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Macholl, S. ; Tietze, D. ; Buntkowsky, G. (2013):
NMR crystallography of amides, peptides and protein-ligand complexes.
In: Crystengcomm, 15 (43), pp. 8627-8638. [Article]

Macholl, S. ; Matthes, J. ; Limbach, H. H. ; Sabo-Etienne, S. ; Chaudret, B. ; Buntkowsky, G. (2009):
High-resolution H-2 MAS NMR applied to deuterium analogs of hydrido eta(2)-dihydrogen complexes.
In: Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, 36 (3), pp. 137-143. [Article]

Macholl, S. ; Lentz, D. ; Börner, F. ; Buntkowsky, G. (2007):
Polymorphism of N,N''-diacetylbiuret studied by solid-state C-13 and N-15 NMR spectroscopy, DFT calculations, and X-ray diffraction.
In: Chemistry-a European Journal, 13 (21), pp. 6139-6149. [Article]

Bernarding, J. ; Buntkowsky, G. ; Macholl, S. ; Hartwig, S. ; Burghoff, M. ; Trahms, L. (2006):
J-coupling nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of liquids in nT fields.
In: Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128 (3), pp. 714-715. [Article]

Macholl, S. ; Börner, F. ; Buntkowsky, G. (2004):
Revealing the configuration and crystal packing of organic compounds by solid-state NMR spectroscopy: Methoxycarbonylurea, a case study.
In: Chemistry-a European Journal, 10 (19), pp. 4808-4816. [Article]

Macholl, S. ; Börner, F. ; Buntkowsky, G. (2003):
Revealing CSA tensors and hydrogen bonding in methoxycarbonyl urea: A combined C-13, N-15 and (CN2)-C-13-N-14 dipolar chemical shift NMR and DFT study.
In: Zeitschrift Fur Physikalische Chemie-International Journal of Research in Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics, 217 (12), pp. 1473-1505. [Article]

Sack, I. ; Macholl, S. ; Fuhrhop, J. H. ; Buntkowsky, G. (2000):
Conformational studies of polymorphic N-octyl-D-gluconamide with N-15 (labeled) C-13 (natural abundance) REDOR spectroscopy.
In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2 (8), pp. 1781-1788. [Article]

Facey, G. ; Gusev, D. ; Morris, R. H. ; Macholl, S. ; Buntkowsky, G. (2000):
H-2 MAS NMR of strongly dipolar coupled deuterium pairs in transition metal dihydrides: extracting dipolar coupling and quadrupolar tensor orientations from the lineshape of spinning sidebands.
In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2 (5), pp. 935-941. [Article]

Macholl, S. ; Sack, I. ; Limbach, H. H. ; Pauli, J. ; Kelly, M. ; Buntkowsky, G. (2000):
Solid-state NMR study of the SH3 domain of alpha-spectrin: application of C-13-N-15 TEDOR and REDOR.
In: Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 38 (7), pp. 596-603. [Article]

Sack, I. ; Macholl, S. ; Wehrmann, F. ; Albrecht, J. ; Limbach, H. H. ; Fillaux, F. ; Baron, M. H. ; Buntkowsky, G. (1999):
A N-15-H-1 dipolar CSA solid-state NMR study of polymorphous polyglycine (-CO-CD2-(NH)-N-15-)(n).
In: Applied Magnetic Resonance, 17 (2-3), pp. 413-431. [Article]

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