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Yilmazoglu, O. and Yadav, S. and Cicek, D. and Schneider, J. J. (2016):
A nano-microstructured artificial-hair-cell-type sensor based on topologically graded 3D carbon nanotube bundles.
27, In: Nanotechnology, (36), p. 365502. ISSN 0957-4484,

Wang, Y. G. and Yadav, S. and Heinlein, T. and Konjik, V. and Breitzke, H. and Buntkowsky, G. and Schneider, J. J. and Zhang, K. (2014):
Ultra-light nanocomposite aerogels of bacterial cellulose and reduced graphene oxide for specific absorption and separation of organic liquids.
4, In: Rsc Advances, (41), pp. 21553-21558. [Article]

Khaneft, M. and Stühn, B. and Engstler, J. and Tempel, H. and Schneider, J. J. and Pirzer, T. and Hugel, T. (2013):
Imbibition of polystyrene melts in aligned carbon nanotube arrays.
113, In: Journal of Applied Physics, (7), pp. 074305. AIP, [Article]

Dimesso, L. and Förster, C. and Jaegermann, W. and Khanderi, J. P. and Tempel, H. and Popp, A. and Engstler, J. and Schneider, J. J. and Sarapulova, A. and Mikhailova, D. and Schmitt, L. A. and Oswald, S. and Ehrenberg, H. (2012):
Developments in nanostructured LiMPO4 (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Mn) composites based on three dimensional carbon architecture.
41, In: Chemical Society Reviews, (15), pp. 5068-5080. ISSN 0306-0012,

Atanasova, P. and Rothenstein, D. and Schneider, J. J. and Hoffmann, R. C. and Dilfer, Stefan and Eiben, S. and Wege, C. and Jeske, H. and Bill, J. (2011):
Virus-Templated Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures and Formation of Field-Effect Transistors.
23, In: Advanced Materials, (42), pp. 4918-4922. [Article]

Hoffmann, R. C. and Dilfer, S. and Issanin, A. and Schneider, J. J. (2011):
Field-effect transistor performance of zinc oxide thin films derived from molecular based alkoxyalkyl zinc compounds.
In: physica status solidi (a), 208 (7), pp. 1708-1713. ISSN 18626300,

Mahanandia, P. and Schneider, J. J. and Engel, M. and Stühn, B. and Subramanyam, S. V. and Nanda, K. K. (2011):
Studies towards synthesis, evolution and alignment characteristics of dense, millimeter long multiwalled carbon nanotube arrays.
In: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 2, pp. 293-301. [Article]

Hoffmann, R. C. and Atanasova, P. and Dilfer, Stefan and Bill, J. and Schneider, J. J. (2011):
Templating of polycrystalline ZnO with DNA and its performance in field-effect transistors.
In: Physica Status Solidi A, 208 (8), pp. 1983-1988. [Article]

Hoffmann, R. C. and Dilfer, Stefan and Schneider, J. J. (2011):
Transparent indium tin oxide as inkjet-printed thin film electrodes for organic field-effect transistors.
208, In: Physica Status Solidi A, (12), pp. 2920-2925. [Article]

Engel, M. and Stühn, B. and Schneider, J. J. and Cornelius, T. W. and Naumann, M. (2009):
Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) off parallel, cylindrical, well-defined nanopores: from random pore distribution to highly ordered samples.
In: Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing, 97 (1), pp. 99-108. [Article]

Conference or Workshop Item

Yilmazoglu, Oktay and Al-Daffaie, Shihab and Hartnagel, Hans L. and Joshi, R. and Yadav, S. and Schneider, J. J. and Nick, C. and Thielemann, C. (2012):
CNT photocathodes based on GaAs high-frequency photoswitches.
pp. 1-2, Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC), 2012 25th International, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Nick, Christoph and Joshi, R. and Schlaak, Helmut F. and Schneider, J. J. and Thielemann, C. (2011):
Multielektroden Array mit Elektroden aus Kohlenstoff Nanoröhren für die extrazelluläre Ableitung von Aktionspotentialen.
Mikrosystemtechnik Kongress 2011, Darmstadt, 10. - 12.10.2011, [Conference or Workshop Item]

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