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Herzog, Britta ; Hübner, C. ; Ball, E. ; Bastos, R. do N. ; Franco, A. C. ; Scarano, F. R. ; Lüttge, U. (2008):
Comparative study of the C3/CAM-intermediate species Clusia parviflora Saldanha et Engl. and the obligate CAM-species Clusia hilariana Schlecht.growing sympatrically exposed and shaded in the coastal restinga of Brazil.
In: Plant biology, 1 (4), pp. 453-459. DOI: 10.1111/j.1438-8677.1999.tb00728.x,

Mattos, Eduardo A. de ; Lüttge, U. (2001):
Chlorophyll fluorescence and organic acid oscillations during transition from CAM to C3-photosynthesis in Clusia minor L. (Clusiacenae).
In: Annals of botany, 88, pp. 457-463. [Article]

Liebig, M. ; Scarano, F. R. ; Mattos, E. A. de ; Zaluar, H. L. T. ; Lüttge, U. (2001):
Ecophysiological and floristic implications of sex expression in the dioecious neotropical CAM tree Chusia hilariana Schltdl.
In: Trees: structure and function, 15, pp. 278-288. [Article]

Wang, B. J. ; Lüttge, U. ; Ratajczak, R. (2001):
Effects of salt treatment and osmotic stress on V-ATPase and V-PPase in leaves of the halophyte Suaeda salsa.
In: Journal of experimental botany, 52, pp. 2355-2365. [Article]

Scarano, F. R. ; Duarte, Heitor Monteiro ; Ribeiro, K. T. ; Rodrigues, P. J. F. P. ; Barcellos, E. M. B. ; Franco, A. C. ; Brulfert, J. ; Deleens, E. ; Lüttge, U. (2001):
Four sites with contrasting environmental stress in southeastern Brazil : relations of species, life form diversity, and geographic distribution to ecophysiological parameters.
In: The botanical journal of the Linnean Society, 136, pp. 345-364. [Article]

Bohn, A. ; Geist, ; Rascher, U. ; Lüttge, U. (2001):
Responses to different external light rhythms by the circadian rhythm of Crassulacean acid metabolism in Kalanchoe daigremontiana.
In: Plant, cell and environment, 24, pp. 811-820. [Article]

Rascher, Uwe ; Hütt, M.-T. ; Siebke, K. ; Osmond, C. B. ; Beck, F. ; Lüttge, U. (2001):
Spatiotemporal variation of metabolism in a plant circadian rythm: the biological clock as an assembly of coupled individual oscillators.
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 98, pp. 11801-11805, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Beck, F. ; Blasius, B. ; Lüttge, U. ; Neff, R. ; Rascher, U. (2001):
Stochastic noise interferes coherently with a model biological clock and produces specific dynamic behaviour.
In: Proceedings of the Royal Society, B 268, pp. 1307-1313, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Miszalski, Z. ; Niewiadomska, E. ; Slesak, A. ; Lüttge, U. ; Kluge, M. ; Ratajczak, R. (2001):
The effect of irradiance on carboxylating/ decarboxylating enzymes and fumarase activities in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L., exposed to salinity stress.
In: Plant biology, 3, pp. 17-23. [Article]

Hafke, Jens Bodo ; Neff, R. ; Hütt, M.-T. ; Lüttge, U. ; Thiel, Gerhard (2001):
Day-to-night variations of cytoplasmic pH in a Crassulacean acid metabolism plant.
In: Protoplasma, 216, pp. 164-170. [Article]

Rascher, Uwe ; Liebig, M. ; Lüttge, U. (2000):
Evaluation of instant light-response curves of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters obtained with a portable chlorophyll fluorometer on site in the field.
In: Plant, cell and environment, 23 (12), pp. 1397-1405. ISSN 0140-7791, e-ISSN 1365-3040,
DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-3040.2000.00650.x,

Fischer-Schliebs, Elke ; Drobny, M. ; Ball, E. ; Ratajczak, R. ; Lüttge, U. (2000):
Expression of different V-ATPase proteolipid subunits in slow and fast growing tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.).
In: Australian journal of plant physiology, 27, pp. 639-648. [Article]

Fischer-Schliebs, Elke ; Drobny, M. ; Ball, E. ; Ratajczak, R. ; Lüttge, U. (2000):
Variation in nitrate nutrition leads to changes in the performance of the V-ATPase and immunological differences of proteolipid subunit c in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum, L.) leaves.
In: Australian journal of plant physiology, 27, pp. 639-648. [Article]

Mattos, E. A. de ; Herzog, B. ; Lüttge, U. (1999):
Chlorophyll fluorescence during CAM-phases in Clusia minor L. under drought stress.
In: Journal of experimental botany, 50, pp. 253-261. [Article]

Herzog, Britta ; Hoffmann, S. ; Hartung, W. ; Lüttge, U. (1999):
Comparison of photosynthetic responses of the sympatric tropical C3-species Clusia multiflora H.B.K. and the C3-CAM intermediate species Clusia minor L. to irradiance and drought stress in a phytotron.
In: Plant biology, 1 (4), pp. 460-470. Wiley, ISSN 1435-8603,

Franco, A. C. ; Herzog, B. ; Hübner, C. ; Mattos, E. A. de ; Scarano, F. R. ; Ball, E. ; Lüttge, U. (1999):
Diurnal changes in chlorophyll a fluorescence, CO2-exchange and organic acid decarboxylation in the tropical CAM tree Clusia hilariana.
In: Tree physiology, 19, pp. 635-644. [Article]

Rascher, Uwe ; Neff, R. ; Hütt, M.-Th. ; Beck, F. ; Lüttge, U. (1999):
Endogeneous circadian CAM rhythm in the delight of nonlinear dynamics.
In: Biological rhythm research, 30, p. 246. [Article]

Herzog, Britta ; Grams, T. E. E. ; Haag-Kerwer, A. ; Ball, E. ; Franco, A. C. ; Lüttge, U. (1999):
Expression of modes of photosynthesis (C3, CAM) in Clusia criuva CAMB. in a cerrado/gallery forest transect.
In: Plant biology, 1, pp. 357-364. [Article]

Blasius, Bernd ; Neff, R. ; Beck, F. ; Lüttge, U. (1999):
Oscillatory model of crassulacean acid metabolism with a dynamic hysteresis switch.
In: Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, B 266, pp. 93-101, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Fischer-Schliebs, Elke ; Ratajczak, R. ; Weber, ; Tavakoli, ; Ullrich, ; Lüttge, U. (1998):
Concordant time-dependent patterns of activities and enzyme-protein amounts of V-PPase and V-ATPase in stimulated and non-stimulated plant tissues.
In: Botanica acta. 111 (1998), S. 130-136, [Article]

Blasius, Bernd ; Beck, F. ; Lüttge, U. (1998):
Oscillatory model of crassulacean acid metabolism: structural analysis and stability boundaries with a discrete hysteresis switch.
In: Plant, cell and environment. 21 (1998), S. 775-784, [Article]

Miszalski, Z. ; Slesak, I. ; Niewiadomska, E. ; Baczek-Kwinta, R. ; Lüttge, U. ; Ratajczak, R. (1998):
Subcellular localization and stress responses of superoxide dismutase isoforms from leaves in the C3-CAM intermediate halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.
In: Plant, cell and environment, 21, pp. 169-179. Wiley, ISSN 0140-7791,
DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-3040.1998.00266.x,

Neff, R. ; Blasius, B. ; Beck, F. ; Lüttge, U. (1998):
Thermodynamics and energetics of the tonoplast membrane operating as a hysteresis switch in an oscillatory model of crassulacean acid metabolism.
In: Journal of membrane biology. 165 (1998), S. 37-43, [Article]

Blasius, Bernd ; Beck, F. ; Lüttge, U. (1997):
A model for photosynthetic oscillations in crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM).
In: Journal of theoretical biology. 184 (1997), S. 345-351, [Article]

Steiger, Sabine ; Pfeifer, T. ; Ratajczak, R. ; Martinoia, ; Lüttge, U. (1997):
The vacuolar malate transporter of Kalanchoe daigremontiana: A 32 kDa polypeptide?
In: Journal of plant physiology. 151 (1997), S. 137-141, [Article]

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