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Mesic, Ivana ; Madry, Christian ; Geider, Kirsten ; Bernhard, Max ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2016)
The N-terminal domain of the GluN3A subunit determines the efficacy of glycine-activated NMDA receptors.
In: Neuropharmacology, 105
Article, Bibliographie

Dutertre, Sébastien ; Drwal, Malgorzata ; Laube, Bodo ; Betz, Heinrich (2012)
Probing the pharmacological properties of distinct subunit interfaces within heteromeric glycine receptors reveals a functional ββ agonist binding site.
In: Journal of neurochemistry, 122 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Kallenborn-Gerhardt, Wiebke ; Lu, Ruirui ; Lorenz, Jana ; Gao, Wei ; Weiland, Jessica ; Del Turco, Domenico ; Deller, Thomas ; Laube, Bodo ; Betz, Heinrich ; Geisslinger, Gerd ; Schmidtko, Achim (2012)
Prolonged zymosan-induced inflammatory pain hypersensitivity in mice lacking glycine receptor alpha2.
In: Behavioural brain research, 226 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Madry, Christian ; Betz, Heinrich ; Geiger, Jörg R. P. ; Laube, Bodo (2010)
Potentiation of Glycine-Gated NR1/NR3A NMDA Receptors Relieves Ca-Dependent Outward Rectification.
In: Frontiers in molecular neuroscience, 3
Article, Bibliographie

Haeger, Svenja ; Kuzmin, Dmitry ; Detro-Dassen, Silvia ; Lang, Niklas ; Kilb, Michael ; Tsetlin, Victor ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo ; Schmalzing, Günther (2010)
An intramembrane aromatic network determines pentameric assembly of Cys-loop receptors.
In: Nature structural & molecular biology, 17 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Schumann, Tanja ; Grudzinska, Joanna ; Kuzmin, Dmitry ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2009)
Binding-site mutations in the alpha1 subunit of the inhibitory glycine receptor convert the inhibitory metal ion Cu2+ into a positive modulator.
In: Neuropharmacology, 56 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Laube, Bodo ; Betz, Heinrich (2009)
Die duale Rolle des Neurotransmitters Glyzin im zentralen Nervensystem.
In: Jahrbuch 2009 der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Article, Bibliographie

Maksay, Gábor ; Laube, Bodo ; Schemm, Rudolf ; Grudzinska, Joanna ; Drwal, Malgorzata ; Betz, Heinrich (2009)
Different binding modes of tropeines mediating inhibition and potentiation of alpha1 glycine receptors.
In: Journal of neurochemistry, 109 (6)
Article, Bibliographie

Grudzinska, Joanna ; Schumann, Tanja ; Schemm, Rudolf ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2008)
Mutations within the agonist-binding site convert the homomeric alpha1 glycine receptor into a Zn2+-activated chloride channel.
In: Channels (Austin, Tex.), 2 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Madry, Christian ; Betz, Heinrich ; Geiger, Jörg R. P. ; Laube, Bodo (2008)
Supralinear potentiation of NR1/NR3A excitatory glycine receptors by Zn2+ and NR1 antagonist.
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105 (34)
Article, Bibliographie

Papadopoulos, Theofilos ; Korte, Martin ; Eulenburg, Volker ; Kubota, Hisahiko ; Retiounskaia, Marina ; Harvey, Robert J. ; Harvey, Kirsten ; O'Sullivan, Gregory A. ; Laube, Bodo ; Hülsmann, Swen ; Geiger, Jörg R. P. ; Betz, Heinrich (2007)
Impaired GABAergic transmission and altered hippocampal synaptic plasticity in collybistin-deficient mice.
In: The EMBO journal, 26 (17)
Article, Bibliographie

Madry, Christian ; Mesic, Ivana ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2007)
The N-terminal domains of both NR1 and NR2 subunits determine allosteric Zn2+ inhibition and glycine affinity of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors.
In: Molecular pharmacology, 72 (6)
Article, Bibliographie

Madry, Christian ; Mesic, Ivana ; Bartholomäus, Ingo ; Nicke, Annette ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2007)
Principal role of NR3 subunits in NR1/NR3 excitatory glycine receptor function.
In: Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 354 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2006)
Glycine receptors: recent insights into their structural organization and functional diversity.
In: Journal of neurochemistry, 97 (6)
Article, Bibliographie

Hirzel, Klaus ; Müller, Ulrike ; Latal, A.Tobias ; Hülsmann, Swen ; Grudzinska, Joanna ; Seeliger, Mathias W. ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2006)
Hyperekplexia phenotype of glycine receptor alpha1 subunit mutant mice identifies Zn(2+) as an essential endogenous modulator of glycinergic neurotransmission.
In: Neuron, 52 (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Grudzinska, Joanna ; Schemm, Rudolf ; Haeger, Svenja ; Nicke, Annette ; Schmalzing, Guenther ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2005)
The beta subunit determines the ligand binding properties of synaptic glycine receptors.
In: Neuron, 45 (5)
Article, Bibliographie

Kondratskaya, Elena L. ; Betz, Heinrich ; Krishtal, Oleg A. ; Laube, Bodo (2005)
The beta subunit increases the ginkgolide B sensitivity of inhibitory glycine receptors.
In: Neuropharmacology, 49 (6)
Article, Bibliographie

Laube, Bodo ; Schemm, Rudolf ; Betz, Heinrich (2004)
Molecular determinants of ligand discrimination in the glutamate-binding pocket of the NMDA receptor.
In: Neuropharmacology, 47 (7)
Article, Bibliographie

O'Shea, Sean Michael ; Becker, Lore ; Weiher, Hans ; Betz, Heinrich ; Laube, Bodo (2004)
Propofol restores the function of "hyperekplexic" mutant glycine receptors in Xenopus oocytes and mice.
In: The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 24 (9)
Article, Bibliographie

Gomeza, Jesús ; Ohno, Koji ; Hülsmann, Swen ; Armsen, Wencke ; Eulenburg, Volker ; Richter, Diethelm W. ; Laube, Bodo ; Betz, Heinrich (2003)
Deletion of the mouse glycine transporter 2 results in a hyperekplexia phenotype and postnatal lethality.
In: Neuron, 40 (4)
Article, Bibliographie

Foucaud, Bernard ; Laube, Bodo ; Schemm, Rudolf ; Kreimeyer, Annett ; Goeldner, Maurice ; Betz, Heinrich (2003)
Structural model of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor glycine site probed by site-directed chemical coupling.
In: The Journal of biological chemistry, 278 (26)
Article, Bibliographie

Sadtler, Sven ; Laube, Bodo ; Lashub, Alhassan ; Nicke, Annette ; Betz, Heinrich ; Schmalzing, Günther (2003)
A basic cluster determines topology of the cytoplasmic M3-M4 loop of the glycine receptor alpha1 subunit.
In: The Journal of biological chemistry, 278 (19)
Article, Bibliographie

Laube, Bodo ; Maksay, Gábor ; Schemm, Rudolf ; Betz, Heinrich (2002)
Modulation of glycine receptor function: a novel approach for therapeutic intervention at inhibitory synapses?
In: Trends in pharmacological sciences, 23 (11)
Article, Bibliographie

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