

Quaiser, Achim ; Ochsenreiter, Torsten ; Lanz, Christa ; Schuster, Stephan C. ; Treusch, Alexander H. ; Eck, Jürgen ; Schleper, Christa (2003)
Acidobacteria form a coherent but higly diverse group within the bacterial domain : evidence from environmental genomics.
In: Molecular microbiology, 50
Article, Bibliographie

Ochsenreiter, Torsten ; Selezi, Drazenka ; Quaiser, Achim ; Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Liza ; Schleper, Christa (2003)
Diversity and abundance of Crenarchaeota in terrestrial habitats studied by 16S RNA surveys and real time PCR.
In: Environmental microbiology, 5
Article, Bibliographie

Jonuscheit, Melanie ; Martusewitsch, Erika ; Stedman, Kenneth M. ; Schleper, Christa (2003)
A reporter gene system for the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus based on a selectable and integrative shuttle vector.
In: Molecular microbiology, 48
Article, Bibliographie

Lorenz, P. ; Schleper, Christa (2002)
Metagenome - a challenging source of enzyme discovery.
In: Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 19-20
doi: 10.1016/S1381-1177(02)00147-9
Article, Bibliographie

Schulze, R. ; Meurer, G. ; Schleper, Christa (2002)
Das Metagenom als Quelle neuartiger, rekombinanter Wirkstoffe und Enzyme.
In: Proteomics & drug development
Book Section, Bibliographie

Quaiser, Achim ; Ochsenreiter, Torsten ; Klenk, Hans-Peter ; Kletzin, Arnulf ; Treusch, Alexander H. ; Meurer, Guido ; Eck, Jürgen ; Sensen, Christoph W. ; Schleper, Christa (2002)
First insight into the genome of an uncultivated crenarchaeote from soil.
In: Environmental microbiology, 4 (10)
Article, Bibliographie

Schleper, Christa ; Eck, J. (2000)
Umweltgenomik: Charakterisierung und Nutzung nicht-kultivierter Mikroorganismen.
In: Biospektrum, 6
Article, Bibliographie

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