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Jeschke, Roland ; Gnotke, Oliver ; Loth, Ralf (2004):
Considering bubble size distributions in CFD simulations using a moment method.
In: Two-phase flow modelling and experimentation 2004 : proceedings of the Second [i.e. Third] International Symposium on Two-Phase Flow Modelling and Experimentation, Pisa, Italy, 22 - 25 September 2004 / ed.: G. P. Celata ...- Pisa : Ed. ETS, 2004.- ISBN: 8, Pisa, Ed. ETS, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Gnotke, Oliver ; Jeschke, Roland ; Loth, Ralf (2004):
Experimental and theoretical investigation of bubble break-up and coalescence in bubbly flows.
In: Bubbly flows : analysis, modelling and calculation / ed. Martin Sommerfeld.- Berlin [u.a.]: Springer, 2004.- 351 S.- (Heat and mass transfer).- ISBN 3-540-40791-X.- S. 85-99, Springer, [Article]

Gnotke, Oliver ; Benk, Harald ; Loth, Ralf (2003):
Experimental study on the number density distribution function in turbulent bubbly flows with coalescence and break-up.
In: Experimental thermal and fluid science, 27, pp. 803-816. [Article]

Ngoma, Dituba ; Loth, Ralf (2002):
Sensitivitätsstudien zur Strömungsstabilität von Abhitzedampferzeugern.
In: BWK : das Energie-Fachmagazin, 54 (1/2), p. 61. Springer-VDI-Verlag, ISSN 1436-4883,

Benk, Harald ; Schmidt, T. ; Loth, Ralf (2001):
Investigations of static and dynamic interactions between bubbles and X-hot-film probes.
In: Measurement science and technology, 12, pp. S. 119-130. [Article]

Tillenkamp, Frank ; Loth, Ralf (2000):
Experimental investigations of transient two-phase bubbly flow in vertical pipes.
In: Transient phenomena in multiphase and multicomponent systems. Hrsg.: F. Mayinger, B. Giernoth. - Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2000. S. 119-132 = Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft: Research Report, Weinheim, Wiley-VCH, [Book Section]

Benk, Harald ; Loth, Ralf (2000):
Investigations of the interactions between the dispersed and continuous phase in air/water two-phase flow with grid turbulence.
In: European Thermal Sciences Conference <3, 2000, Heidelberg>: Proceedings. Hrsg.: E.W.P. Hahne, W. Heidemann, K. Spindler. - Pisa: Ed. ETS, 2000. S. 977-983, Pisa, Ed. ETS, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Tillenkamp, Frank ; Loth, Ralf (2000):
Phase distribution measurements during transient bubbly two-phase flow in a vertical pipe.
In: Chemical engineering and technology, 23, pp. S. 347-352. [Article]

Schmidt, H. ; Herbst, O. ; Kastner, W. ; Köhler, W. ; Miettinen, J. ; Tuunanen, J. ; Jander, A. ; Benk, H. ; Loth, Ralf (2000):
Tests to investigate the RPV exterior two-phase flow behavior in the event of a core melt.
In: European Two-Phase Flow Group Meeting <38, 2000, Karlsruhe>: Paper A6, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Wippel, Bernhard ; Loth, Ralf (1999):
Rechnerischer Systemvergleich zum dynamischen Verhalten einer Kombi-Anlage mit Zwangdurchlauf bzw. Zwangumlaufkessel bei Laständerungen.
In: VGB Kraftwerkstechnik, pp. 55-59. [Article]

Wippel, Bernhard ; Loth, Ralf (1999):
Theoretical comparison of the time-dependent behaviour of a combined-cycle power plant with circulation respectively once-through boiler on load changes.
In: VGB Power Tech, 79, pp. 37-41. [Article]

Benk, Harald ; Loth, Ralf (1998):
Bestimmung mittlerer und turbulenter Flüssigkeitsgeschwindigkeiten in Wasser/Luft-Zweiphasenströmungen mit X-Heißfilm-Sonden.
In: Meßtechnik für stationäre und transiente Mehrphasenströmungen: Workshop <2, 1998, Rossendorf, Dresden>: Tagungsbd. Hrsg.: H.-M. Prasser. S. 97-105, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Rinne, Achim ; Loth, Ralf (1996):
Development of local two-phase flow parameters for vertical bubbly flow in a pipe with sudden expansion.
In: Experimental thermal and fluid science. 13 (1996), S. 152-166, [Article]

Ufert, Achim ; Loth, Ralf (1996):
Zum Einsatz eines Parallelrechners bei der Simulation dynamischer Vorgänge in Dampfkraftwerken.
In: Brennstoff, Wärme, Kraft. 48 (1996), Nr. 7/8, S. 61-66, [Article]

Rinne, Achim ; Loth, Ralf (1995):
Axial and radial development of local two-phase flow parameters for vertical bubbly flow in a pipe with sudden expansion.
In: International Symposium on Two-phase Flow Modelling and Experimentation <1, 1995>: Proceedings. S. 473-480, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Schmitt, Ascan ; Hoffmann, ; Loth, Ralf (1995):
A transputer-based measuring system for decentralized signal processing, applied to two-phase flow.
In: Review of scientific instruments. 66 (1995), S. 5045-5049, [Article]

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