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Publications from TUbiblio integrated in FirstSpirit: How-to

Integrate search result in FirstSpirit
  1. Build your search and submit it.
  2. In the result list right click on "RSS 2.0", then choose "Copy link".
  3. In your FirstSpirit-project, inside Manage Content (Inhalte-Verwaltung) choose the page in which you want to integrate the result/feed.
  4. New - insert paragraph - template (Neu - Absatz einfügen - Vorlage auswählen): "Newsfeed-Reader" -> adds a paragraph for a newsfeed.
  5. In window to the right now add a feed (symbol anchor, insert link ("Verweis einfügen")).
  6. Paste to link into the field "Ziel-Adresse".
  7. Set further options, e.g. show snippets (Textschnipsel anzeigen) or max. number of records (TUbiblio delivers max. 500 items, so please do not configure more).
  8. Have a look at an example in PDF-Form, which is "clipping in" a feed for publications of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, that are dealing with searchwords "water" or "Wasser".
    • Step 1: Advanced search in TUbiblio, then copy the RSS-link in the result list.
    • Step 2: in FirstSpirit paste the link in a paragraph based on the template "Newsfeed-Reader".