TU Darmstadt / ULB / TUbiblio

Publications from TUbiblio integrated in FirstSpirit: How-to

Organisational unit / division (Fachbereich/Fachgebiet)
  1. Log into Firstspirit
  2. Choose content / page where publication list shall appear (e.g. page "zentral") -> right click -> New -> insert paragraph/Absatz einf├╝gen
  3. Vorlagen - Absatzvorlagen - Erweitert - View von TU-Bibliografie
  4. Choose kind of view ("Art des Views"): Organisationseinheit
  5. Find keyname for unit ("HTML-Datei des Views"):
    - New browser: http://tubiblio.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/view/cms02
    - Choose view of unit (copy filename from URL, e.g. fb20.html or fb16=5Fdik.html)
  6. Input filename (z.B. fb99=5Fulb.html) into field "HTML-Datei des Views", save.
  7. You're done!
    Almost done: Keep in mind that the list will not show up in preview, but only in the real website's output page.