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Šegvić, B. ; Slovenec, D. ; Altherr, R. ; Babajić, E. ; Ferreiro Mählmann, R. ; Lugović, B. (2019):
Petrogenesis of high-grade metamorphic soles from the Central Dinaric Ophiolite belt and their significance for the Neotethyan evolution in the Dinarides.
In: Ofioliti, 44 (1), pp. 1-30. Edizioni ETS, ISSN 0391-2612,
DOI: 10.4454/ofioliti.v44i1.462,

Stutenbecker, L. ; Delunel, R. ; Schlunegger, F. ; Silva, T. A. ; Šegvić, B. ; Girardclos, S. ; Bakker, M. ; Costa, A. ; Lane, S. N. ; Loizeau, J.-L. ; Molnar, P. ; Akçar, N. ; Christl, M. (2018):
Reduced sediment supply in a fast eroding landscape? A multi-proxy sediment budget of the upper Rhône basin, Central Alps.
In: Sedimentary Geology, 375, pp. 105-119. Elsevier, ISSN 0037-0738,
DOI: 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2017.12.013,

Stutenbecker, L. ; Silva, T. A. ; Šegvić, B. ; Costa, A. ; Schlunegger, F. ; Loizeau, J.-L. ; Girardclos, S. ; Molnar, P. (2016):
Sediment fingerprinting and mixing modelling in the Upper Rhône Basin, Switzerland.
Working Group on Sediment Generation, Leuven, 04.07.-06.07.2016, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Šegvić, B. ; Ugarković, M. ; Süssenberger, A. ; Ferreiro Mählmann, R. ; Moscariello, A. (2016):
Compositional properties and provenance of Hellenistic pottery from the necropolis of Issa with evidences on the cross-Adriatic and the Mediterranean-scale trade.
In: Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 16 (1), pp. 23-52. University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece, ISSN 1108-961X,
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.44773,

Šegvić, B. ; Mileusnić, M. ; Aljinović, D. ; Vranjković, A. ; Mandic, O. ; Pavelić, D. ; Dragičević, I. ; Ferreiro Mählmann, R. (2014):
Magmatic provenance and diagenesis of Miocene tuffs from the Dinaride Lake System (the Sinj basin, Croatia).
In: European Journal of Mineralogy, 26 (1), pp. 83-101. Schweizerbart, ISSN 0935-1221,
DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2350,

Šegvić, B. ; Šešelj, L. ; Slovenec, D. ; Lugović, B. ; Ferreiro Mählmann, R. (2012):
Composition, Technology of Manufacture, and Circulation of Hellenistic Pottery from the Eastern Adriatic: A Case Study of Three Archaeological Sites along the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia.
In: Geoarchaeology, 27, pp. 63-87. [Article]

Šegvić, B. ; Ugarković, M. ; Laskowski, N. ; Ferreiro Mählmann, R.
Schlütter, Frank ; Greiff, Susanne ; Prange, M. (eds.) (2012):
Material characteristics and production technology of Greek pottery manufacturing in the Adriatic – case study of hellenistic issa.
In: Metalla / Sonderhefte, 5, In: Archäometrie und Denkmalpflege 2012 : Jahrestagung, pp. 163-166, [Book Section]

Uzarowicz, Ł. ; Šegvić, B. ; Michalik, M. ; Bylina, P. (2012):
The effect of hydrochemical conditions and pH of the environment on phyllosilicate transformations in the weathering zone of pyrite-bearing schists in Wieściszowice (SW Poland).
In: Clay Minerals, 47 (4), pp. 401-417. The Mineralogical Society, [Article]

Ferreiro Mählmann, R. ; Bozkaya, Ö. ; Potel, S. ; Le Bayon, R. ; Šegvić, B. ; Nieto, F. (2012):
The pioneer work of Bernard Kübler and Martin Frey in very low-grade metamorphic terranes: paleo-geothermal potential of variation in Kübler-Index/organic matter reflectance correlations. A review.
In: Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 105 (2), pp. 121-152. Springer, ISSN 1661-8726,
DOI: 10.1007/s00015-012-0115-3,

Uzarowicz, L. ; Skiba, S. ; Skiba, M. ; Šegvić, B. (2011):
Clay-mineral formation in soils developed in the weathering zone of pyrite-bearing schists: A case study from the abandoned pyrite mine in Wiesciszowice, Lower Silesia, Sw Poland.
In: Clays and Clay Minerals, v. 59, pp. 581-594. [Article]

Kandler, K. ; Schütz, L. ; Jäckel, S. ; Lieke, K. ; Emmel, C. ; Müller-Ebert, D. ; Ebert, M. ; Scheuvens, D. ; Schladitz, A. ; Šegvić, B. ; Wiedensohler, A. ; Weinbruch, S. (2011):
Ground-based off-line aerosol measurements at Praia, Cape Verde, during the Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment: microphysical properties and mineralogy.
In: Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology, 63 (4), pp. 459-474. Taylor & Francis, ISSN 02806509,
DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0889.2011.00546.x,

Lugović, B. ; Šegvić, B. ; Šegvić, T. (2008):
Mn-crust todorokite mineralization on SW backshore Cretaceous limestones from the island of Dugi Otok (Central Adriatic, Croatia).
In: Acta Adriatica, 49 (1), pp. 55-64. ISSN 0001-5113,

Šegvić, B. ; Lugović, B. ; Tadej, N. ; Bermanec, V. ; Panjkota, L. (2008):
Si-P impure Al-goethite mineralization on the island of Dugi Otok (Central Adriatic, Croatia).
In: Geologia Croatica, 61 (1), pp. 19-26. [Article]

Lugović, B. ; Šegvić, B. ; Altherr, R. (2006):
Petrology and tectonic significance of greenschists from the Medvednica Mts (Sava Unit, NW Croatia).
In: Ofioliti, 31 (1), pp. 39-50. [Article]

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