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Caesar, Christoph and Simonis, Johannes and Adachi, T. and Aksyutina, Yuliya and Alcantara, J. and Altstadt, Sebastian and Alvarez-Pol, Hector and Ashwood, N. and Aumann, Thomas and Avdeichikov, Vladimir and Barr, M. and Beceiro, S. and Bemmerer, D. and Benlliure, Jose and Bertulani, Carlos A. and Boretzky, Konstanze and Borge, Maria José G. and Burgunder, G. and Caamano, M. and Casarejos, Enrique and Catford, Wilton and Cederkäll, Joakim and Chakraborty, S. and Chartier, Marielle and Chulkov, Leonid and Cortina-Gil, Dolores and Datta Pramanik, Ushasi and Diaz Fernandez, P. and Dillmann, I. and Elekes, Z. and Enders, Joachim and Ershova, Olga and Estrade, A. and Farinon, F. and Fraile, Luis Mario and Freer, Martin and Freudenberger, M. and Fynbo, Hans O. U. and Galaviz Redondo, Daniel and Geissel, Hans and Gernhäuser, Roman and Golubev, Pavel and Gonzalez Diaz, D. and Hagdahl, J. and Heftrich, Tanja and Heil, Michael and Heine, Marcel and Heinz, Andreas and Henriques, A. and Holl, Matthias and Holt, Jason D. and Ickert, Günter and Ignatov, A. and Jakobsson, Bo and Johansson, Håkan T. and Jonson, Björn and Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N. and Kanungo, Rituparna and Kelic-Heil, Aleksandra and Knöbel, R. and Kröll, Thorsten and Krücken, Rainer and Kurcewicz, J. and Labiche, Marc and Langer, Christoph and Le Bleis, Tudi and Lemmon, Roy and Lepyoshkina, O. and Lindberg, S. and Machado, J. and Marganiec, Justyna and Maroussov, V. and Menéndez, Javier and Mostazo, M. and Movsesyan, Alina and Najafi, A. and Nilsson, Thomas and Nociforo, Chiara and Panin, Valerii and Perea, A. and Pietri, Stephane and Plag, Ralf and Prochazka, A. and Rahaman, A. and Rastrepina, Ganna and Reifarth, Rene and Ribeiro, G. and Ricciardi, M. Valentina and Rigollet, C. and Riisager, Karsten and Röder, M. and Rossi, Dominic and Sanchez del Rio, J. and Savran, Deniz and Scheit, Heiko and Schwenk, Achim and Simon, Haik and Sorlin, O. and Stoica, V. and Streicher, Brano and Taylor, J. and Tengblad, Olof and Terashima, S. and Thies, R. and Togano, Y. and Uberseder, E. and Van de Walle, J. and Velho, P. and Volkov, V. and Wagner, Andreas and Wamers, Felix and Weick, Helmut and Weigand, Mario and Wheldon, C. and Wilson, G. and Wimmer, Christine and Winfield, J. S. and Woods, Phil and Yakorev, Dmitry and Zhukov, Mikhail V. and Zilges, Andreas and Zoric, M. and Zuber, K. (2013):
Beyond the neutron drip line: The unbound oxygen isotopes 25O and 26O.
In: Physical Review C, 88 (3), pp. 034313. ISSN 0556-2813,

Li, Kuo-Ang and Ye, Yan-Lin and Scheit, Heiko and Doornenbal, Pieter and Satoshi, Takeuchi and Nori, Aoi and Masafumi, Matsushita and Eri, Takeshita and Tohru, Motobayashi and Hiroyoshi, Sakurai and Pang, Dan-Yang (2012):
Inelastic Scattering of32Mg at 190 MeV/Nucleon from a Thick Proton Target.
In: Chinese Physics Letters, 29 (10), p. 102301. ISSN 0256-307X,

Ohnishi, Tetsuya and Kubo, Toshiyuki and Kusaka, Kensuke and Yoshida, Atsushi and Yoshida, Koichi and Fukuda, Naoki and Ohtake, Masao and Yanagisawa, Yoshiyuki and Takeda, Hiroyuki and Kameda, Daisuke and Yamaguchi, Yoshitaka and Aoi, Nori and Yoneda, Ken-ichiro and Otsu, Hideaki and Takeuchi, Satoshi and Sugimoto, Takashi and Kondo, Yosuke and Scheit, Heiko and Gono, Yasuyuki and Sakurai, Hiroyoshi and Motobayashi, Tohru and Suzuki, Hiroshi and Nakao, Taro and Kimura, Hitomi and Mizoi, Yutaka and Matsushita, Masafumi and Ieki, Kazuo and Kuboki, Takamasa and Yamaguchi, Takayuki and Suzuki, Takeshi and Ozawa, Akira and Moriguchi, Tetsuaki and Yasuda, Yusuke and Nakamura, Takashi and Nannichi, Takashi and Shimamura, Tomoyuki and Nakayama, Yoshiaki and Geissel, Hans and Weick, Helmut and Nolen, Jerry A. and Tarasov, Oleg B. and Nettleton, Anthony S. and Bazin, Daniel P. and Sherrill, Bradley M. and Morrissey, David J. and Mittig, Wolfgang (2008):
Identification of New Isotopes125Pd and126Pd Produced by In-Flight Fission of 345 MeV/nucleon238U: First Results from the RIKEN RI Beam Factory.
In: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 77 (8), pp. 083201. ISSN 0031-9015,

Scheit, Heiko and Gade, Alexandra and Glasmacher, Thomas and Motobayashi, Tohru (2008):
On the analysis of intermediate–energy Coulomb excitation experiments.
In: Physics Letters B, 659 (3), p. 515. ISSN 03702693,

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