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Rockel, B. and Lüttge, and Ratajczak, (1998):
Changes of message amount of V-ATPase subunits during salt-stress induced C3-CAM transition in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum.
In: Plant physiology and biochemistry. 36 (1998), S. 567-573, [Article]

Rockel, B. and Chen Jia, and Ratajczak, and Lüttge, (1998):
Day-night changes of the amount of subunit-c transcript in suspension cells of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.
In: Journal of plant physiology. 152 (1998), S. 189-193, [Article]

Emig, I. and Owens, and Ratajczak, and Lüttge, and Cushman, (1998):
Isolation of a full-length cDNA clone encoding a cytosolic Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase from the common ice plant Mesembyanthemum crystallinum L.
In: Plant physiology. 116 (1998), S. 868, [Article]

Miszalski, Z. and Slesak, and Niewiadomska, and Baczek, and Lüttge, and Ratajczak, (1998):
Subcellular localization and stress responses of superoxide dismutase isoforms from leaves in the C3-CAM intermediate halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.
In: Plant, cell and environment. 21 (1998), S. 169-179, [Article]

Mariaux, J.-B. and Fischer-Schliebs, and Lüttge, and Ratajczak, (1997):
Dynamics of activity and structure of the tonoplast V-type H+-ATPase in plants with different expression of CAM and in a C3 plant under salt stress.
In: Protoplasma. 196 (1997), S. 181-189, [Article]

Rockel, B. and Blasius, and Beck, and Ratajczak, and Lüttge, (1997):
Endogenous oscillations of the transcript amounts of subunit-c of the V-ATPase of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum with harmonic frequency resonances under continuous illumination.
In: Cellular and molecular biology letters. 2 (1997), S. 69-76, [Article]

Fleurat-Lessard, P. and Frange, and Maeshima, and Ratajczak, and Bonnemain, and Martinoia, (1997):
Increased expression of vacuolar aquaporin and H+-ATPase related to motor cell function in Mimosa pudica L.
In: Plant physiology. 114 (1997), S. 827-834, [Article]

Martinoia, E. and Ratajczak, (1997):
Transport of organic molecules across the tonoplast.
Vol.25, In: The plant Vacuole. Hrsg.: R.A. Leigh (u.a.) - London: Academic Press, 1997 S. 366-400, London: Academic Press, 1997, London, Academic Press, [Book Section]

Lüttge, Ulrich and Ratajczak, (1997):
The physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of the plant vacuolar ATPase.
Vol.25, In: The plant Vacuole. Hrsg.: R A.. Leigh (u.a.) S. 254-296, London: Academic Press, 1997, London, Academic Press, [Book Section]

Lüttge, Ulrich and Fischer-Schliebs, and Ratajczak, and Kramer, and Berndt, and Kluge, (1995):
Functioning of the tonoplast in vacuolar C-storage and remobilization in Crassulacean acid metabolism.
In: Journal of experimental botany. 46 (1995), S. 1377-1388, [Article]

Banuls, Josefina and Ratajczak, and Lüttge, (1995):
NaCl-stress enhances proteolytic turnover of the tonoplast H+-ATPase of Citrus sinensis: Appearance of a 35 kDa fragment of subunit A still exhibiting ATP-hydrolysis activity?
In: Plant cell and environment. 18 (1995), S. 1341-1344, [Article]

Becker, Andrea and Canut, and Lüttge, and Maeshima, and Madrigo, and Ratajczak, (1995):
Purification and immunological comparison of the tonoplast H+-pyrophosphatase from cells of Catharanthus roseus and leaves from Mesembryanthemum crystallinum performing C3-photosynthesis and the obligate CAM plant Kalanchoe daigremontiana.
In: Journal of plant physiology. 146 (1995), S. 88-94, [Article]

Lüttge, Ulrich and Ratajczak, and Rausch, and Rockel, (1995):
Stress responses of tonoplast proteins: an example for molecular ecophysiology and the search for eco-enzymes.
In: Acta botanica Neerlandica: 44 (1995), S. 343-362, [Article]

Kramer, Detlef and Mangold, and Hille, and Emig, and Hess, and Ratajczak, and Lüttge, (1995):
The head structure of a higher plant V-type H+-ATPase is not always a hexamer but also a pentamer.
In: Journal of experimental botany. 46 (1995), S. 1633-1636, [Article]

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