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Publications from TU-Bibliographie integrated in TU-CMS: How-to

List all publications for your division (Fachbereich, Fachgebiet).
Each organisational unit that ist listed in Browse by divisions can be integrated in Firstspirit/CMS. Please contact us if your division is not listed here.
List an author's publications on a personal CV-page or profile.
Personal names appear in Browse by person and can be integrated in Firstspirit/CMS.
In case of more than one name for a person or the same name for more than one person, you should use an author-id.
Author-ids appear in Browse by person-ID and can be integrated in Firstspirit/CMS.
Use our (german-language) mini-tutorial on Author-IDs or the very short How-to
As an alternative you can build a individual search and integrate the result in an RSS-Feed in Firstspirit. This allows great flexibility based on multiple search criteria. However it ist limited to 500 records and gives you only a "flat list", as opposed to the structured "Browse" views.
If this is your choice, please have a look in the appropriate How-to.