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Boyer, Scott ; Arnby, Catrin Hasselgren ; Carlsson, Lars ; Smith, James ; Stein, Viktor ; Glen, Robert C. (2007)
Reaction site mapping of xenobiotic biotransformations.
In: Journal of chemical information and modeling, 47 (2)
Article, Bibliographie


Cui, Zhenling ; Stein, Viktor ; Tnimov, Zakir ; Mureev, Sergey ; Alexandrov, Kirill (2015)
Semisynthetic tRNA complement mediates in vitro protein synthesis.
In: Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137 (13)
Article, Bibliographie


Duznovic, Ivana ; Gräwe, Alexander ; Weber, Wadim ; Müller, Lena K. ; Ali, Mubarak ; Ensinger, Wolfgang ; Tietze, Alesia ; Stein, Viktor (2021)
Ultrasensitive and Selective Protein Recognition with Nanobody-Functionalized Synthetic Nanopores.
In: Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
doi: 10.1002/smll.202101066
Article, Bibliographie


Eisenhauer, Klara ; Weber, Wadim ; Kemp, Philipp ; Gebhardt, Carolin ; Kaufmann, Marwan ; Tewes, Noel ; Zhdanova, Hanna ; Tietze, Alesia ; Rauh, Oliver ; Stein, Viktor (2024)
Scaling the Functional Nanopore (FuN) Screen: systematic evaluation of self-assembling membrane peptides and extension with a K+-responsive fluorescent protein sensor.
In: ACS synthetic biology, 13 (4)
doi: 10.1021/acssynbio.3c00671
Article, Bibliographie


Gräwe, Alexander ; Merkx, Maarten ; Stein, Viktor (2022)
iFLinkC-X: A Scalable Framework to Assemble Bespoke Genetically Encoded Co-polymeric Linkers of Variable Lengths and Amino Acid Composition.
In: Bioconjugate chemistry, 33 (7)
doi: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.2c00250
Article, Bibliographie

Gräwe, Alexander ; Ranglack, Jan ; Weyrich, Anastasia ; Stein, Viktor (2021)
Synthetic protein switches: Combinatorial linker engineering with iFLinkC.
In: Methods in enzymology, 647
doi: 10.1016/bs.mie.2020.09.009
Article, Bibliographie

Gräwe, Alexander ; Stein, Viktor (2020)
Linker engineering in the context of synthetic protein switches and sensors.
In: Trends in biotechnology
doi: 10.1016/j.tibtech.2020.11.007
Article, Bibliographie

Gräwe, Alexander ; Ranglack, Jan ; Weyrich, Anastasia ; Stein, Viktor (2020)
iFLinkC: an iterative functional linker cloning strategy for the combinatorial assembly and recombination of linker peptides with functional domains.
In: Nucleic acids research, 48 (4)
doi: 10.1093/nar/gkz1210
Article, Bibliographie

Gräwe, Alexander (2020)
Beyond mere flexibility: Functional Peptide Linkers in Engineered Nanosensors and -switches.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
doi: 10.25534/tuprints-00014535
Ph.D. Thesis, Primary publication, Publisher's Version

Gräwe, Alexander ; Ranglack, Jan ; Weber, Wadim ; Stein, Viktor (2019)
Engineering artificial signalling functions with proteases.
In: Current opinion in biotechnology, 63
doi: 10.1016/j.copbio.2019.09.017
Article, Bibliographie

Guo, Zhong ; Murphy, Lindy ; Stein, Viktor ; Johnston, Wayne A. ; Alcala-Perez, Siro ; Alexandrov, Kirill (2016)
Engineered PQQ-Glucose Dehydrogenase as a Universal Biosensor Platform.
In: Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138 (32)
doi: 10.1021/jacs.6b06342
Article, Bibliographie

Guo, Zhong ; Johnston, Wayne A. ; Stein, Viktor ; Kalimuthu, Palraj ; Perez-Alcala, Siro ; Bernhardt, Paul V. ; Alexandrov, Kirill (2016)
Engineering PQQ-glucose dehydrogenase into an allosteric electrochemical Ca(2+) sensor.
In: Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), 52 (3)
Article, Bibliographie


Kemp, Philipp ; Weber, Wadim ; Desczyk, Charlotte ; Kaufmann, Marwan ; Panthel, Josefine ; Wörmann, Theresa ; Stein, Viktor (2023)
Dissecting the permeability of the Escherichia coli cell envelope to a small molecule using tailored intensiometric fluorescent protein sensors.
In: ACS omega, 8 (42)
doi: 10.1021/acsomega.3c05405
Article, Bibliographie

Khoury, Mario El ; Winterstein, Tobias ; Weber, Wadim ; Stein, Viktor ; Schlaak, Helmut F. ; Thiel, Gerhard (2019)
Photolithographic Fabrication of Micro Apertures in Dry Film Polymer Sheets for Channel Recordings in Planar Lipid Bilayers.
In: The Journal of membrane biology, 252 (2/3)
doi: 10.1007/s00232-019-00062-9
Article, Bibliographie

Kaltenbach, Miriam ; Stein, Viktor ; Hollfelder, Florian (2011)
SNAP dendrimers: multivalent protein display on dendrimer-like DNA for directed evolution.
In: Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology, 12 (14)
Article, Bibliographie


Leemhuis, Hans ; Stein, Viktor ; Griffiths, Andrew D. ; Hollfelder, Florian (2005)
New genotype-phenotype linkages for directed evolution of functional proteins.
In: Current opinion in structural biology, 15 (4)
Article, Bibliographie


Müller, Lena K. ; Duznovic, Ivana ; Tietze, Daniel ; Weber, Wadim ; Ali, Mubarak ; Stein, Viktor ; Ensinger, Wolfgang ; Tietze, Alesia A. (2020)
Ultrasensitive and selective copper(II) detection: introducing a bioinspired and robust sensor.
In: Chemistry – A European Journal, 26 (39)
doi: 10.1002/chem.202001160
Article, Bibliographie


Ranglack, Jan (2020)
Establishment of Fluorescence Assays for the Characterization of Site-Specific Proteases in E. coli.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
doi: 10.25534/tuprints-00012896
Ph.D. Thesis, Primary publication, Publisher's Version


Stein, Viktor ; Alexandrov, Kirill (2017)
Engineering and Characterizing Synthetic Protease Sensors and Switches.
In: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 1596
Article, Bibliographie

Stein, Viktor (2017)
Synthetic Protein Switches: Theoretical and Experimental Considerations.
In: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 1596
Article, Bibliographie

Stein, Viktor ; Kubala, Marta H. ; Steen, Jason ; Grimmond, Sean M. ; Alexandrov, Kirill (2015)
Towards the systematic mapping and engineering of the protein prenylation machinery in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
In: PloS one, 10 (3)
Article, Bibliographie

Stein, Viktor ; Alexandrov, Kirill (2015)
Synthetic protein switches: design principles and applications.
In: Trends in biotechnology, 33 (2)
Article, Bibliographie

Stein, Viktor ; Alexandrov, Kirill (2014)
Protease-based synthetic sensing and signal amplification.
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (45)
Article, Bibliographie

Stein, Viktor ; Kaltenbach, Miriam ; Hollfelder, Florian (2012)
Assembling linear DNA templates for in vitro transcription and translation.
In: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 815
Article, Bibliographie

Schaerli, Yolanda ; Stein, Viktor ; Spiering, Michelle M. ; Benkovic, Stephen J. ; Abell, Chris ; Hollfelder, Florian (2010)
Isothermal DNA amplification using the T4 replisome: circular nicking endonuclease-dependent amplification and primase-based whole-genome amplification.
In: Nucleic acids research, 38 (22)
Article, Bibliographie

Stein, Viktor ; Hollfelder, Florian (2009)
An efficient method to assemble linear DNA templates for in vitro screening and selection systems.
In: Nucleic acids research, 37 (18)
Article, Bibliographie

Schaerli, Yolanda ; Wootton, Robert C. ; Robinson, Tom ; Stein, Viktor ; Dunsby, Christopher ; Neil, Mark A. A. ; French, Paul M. W. ; Demello, Andrew J. ; Abell, Chris ; Hollfelder, Florian (2009)
Continuous-flow polymerase chain reaction of single-copy DNA in microfluidic microdroplets.
In: Analytical chemistry, 81 (1)
Article, Bibliographie

Smith, James ; Stein, Viktor (2009)
SPORCalc: A development of a database analysis that provides putative metabolic enzyme reactions for ligand-based drug design.
In: Computational biology and chemistry, 33 (2)
Article, Bibliographie

Stein, Viktor ; Sielaff, India ; Johnsson, Kai ; Hollfelder, Florian (2007)
A covalent chemical genotype-phenotype linkage for in vitro protein evolution.
In: Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology, 8 (18)
Article, Bibliographie

Siskos, Alexandros P. ; Baerga-Ortiz, Abel ; Bali, Shilpa ; Stein, Viktor ; Mamdani, Hassan ; Spiteller, Dieter ; Popovic, Bojana ; Spencer, Jonathan B. ; Staunton, James ; Weissman, Kira J. ; Leadlay, Peter F. (2005)
Molecular basis of Celmer's rules: stereochemistry of catalysis by isolated ketoreductase domains from modular polyketide synthases.
In: Chemistry & biology, 12 (10)
Article, Bibliographie


Villiers, B. R. M. ; Stein, Viktor ; Hollfelder, F. (2010)
USER friendly DNA recombination (USERec): a simple and flexible near homology-independent method for gene library construction.
In: Protein engineering, design & selection : PEDS, 23 (1)
Article, Bibliographie


Weber, Wadim ; Roeder, Markus ; Probanowski, Tobias ; Yang, Jie ; Abujubara, Helal ; Koeppl, Heinz ; Tietze, Alesia ; Stein, Viktor (2022)
Functional Nanopore Screen: A Versatile High-Throughput Assay to Study and Engineer Protein Nanopores in Escherichia coli.
In: ACS synthetic biology, 11 (6)
doi: 10.1021/acssynbio.1c00635
Article, Bibliographie

Weber, Wadim (2021)
The FuN Screen – A Versatile High-Throughput Assay for Nanopore Engineering.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00019513
Ph.D. Thesis, Primary publication, Publisher's Version

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