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Banu, A. and Trache, L. and Carstoiu, F. and Achouri, N. L. and Bonaccorso, A. and Catford, W. N. and Chartier, M. and Dimmock, M. and Fernández-Domínguez, B. and Freer, M. and Gaudefroy, L. and Horoi, M. and Labiche, M. and Laurent, B. and Lemmon, R. C. and Negoita, F. and Orr, N. A. and Paschalis, S. and Patterson, N. and Paul, E. S. and Petri, Marina and Pietras, B. and Roeder, B. T. and Rotaru, F. and Roussel-Chomaz, P. and Simmons, E. and Thomas, J. S. and Tribble, R. E. (2011):
Structure of 23Al from the one-proton breakup reaction and astrophysical implications.
In: Physical Review C, 84 (1), ISSN 0556-2813,

Antonov, A. N. and Gaidarov, M. K. and Ivanov, M. V. and Kadrev, D. N. and Aïche, M. and Barreau, G. and Czajkowski, S. and Jurado, B. and Belier, G. and Chatillon, A. and Granier, T. and Taieb, J. and Doré, D. and Letourneau, A. and Ridikas, D. and Dupont, E. and Berthoumieux, E. and Panebianco, S. and Farget, F. and Schmitt, C. and Audouin, L. and Khan, E. and Tassan-Got, L. and Aumann, T. and Beller, P. and Boretzky, K. and Dolinskii, A. and Egelhof, P. and Emling, H. and Franzke, B. and Geissel, H. and Kelic-Heil, A. and Kester, O. and Kurz, N. and Litvinov, Y. and Münzenberg, G. and Nolden, F. and Schmidt, K.-H. and Scheidenberger, Ch. and Simon, H. and Steck, M. and Weick, H. and Enders, J. and Pietralla, N. and Richter, A. and Schrieder, G. and Zilges, A. and Distler, M. O. and Merkel, H. and Müller, U. and Junghans, A. R. and Lenske, H. and Fujiwara, M. and Suda, T. and Kato, S. and Adachi, T. and Hamieh, S. and Harakeh, M. N. and Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N. and Wörtche, H. and Berg, G. P. A. and Koop, I. A. and Logatchov, P. V. and Otboev, A. V. and Parkhomchuk, V. V. and Shatilov, D. N. and Shatunov, P. Y. and Shatunov, Y. M. and Shiyankov, S. V. and Shvartz, D. I. and Skrinsky, A. N. and Chulkov, L. V. and Danilin, B. V. and Korsheninnikov, A. A. and Kuzmin, E. A. and Ogloblin, A. A. and Volkov, V. A. and Grishkin, Y. and Lisin, V. P. and Mushkarenkov, A. N. and Nedorezov, V. and Polonski, A. L. and Rudnev, N. V. and Turinge, A. A. and Artukh, A. and Avdeichikov, V. and Ershov, S. N. and Fomichev, A. and Golovkov, M. and Gorshkov, A. V. and Grigorenko, L. and Klygin, S. and Krupko, S. and Meshkov, I. N. and Rodin, A. and Sereda, Y. and Seleznev, I. and Sidorchuk, S. and Syresin, E. and Stepantsov, S. and Ter-Akopian, G. and Teterev, Y. and Vorontsov, A. N. and Kamerdzhiev, S. P. and Litvinova, E. V. and Karataglidis, S. and Alvarez Rodriguez, R. and Borge, M. J. G. and Fernandez Ramirez, C. and Garrido, E. and Sarriguren, P. and Vignote, J. R. and Fraile Prieto, L. M. and Lopez Herraiz, J. and Moya de Guerra, E. and Udias-Moinelo, J. and Amaro Soriano, J. E. and Lallena Rojo, A. M. and Caballero, J. A. and Johansson, H. T. and Jonson, B. and Nilsson, T. and Nyman, G. and Zhukov, M. and Golubev, P. and Rudolph, D. and Hencken, K. and Jourdan, J. and Krusche, B. and Rauscher, T. and Kiselev, D. and Trautmann, D. and Al-Khalili, J. and Catford, W. and Johnson, R. and Stevenson, P. D. and Barton, C. and Jenkins, D. and Lemmon, R. and Chartier, M. and Cullen, D. and Bertulani, C. A. and Heinz, A. (2011):
The electron–ion scattering experiment ELISe at the International Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR)—A conceptual design study.
In: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 637 (1), p. 60. ISSN 01689002,

Tryggestad, E. and Baumann, T. and Heckman, P. and Thoennessen, M. and Aumann, T. and Bazin, D. and Blumenfeld, Y. and Beene, J. and Lewis, T. and Radford, D. and Shapira, D. and Varner, R. and Chartier, M. and Halbert, M. and Liang, J. (2003):
Low-lying E1 strength in 20O.
In: Physical Review C, 67 (6), ISSN 0556-2813,

Tryggestad, E. and Aumann, T. and Baumann, T. and Bazin, D. and Beene, J. R. and Blumenfeld, Y. and Brown, B. A. and Chartier, M. and Halbert, M. L. and Heckman, P. and Liang, J. F. and Radford, D. C. and Shapira, D. and Thoennessen, M. and Varner, R. L. (2002):
Low-lying dipole strength in 20O.
In: Physics Letters B, 541 (1-2), p. 52. ISSN 03702693,

Tryggestad, E. and Aumann, T. and Bazin, D. and Beene, J. R. and Blumenfeld, Y. and Chartier, M. and Halbert, M. L. and Heckman, P. and Liang, J. F. and Radford, D. C. and Shapira, D. and Sherrill, B. M. and Thoennessen, M. and Varner, R. L. (2001):
Dipole strength function in 20O.
In: Nuclear Physics A, 687 (1-2), p. 231. ISSN 03759474,

Caggiano, J. and Bazin, D. and Benenson, W. and Davids, B. and Ibbotson, R. and Scheit, H. and Sherrill, B. and Steiner, M. and Yurkon, J. and Zeller, A. and Blank, B. and Chartier, M. and Greene, J. and Nolen, J. and Wuosmaa, A. and Bhattacharya, M. and Garcia, A. and Wiescher, M. (2001):
Spectroscopy of 23Al and 27P using the (7Li,8He) reaction and the implications for 22Na and 26Al nucleosynthesis in explosive hydrogen burning.
In: Physical Review C, 64 (2), ISSN 0556-2813,

Davids, B. and Anthony, D. and Austin, Sam and Bazin, D. and Blank, B. and Caggiano, J. and Chartier, M. and Esbensen, H. and Hui, P. and Powell, C. and Scheit, H. and Sherrill, B. and Steiner, M. and Thirolf, P. and Yurkon, J. and Zeller, A. (1998):
Measurement of E2 Transitions in the Coulomb Dissociation of 8B.
In: Physical Review Letters, 81 (11), p. 2209. ISSN 0031-9007,

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