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Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. (1999):
From rigid cyclodextrins to flexible non-glucose cyclooligosaccharides.
In: Cyclodextrin Symposium <17, 1999, Osaka>: Proceedings. Hrsg.: A. Harada. Osaka: Univ. Press, 1999. S. 41-46, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Werner, B. (1999):
Sugar-derived building blocks, 25. 3,3'-Dideoxytetrahaloses via dimerization of 2-hxdroxyglycal esters.
In: Carbohydrate research, 319, pp. 47-54. [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. (1998):
Enantiopure building blocks from sugars, 24. Towards improving the utility of ketoses as organic raw materials.
In: Carbohydrate research. 313 (1998), S. 69-89, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Pokinskyj, (1998):
Exploitation of sucrose chemistry towards products with industrial application profiles.
In: Carbohydrates as organic raw materials IV. Hrsg.: W. Praznik (u.a.) S. 9-19, Wien: Univ.Verl., 1998, Wien, Univ.Verl, [Book Section]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Vlach, (1998):
Industrially viable building blocks from ketoses ? Status and perspectives.
In: Sugar Processing Research Conference <1998, Savannah>: Proceedings. Hrsg.: M.A. Clarke. S. 109-126, New Orleans: SPRI Inc., 1998, New Orleans, SPRI Inc, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Kläres, ; Szurmai, ; Werner, (1997):
4,6-Di-O-benzoyl-3-O-benzyl-alpha-D-arabino-hexopyranos-2-ulosyl bromide: a conveniently accessible glycosyl donor for the expedient construction of diantennary ß-D-mannosides branched at O-3 and O-6.
In: Carbohydrate research. 305 (1997), S. 293-303, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. (1997):
Carbohydrate research at Darmstadt: University of Technology.
In: Carbohydrates in Europe. 18 (1997), S. 8-17, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Metz, (1997):
Efficient generation of ß-L-Rhamnosidic linkages via the ulosyl bromide approach.
In: Tetrahedron letters. 38 (1997), S. 5477-5480, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Mondel, (1997):
Enantiopure building blocks from sugars, 20. Perspectives in the use of low molecular weight carbohydrates as organic raw materials.
In: Pure and applied chemistry. 69 (1997), S. 1853-1866, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Mondel, (1997):
Manno- and altro-sucrose and some amino-analogs.
In: Carbohydrate research. 303 (1997), S. 293-302, [Article]

Nogami, Y. ; Nasu, K. ; Koga, T. ; Ohta, K. ; Fujita, K. ; Immel, Stefan ; Lindner, H. J. ; Schmitt, Guido E. ; Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. (1997):
Molecular modeling of saccharides, 15. Synthesis, structure and conformational features of alpha-cycloaltrin: a cyclooligosaccharide with alternating 4C1/1C4 pyranoid chairs.
In: Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 109, pp. 1987-1991. Wiley, ISSN 1433-7851,

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Mondel, (1997):
Zucker als nachwachsender Rohstoff: über molecular modeling zu neuen Produkten mit industriellem Anwendungsprofil.
In: Thema Forschung. 1997, 1, S. 88-96, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. (1996):
Molecular modelling of saccharides, 11. Towards understanding formation and stability of cyclodextrin-inclusion complexes: computation and visualization of the lipophilicity patterns.
In: Starch/Stärke. 48 (1996), S. 145-154, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. (1996):
Molecular modelling of saccharides, 12. Sucrose as a renewable organic raw material: new, selective reactions via computersimulation of its solution conformations and its hydroxyl group reactivities.
In: Zuckerindustrie. 121 (1996), S. 174-190, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. (1996):
Molecular modelling of saccharides, 14. The lipophilicity patterns of cyclodextrins and of non-glucose cyclooligosaccharides.
In: International Symposium on Cyclodextrins <8, 1996, Budapest, Hungary>: Proceedings. Hrsg.: J. Szejtli (u.a.), S. 3-16, Dordrecht: Kluwer Acad. Publ., 1996, Dordrecht, Kluwer Acad. Publ, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Immel, ; Pokinskyi, (1995):
Molecular modelling of saccharides, 8. Selective 2-O-benzylation of sucrose: A facile entry to its 2-keto- and to 2-deoxy-derivatives, and to sucrosamine.
In: Liebigs Annalen der Chemie. 1995, S. 1938-1947, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Immel, (1995):
Molecular modelling of saccharides, T. 5. Computersimulation of chemical and biological properties of sucrose, the cyclodextrins, and amylose.
In: The international sugar journal. 97 (1995), S. 12-22, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Klotz, ; Flath, (1995):
Studies on ketoses, 10. Acylation and carbamoylation of D-fructose: Acyclic, furanoid and pyranoid derivatives and their conformational features.
In: Liebigs Annalen der Chemie. 1995, S. 2069-2080, [Article]

Lichtenthaler, Frieder W. ; Hahn, ; Flath, (1995):
Studies on ketoses, 11. Enantiopure building blocks from sugars, 19. Pyranoid endo- and exo-glycals from D-fructose and L-sorbose: Practical routes for their acquisition and ensuing reactions.
In: Liebigs Annalen der Chemie. 1995, S. 2081-2088, [Article]

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