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Publications from TUbiblio integrated in FirstSpirit: How-to

Person / author via name
  1. Log into FirstSpirit
  2. Bereich Inhalte: inhaltliche Einordnung auswählen
  3. Choose content / page where publication list shall appear (e.g. page "zentral") -> right click -> New -> insert paragraph/Absatz einfügen
  4. Vorlagen - Absatzvorlagen - Erweitert - View von TU-Bibliografie
  5. Choose kind of view ("Art des Views"): Personenbezogen
  6. Find keyname of person ("HTML-Datei des Views"):
    - New browser: http://tubiblio.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/view/cms03
    - View of person (copy filename from URL, e.g. Abele=3AEberhard=3A=3A.html)
  7. Input filename (z.B. Gonzalez_Castillo=3AOriana_Yuridia=3A=3A.html) into field "HTML-Datei des Views", save.
  8. You're done!
    Almost done: Keep in mind that the list will not show up in preview, but only in the real website's output page.
  9. Personal names are not yet completely consolidated, and thus still can be doubled or ambiguous. In this case please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.