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Well-posedness of a two-phase flow with soluble surfactant

Bothe, D. ; Prüss, J. ; Simonett, G.
eds.: Chipot, M. ; Escher, J. (2005)
Well-posedness of a two-phase flow with soluble surfactant.
Conference or Workshop Item

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item
Erschienen: 2005
Editors: Chipot, M. ; Escher, J.
Creators: Bothe, D. ; Prüss, J. ; Simonett, G.
Type of entry: Bibliographie
Title: Well-posedness of a two-phase flow with soluble surfactant
Language: English
Date: 2005
Publisher: Birkhäuser
Book Title: Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Problems
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The presence of surfactants, ubiquitous at most °uid/liquid interfaces, has a pronounced e®ect on the surface tension, hence on the stress balance at the phase boundary: local variations of the capillary forces induce transport of momen- tum along the interface { so-called Marangoni e®ects. The mathematical model gov- erning the dynamics of such systems is studied for the case in which the surfactant is soluble in one of the adjacent bulk phases. This leads to the two-phase balances of mass and momentum, complemented by a species equation for both the interface and the relevant bulk phase. Within the model, the motions of the surfactant and of the adjacent bulk °uids are coupled by means of an interfacial momentum source term that represents Marangoni stresses. Employing Lp-maximal regularity we ob- tain well-posedness of this model for a certain initial con¯guration. The proof is based on recent Lp-theory for two-phase °ows without surfactant.

Uncontrolled Keywords: Navier-Stokes equations, surface tension, Marangoni forces, maximal regularity, surface transport theorem
Identification Number: doi:10.1007/3-7643-7385-7_3
Divisions: 04 Department of Mathematics
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04 Department of Mathematics > Mathematical Modelling and Analysis
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